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Sea Breeze Lane is a story about a boy, the Moon, monsters and a little myth called Earth.
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Trevor Charles

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New Creative Endeavor

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I wanted to share with everyone a new exercise I have begun. I have found that with the demanding schedule of teaching and holding a second job AND working on comics, I have not been been able to actively create for the sake of doing so. I used to be in the habit of exercising these skills often but those days are long since gone. So I have decided to start a blog that forces me to just create new things and generate new ideas. Below is link to the blog called the Lake of Consciousness (as you can see I'm sticking with the lake theme) and I'd love your thoughts, so far there are only 2 posts and there will be anew one each day between 10 and 11 AM. More SBL news is soon to come as well!

Quick update and concept art.


Hello everyone, for those of you in New York or general east coast area I know you are as happy as I am the sun is finally out. I just wanted to cover a few quick things then it's back to test prep for the kids:

  • the books length has not changed it is still 5 parts except the final part will be a brief epilogue.

  • the book will be completed this year and your patience will be rewarded

  • lastly, here is the last of the back characters!

Callum Barnard is now Callum Graves the second best cadet in the L4 Academy

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Issue #3 FINALLY!

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Surprise Gift From Salomon Farias

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I hope you enjoy this as much as I did when I received it without warning! A little gift from artist Salomon Farias.

Happy Holidays!


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