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The world's first JavaScript microcontroller. Develop intelligent devices quickly and easily.
The world's first JavaScript microcontroller. Develop intelligent devices quickly and easily.
1,692 backers pledged £100,710 to help bring this project to life.

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Source Code Released

Posted by Gordon Williams (Creator)
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Thanks again for all your support so far - we're still blown away by the funding level we reached. I just wanted to let you know that - as we said we would - we've released the Espruino Source Code, Web IDE source code, Schematics and Documentation on GitHub:

Most projects only release their source code to the public after they ship. We're doing it before, so please respect that. The code and hardware is not final, and will change quickly and without warning.

It's easy to be a critic. Please don't waste our time with pointless criticisms because it'll mean that everyone gets their boards later. If you find a problem, fix it and issue a pull request, or if you can't then create an 'Issue' in GitHub with clear steps to reproduce and hopefully a test case.

We'll also be adding our internal list of bugs and issues to GitHub over the next few weeks too, so if you feel like helping out, please jump in - it'd really be appreciated!

We're going to take a break now until after the weekend, so I'm afraid we won't be around to answer e-mails. After that we'll be back to full speed again though!

500% Funded!

Posted by Gordon Williams (Creator)

The KickStarter's now finished and thanks to some last-minute pledge increases and new backers, we hit £100,000 just a few minutes before the KickStarter finished!

Special thanks goes to Smart Mobile Studio (our second sponsor after ViaDesigner) who jumped in just half an hour before the KickStarter ended and suddenly made hitting 500% funding seem like it might be possible!

But really Marianne and I just want to thank everyone - for helping to make this KickStarter such a success - for pledging, providing support and suggestions, and for spreading the word about us!

We'll be working flat out trying to get your boards to you - hopefully this year (rather than our 'official' target of January). In the mean time though we'll be uploading the source files for the Espruino software and hardware later on today, and will send out another update when they're up!

thanks again,

Marianne and Gordon

Hardware rev 1.2 arrives...

Posted by Gordon Williams (Creator)

We hit our £85,000 stretch goal early on today, and it looks a lot like we'll be past £90,000 in funding by the time the campaign finishes in just 17 hours!

On the hardware front we got our rev 1.2 hardware prototypes back today - just in time for the 5 backers that have got the 'Impatient Developer' reward. They work perfectly!

These have micro USB (as requested), a new low power voltage regulator, reverse voltage protection, and even a self-resetting 1A thermal fuse to make sure that it's extremely difficult to cause any damage, even if you short them out!

We're really happy with these, but we may still make a few more minor changes before we send them out.

On the software side things are moving ahead nicely, and we're tidying up and applying the MPL licence ready for our source code release tomorrow!

- Gordon

Last 24 hours

Posted by Gordon Williams (Creator)

We're now tantalizingly close to our £85,000 stretch goal - just around £500 to go.

We only have 24 hours though. If you have a moment, please post up on Twitter, Facebook, or whatever relevant forums or websites you're a member of to let them know about Espruino. Every extra backer we get in these last few hours will really help us - and will mean that we can afford to make Espruino even more awesome.

Thanks to everyone for your support so far. It's been amazing how many people have got behind us, and to see the huge amount of enthusiasm that's out there for Espruino! We can't wait to get your boards out to you and to see what you do with them!

- Gordon & Marianne

One Final Stretch Goal!

Posted by Gordon Williams (Creator)

Thanks to all your pledges, we've just blown past our first three stretch goals, and we thought it was time for one last Stretch goal before the end of the KickStarter.

I know some of you have been worried that the stretch goals we have been proposing will mean that we can't deliver your Espruino boards on-time. Please don't worry - we've carefully chosen attainable goals - and goals that won't delay the delivery of your Espruino boards.

£85,000 - Interactive 'Getting Started' in the Espruino Web App

This means that if we reach £85,000, we'll be adding a 'Getting Started' mode to our Web App that walks you through the commands you can type (and what they do) one by one and shows you what you can do with Espruino (a lot like the front page of It'll get you to a state where you can make things happen in response to button presses, and where you'll feel a lot happier getting started with the other projects that we'll have online.

It won't be for everyone - but if you're new to programming in general, electronics, or just JavaScript then it'll really help you out. 

Thanks again for your support!

- Gordon and Marianne