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The world's first JavaScript microcontroller. Develop intelligent devices quickly and easily.
The world's first JavaScript microcontroller. Develop intelligent devices quickly and easily.
1,692 backers pledged £100,710 to help bring this project to life.

Third Stretch Goal Reached

Posted by Gordon Williams (Creator)

Thanks to the immense amount of new and increased pledges from you all over the last few days, we've now hit our third stretch goal at £70,000! Thank you! We never thought we'd get this far, and it's going to allow us to put far more effort into the software and documentation than we'd originally expected!

To those who haven't been following the stretch goals, this means that the Espruino boards will now have CC3000 WiFi support, NPM module support, and packages available for OpenWRT-based devices in addition to everything that we originally promised!

We're having a break from Espruino tonight, but we'll issue an update tomorrow after we've thought up something suitable for our next stretch goal(s)!

Finally - we've noticed that a few of you have cancelled your pledges over the course of the KickStarter. Please - if you have cancelled or are considering cancelling, let us know why! Maybe there's something we can do to keep you interested, but either way all input we get - good or bad - is really appreciated...

thanks again,

- Gordon


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    1. loopmasta on

      49 hours to go. I am really happy that this great project gets funded. I can't wait to play around with these boards.

    2. Keith Rome on

      Thanks Gordon. No worries, I won't be backing out of this one at the last minute :)

    3. Gordon Williams 3-time creator on

      Thanks for the comments everyone, as Nial says we see when people upgrade, downgrade or cancel so we're pretty sure of what's going on. I suppose it is normal that some people will drop off now though, but it's good for us to know why.

      I want to reassure everyone that you will still get your boards on time - and probably before. As far as stretch goals go, we've been pretty careful to choose only attainable things. I think we're relatively rare in crowdfunding in that our prototype already did absolutely everything we described in the video (nothing was faked) - so there's actually very little risk involved. I guess there may be a few bugs people find in the software, but we're making it easy to upgrade the board's firmware (via the web app!) so we'll be able to fix any problems people encounter and even add features later on.

      Hope that helps - but if people do get a feeling that we're 'not quite right' - please let us know and we might be able to reassure you :)

    4. Keith Rome on

      Also yeah, I agree with Nial... don't feel obligated to add more stretch goals unless they really make sense for your project goals. Your backers are here because of what's already on the table.

    5. Keith Rome on

      Last-minute cancelled pledges is normal. When it gets close to wrapping up, people tend to take a slightly closer look at the project and re-evaluate if they really want to remain committed to it or not. I have myself backed out of a couple at the last minute when I realized that while it might be a cool project, it really wasn't all that great for me, or in some cases I just had a gut feeling that something wasn't quite right. For example, Plug (renamed to Lima), RFDuino, Robo3D, DeltaMaker, MakeBlock, Filastruder, etc. Like many others, I'll generally back early in order to get into the front of the queue, but since no payment exchanges hands until the funding date it gives a few weeks to get to know the project better and decide if I want to stay in or retract the pledge.

    6. NialP

      Please DON'T feel you have to keep adding stretch goals! People would rather see their boards and kit delivered on time rather then waiting a further 3 or 6 months while all the stretch goals are produced and developed!
      How about just something nice and simple for another goal like some stickers or a custom colour PCB or something? Who doesn't love free stickers?? There are so many successful projects out there that have done really well with no stretch goals whatsoever!

      I think people are leaving as alot of people are afraid of the Smartmaker and Instacube cube effect where as project has exceeded its goal amount by a long way meaning alot more work needed to make, run QC and ship the kits and the addition of several stretch goals and any other untested improvments that have been added during the campaign (the inclusion of more tiers etc..) that could also add time and un-predicted problems onto the project, I have seen it a few times in the past few months and heard about it alot more, as the number of backers increases quickly way past the goal, early backers drop off purely thanks to a number of projects that are nearly a year overdue and projects that have not and will not ever deliver and many more that have seen long delays caused by seemingly simple additions, large increases in the number of units that have to be produced or changes and so on.

      With THIS project I think its fairly safe, you guys have put alot of work in for a long period prior to starting the campaign and as well as using a very good and trusted partner in Seeed and the stretch goals that have been added are not to time consuming. However not everyone will see that and thanks to those previous projects it has changed how people back projects and people have started dropping out if a product goes way past its goal and has lots of extras added.

      Hopefully you guys will be shipping on a First in First out system with rewards as that obviously keeps early backers in place knowing they will be rewarded for supporting this project early.

      Its a crazy fear but seeing several high profile projects tank due to huge amounts of extras thrown in that cant be delivered and increases in the number of units having to be produced has changed the way alot of people back projects and it does now have a tendancy to scare some off.

      @Robin, Dan and Ege : Upgrades wont get seen as cancelled pledges, its only when someone changes their pledge to £0 and is no longer a backer..

      Great work guys, this is an awesome project and even better as its UK based! I know alot of people who have backed this including some big names in the maker community who are REALLY excited for this as am I, its a game changer and a brilliant addition to the different types of Dev boards available already. I personally cant wait for mine, its going to be a great unit!

    7. Missing avatar

      Dan Rimer on

      I too upgraded to the £199 kit... perhaps this appears as a cancel... rally looking forward to this being available!

    8. Ege Özcan on

      I upgraded to "Low Power Wireless Kit", maybe also recorded that as a cancel?

    9. Missing avatar

      Oliver Horn on

      for me i upgrade to the ultimate packet=)

    10. Missing avatar

      Robin Wielpütz on

      Do you see that they really cancelled? Maybe they've just chosen to upgrade to ultimate like me... ;-) I'm happily looking forward for the next stretch goal.

    11. John McLear on

      Enjoy your night off ;)

      RE cancellations it's better to have them before kickstarter completes as you wont get all the funds back if they cancel after kickstarter completes..