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The world's first JavaScript microcontroller. Develop intelligent devices quickly and easily.
The world's first JavaScript microcontroller. Develop intelligent devices quickly and easily.
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New Rewards

Posted by Gordon Williams (Creator)

We've just added two new rewards which include a CC3000 WiFi module - so you can create internet-connected devices with Espruino. There's:

WiFi Wireless Kit: 4x Espruino boards as well as 1x CC3000 WiFi module, 2x Bluetooth and 2x NRF24L01+ long range wireless - basically everything you need to try out different wireless solutions.

Ultimate WiFi Experimenter Kit: 4x Espruino boards, as well as basically everything we could afford to throw in - all kinds of wireless, sensors, buttons - even a breadboard, LCD display, battery and a charger!

It's all getting a bit complicated now, so we've made the following chart which covers the rewards which haven't sold out:

You can log in to KickStarter and change your reward level at any time up until the end of the KickStarter. But if you do want to change, do it soon - we only have 6 days left!

I know a few of you wanted to order different combinations of different rewards. We've tried to cover all the major requests in our rewards now, but after a lot of deliberation we decided against having a 'pick and mix' arrangement. There are only two of us, and it would be seriously complicated to handle all the different orders. We'd much rather we got everyone their correct rewards on time than be late or ship you the wrong things.

After we've got all the rewards out to our backers we'll make sure that there's a way for you to buy everything separately though - either from our website or via a partner.


We've just published version 1.26 of the Espruino Web Terminal. This now has the ability to overlay text on top of the feed from a Webcam - just like we've been doing in our videos. This means that when you get your boards it'll be really easy for you to make videos or give presentations using Espruino!

We're now extremely close to hitting our £60,000 stretch goal for Node.js module loading (just £750 off). The next stretch goal for OpenWRT support is at £70,000, and we'll need a real push if we're going to make it before the end of the KickStarter... Please keep spreading the word about us (and maybe increase your pledge) - everything we get is paying for work on Espruino, so the more funding we get the better we'll be able to make it!


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    1. Gordon Williams 3-time creator on

      Indrajit: sadly everyone has slightly different requirements and we're trying to come up with something that makes most people happy. In a few months (once we've sorted out all our backers) we'll try and arrange a way for people to buy whatever quantities of all everything they want though...

    2. Missing avatar

      Indrajit Chakrabarty on

      There should really have been a reward to just add a single CC3000 module with the 2 Espruinos and 2 nRF modules. Throwing two HC05 Bluetooth modules and a CC3000 module just doesn't seem right and bumping the price up to 129£ doesn't feel right. Anyway, happy to remain a backer for the WiFi kit. Glad that the Espruino will have CC3000 support.

    3. NialP

      Its not really an issue since the CC3000 is such a popular model and available from all over the place. Obviously I cant legally recommend you buy from a Chinese based company who export items with tiny markups and packets marked as gifts to dodge taxes and charges, but I hear there are quite a few on eBay that are pretty trustworthy (The tax on one is only a few £ anyway). There are even some at fair prices in the US and UK currently.

    4. Gordon Williams 3-time creator on

      Ian, Sorry - the real problem is that by the time we've paid KickStarter, Amazon, tax and postage we can't offer a single WiFi and Espruino for any kind of competitive price while not selling at cost. The situation is a lot better when people buy more stuff, but for single backers it's going to be better to just buy the module separately.

      Evgeniy - WiFi is by far the most expensive part in any of the rewards. If you want to buy it from China yourself without paying import duty that's fine, but we have to pay the tax, postage and KickStarter, and the idea is we also make something to help Espruino's development.

    5. Missing avatar

      Eugen (SPb) on

      Please, comment what is the approximate price CC3000 WiFi module itself? I just don't get, how did you get £129 for "WiFi Wireless Kit" (actually it could be named "Wireless Kit", but never mind). It's almost the price of £38 and £99 award. Or I missed something?

    6. Ian Lee on

      What? No way to add a CC3000 to a single Espuino???