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The world's first JavaScript microcontroller. Develop intelligent devices quickly and easily.
The world's first JavaScript microcontroller. Develop intelligent devices quickly and easily.
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Example Video

Posted by Gordon Williams (Creator)

We've had a few questions about what Espruino will be like to use, and we thought we'd try and cover it in a bit more detail - in video form. You may need to make it HD and fullscreen to see what's being typed though:

This is by no means the only way to program Espruino... There's the JavaScript text editor in the Web UI, and even the Graphical Editor.

While we didn't mention it in the video, when Espruino is doing something you can just unplug the computer and (assuming there's a battery connected) it'll keep working just as before!


Some of you were asking for some more detailed pictures too. There are some full-res (although slightly blurry) pictures below. However please be aware that these are rev 1.1 boards, and rev 1.2 will have changed significantly (micro USB, different regulator, and a slightly stepped-back JST connector):

Straight down:


We're still moving full speed ahead - we've now got 20 PCB prototypes on order, some of which will go out to those who requested the developer rewards, and we've been working hard on the software.

In addition to a load of internal changes and some modifications to make it easier to support new boards, we've also spent a while improving Espruino's compatibility with JavaScript. There have also been some requests for node.js-style 'module' support - so we added that too. Now, if you say 'require("my_lcd_driver")' in your code, Espruino will look on the SD card to see if it can find that library. Later on we'll add module functionality into the Web UI as well, so you'll be able to load new libraries directly from the internet!

We've also just received a prototype RGB-123 module from Ryan (also on KickStarter) and it's a lovely bit of kit. Espruino's Graphics library works brilliantly with it... We haven't had time to edit the video yet, but we'll edit and upload it tomorrow.


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    1. Gordon Williams 3-time creator on

      Hi Jean-Michel,

      I'm afraid there's not going to be much free flash... There's 256kB, and we're already up to 190kB usage. Around 40kB will be needed when you want to save what you've created, so that doesn't leave much free.

      When you load a library it'll go into RAM, so when you type 'save()' it will be saved into flash anyway (and the SD card won't be needed). The Web UI could still load the libraries directly from the internet though - so you wouldn't need an SD card at all.

    2. Collaborator on

      Why not using flash to store libraries ? Would be really cool because there is a lot of unused flash isn't it ?