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Prisoner of War - a first novel's video poster

An urban fantasy discarding the usual tropes in favor of ancient gods and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Read more

Minneapolis, MN Fiction
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This project's funding goal was not reached on .

An urban fantasy discarding the usual tropes in favor of ancient gods and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Minneapolis, MN Fiction
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New campaign started


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Unfunded, but also unbowed

Hi wonderful people,

We got heart-poundingly close in the last hour, but the project did not manage to fund.  First, I want to thank each and every person who pledged their hard-earned cash to my project.  Your support means more to me than I can say.  Second, though we put this particular project to bed, I expect it to rise again soon.

To all of you - would you be willing to pledge again if I ran another fundraiser for a smaller amount of money?  The rewards would be less exciting because I'd have to stick with an ebook edition only, but if pledges were to exceed the smaller goal, I could start posting stretch goals and maybe even get my way to that small print run I wanted, even if it's just a couple hundred copies.

If you think you'd be interested, please let me know.  If you want to be notified when the new project goes live, please send me your email and I'll include you in all updates.  Otherwise, look to my blog at

Thanks again to everyone!

Aimee Kuzenski

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The first few pages

Hi all!

I'm very excited to announce that I'm verging on a third of the way to my goal!  Thank you all so much for helping out.  We've managed to hit my stretch goal of SIGN ALL THE THINGS, so at this point, everyone who has or will pledge will get a signed copy.

I've also posted a brief excerpt from the novel on my blog.  You can find it here.  Enjoy!

Please keep spreading the word! 

25% in, and I'm dancing

You can find proof of the dancing here.

I'm so incredibly thrilled that I've hit this milestone, and I'm trying to come up with all sorts of new ways to motivate people to contribute to this project so that I can reach the goal.

I'm considering a couple stretch goals which, when reached, would unlock actual book content, either from the book itself, character studies, or very short stories.  I think at least something is required, to prove to potential backers that I can write, and that I have interesting ideas.

If anyone has a thought on that, please let me know.  I'd love to hear your feedback.

I also hear backers are passing the word to their friends.  Thank you so much!  Keep it up, and we'll be funded in plenty of time!

New stretch goal and reward categories

Hello to everyone!

I'm getting pretty excited about getting to the 25% of goal mark.  I'm expecting to do a happy dance, which will probably then be posted both here on my blog.  So you can see me dork out in person.

I've added a stretch goal to the project - when we reach $3000, I will sign all swag, and if you've ordered just the ebook, I'll send you a thank you card. 

I've also added new categories per request - for $30, you will be pre-ordering the hard copy with my personalized signature, and for $2000, you will get all the swag from the $500 level, plus a print of the cover art, signed by both the artist and me.

Thanks so much to all who have pledged, and spread the word!  I'll keep posting new stretch goals as we meet the current goal.