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$0.00 pledged of $1,500 goal


WHAT IS המשחק (The Game)

  • 1- "The Game" is a turn base card game that uses Play Cards/ Support Cards almost every card is more then it seems. Your play cards consist of "Monsters" that are broken into "Class's" each "Class" has five ranks. These ranks are measured by Stars one star being the weakest monster. Your Support Deck consist of Armour, Weapons, Potions, and Curse Cards onto of those you have "Graveyard Cards" which are explained with bulletin 16.
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  • 2- How to put together a Deck - Putting together a deck is simple its when you add in Sub-Decks (See bulletin 9 for information) that can make it complicated. Each deck must contain four different class;s of monsters and must contain that class;s respected Armour + Weapons. You can use any amount of those class's as long as you have one of each Rank (Example: Class Death/ you must have 1 Five Star, 4 Star, 3 Star, 2 Star and 1 Star monster + one 3,2,1 Star Armour Set ~Plate/Legs/Helm~ + one 4,3,2,1 Star Weapon) Your deck cannot contain more then 4 class's and no more than 200 cards. Each deck must have and no more then 9 Curse Cards, 30 Potion Cards, and two Graveyard Cards. When using a Legendary, Limited Edition Sub-Deck you must have the same Rank Armour + Weapon cards compared to the Monster Card.
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  • 3- How to decide who plays first - Deciding who goes first doesn't have to be a big debate of "well I am older" "I have a better deck" and so on simply roll the provided dice the person who rolled the highest number goes first if you roll the same number role again  until someone rolls higher. 
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  • 4- How to win - Now that we have the basic's down lets explain the important part. Wining can always be a good goal to have when playing a game or in this matter (The Game). We make it a very easy goal and the process is semi-simple. Each player has his/her own HP in the amount of 25,000 each time a players Monster(s) HP is damaged the players HP takes the same amount of Damage. (See bulletin 10 for information) in the end the player who runs out of HP first loses.
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  • 5- How to use the Play board - Using the Play Board is simply the best way to play the cards. Each person can play 2 Monsters on there side of the board. Each Monster Card can equip (or use) 1 Active Potion, 1 Helm, 1 Chest, 1 Legs, 1 Weapon and 1 Curse (See bulletin 14 for more information on Curse Cards). Each player has Five Support Card spots there is also a Discard Pile and a Graveyard Pile (See bulletin 19 For information).


Risks and challenges

No Risk but there is a major Challenge that I hope to over come, and that is raising money to start the project properly hopefully in the year I will have reached my goal.

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