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Help Hope escape from a 1984-inspired dystopia. Developed by Camouflaj (MGS4, F.E.A.R., Halo 4, Kinect) and Logan (Skyrim TV spot).
Help Hope escape from a 1984-inspired dystopia. Developed by Camouflaj (MGS4, F.E.A.R., Halo 4, Kinect) and Logan (Skyrim TV spot).
11,611 backers pledged $555,662 to help bring this project to life.

February Screenshots & Video Update

Hello Backers & Non-Backers Alike!

As many of you know, the development team at Camouflaj has been taking full advantage of the time afforded by our Kickstarter success by putting our heads down and focusing on the most essential aspects of République's development. Oftentimes developing the core systems of a game doesn't yield particularly beautiful results, and they usually don't make for very exciting public showings...

Since we reached our funding goal last May, we've released monthly backer-only updates that detail all of our successes and failures developing République without fear of showing something rough and work-in-progress. It's been a really fun way to chronicle the development that I enjoy writing, and I hope our backers enjoy as well.

But now that we're in 2013, we figured it's about time we start poking our heads out again and show the rest of world what we've been up to! Today, it's time for us to officially reveal that we've abandoned our 32-bit era pre-rendered backgrounds in exchange for fully 3D environments. Our monthly podcast, Camouflaj Radio, offers some interesting discussion about the decision in case you're interested. And if not, why not just check out a new screenshot of the latest build of our game? (Found at the bottom of this update.)

For more screenshots, head on over to

And for those of you who prefer video, here's a brand new development diary, courtesy of the amazing crew at Greedy Productions and David Papazian.

Here's to a great 2013 everyone! Thank you so much for your interest in our game!


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    1. Christopher Le on February 17, 2013

      You guys have one of the best KS pages with the clearest and most precise information for their backers.

      Thank you for taking the time to show us your processes.

      Some questions:
      - are you guys using SVN/Git/other?
      - what is the project process like? Waterfall? Agile? Maybe a combination of both?
      - as a QA professional in the industry, I'd love to hear from your QA team!
      - Harlem Shake...

    2. Camouflaj Creator on February 5, 2013

      @MichaelH Yeah, the PC version will look and play differently. In fact, I see the PC version running on Patrick's monitor everyday and it looks very nice :) The team is excited to start implementing the PC/Mac-exclusive features once we get the iOS version done.

      @MichaelM That's the plan!

      @Alexey Yes, tons of Russian culture flowing through the game. And as for the sketches, that was our very own Christopher Lam!

      @Scheindown Haha, yes, Lifeline. I'm very familiar with it. Not a great game, but similar in concept for sure.

      @Ber Don't worry -- we'll sleep when the project's done! :)


    3. Scheindown on February 3, 2013

      Hey guys! A friend of mine just told me about a 2004 game that bears some conceptual similarities with République. It's Lifeline for PS2, if you haven't encountered it. You might want to check it out. From wikipedia:

      In the near future (year 2029), the player is placed in the shoes of a young man who has attended a Christmas party in a newly developed hotel set in a Space Station. As the festivities proceed, problems arise with horrific monsters running rampant across the Space Station. ...
      The player (referred to as the operator) has access to all Space Station mechanics via the control room and is able to observe everything in the area via cameras placed around the station. Noticing a waitress Rio as she attempts to contact the monitor room, the player establishes contact through her headset, and assists her through the perils of the horrendous station, as well as to discover the mystery behind the threat.

    4. Alexey N on February 2, 2013

      Hope is alive and kicking!

      I can not believe that almost a year has passed...

      Im so proud that had a chance see all this...
      How the team are grew, become stronger..
      How all of you are changing)
      Your progress on a making Republique.
      How Ryan and Patrick level-upped beards. :D

      That's communication with you as a backer, was really great experience in the past year, and you keep surprising)
      Thank you guys!
      Game looks gorgeous!
      noticed in the video the painting by ilya repin "Ivan the Terrible killing his son"
      Seems the russian culture really had an influence on a game) Interesting to see how all wraps.

      Also, who draw those awesome comic strips in the previous backer update image?
      Looks very cool)

    5. Michael Matzat on February 1, 2013

      Because they did not get mentioned in the video. :X

    6. Michael Matzat on February 1, 2013

      Will the game still run on iPad 1 and 2?

    7. Ber on February 1, 2013

      Looking so awesome, I am PSYCHED for when this comes out.

      I am kinda worried for the team though - seems like every month is crunch time with ultra long hours. There comes a point when spending more time in a week actually makes you less productive - don't forgot to take a breath and relax occasionally guys :)

    8. Michael Hoffmann on February 1, 2013

      Looking great! Are you planning on doing an exact port to the PC or will the PC version look and play differently?

    9. Cipher- Weaver of lost dreams on February 1, 2013

      the game already looks awesome. I cant wait to get my hands on my PC copy. The teams hard work really shows in that video. Great work Camouflaj.

    10. Camouflaj Creator on February 1, 2013

      @JP The plan is actually to fully replace that Hope V1 character asset with Hope V2 in the coming weeks. Should look much, much better :)

    11. JP Sugarbroad
      on February 1, 2013

      Those are awesome environments. But her skin looks kind of waxy -- are you using any kind of SSS approximation?

    12. Camouflaj Creator on February 1, 2013

      Wow! Thanks everyone for the warm comments.

      @Michael: Seriously, where's the jacuzzi?!

    13. Michael Chen on February 1, 2013

      Looks like a mansion for the owner of a multimillion corporation, the only thing that's missing here is a jacuzzi, lol.

    14. Xiong on February 1, 2013

      Did not know you guys had a youtube page. Subbed.

    15. Missing avatar

      Darren Baker on February 1, 2013

      Well done! Looking great. Nice update!

    16. John Scott Tynes on February 1, 2013

      The screenshot is beautiful. It makes me worried that you may set the bar too high for your budget, but I'm sure you're on top of that.

    17. Chris Taran on February 1, 2013

      One of my most anticipated games of 2013. Can't wait guys!