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Help Hope escape from a 1984-inspired dystopia. Developed by Camouflaj (MGS4, F.E.A.R., Halo 4, Kinect) and Logan (Skyrim TV spot).
11,611 backers pledged $555,662 to help bring this project to life.

8 Hours To Go!

Posted by Camouflaj (Creator)

Given that I didn't anticipate any sleep at all, I'm quiet pleased that I managed to get almost three hours of rest before our big final day! And wow, it's incredible to see the momentum. Thank you backers, old and new!

I just wanted to start this day off by sharing the design of our iPhone case as many of you have been writing in and asking for a visual of it.

The case continues our theme of creating products that fit within the world of Republique -- objects that can deceive the watchful eye... Despite the fact that phones and communications with The Outside are not only prohibited in the world of République but can get you down right killed, some have still chosen to take the risk and retrofit the Overseer's Manifesto pocket edition into a case that snugly fits a contraband phone. 

The design fits in with the fiction but also needs to be functional. I think we struck the perfect balance. Thanks to all of those involved in bringing our iPhone case concept to life!


Don't forget to join us at noon PST for the final three hour countdown. It's going to be fun, entertaining, educational, full of technical glitches, and will feature a real-life Billy Berghammer still recovering from shoulder surgery he had a few days ago.


Let's have fun today everyone, especially you folks who have been battling since Day One to make this a reality. You know who you are, and you know about the rough patches we had along the way. (I think at one point we were bringing in $700 a day.) But we didn't give up and neither did you, which is why we're also not going to compromise as we develop this game. Because now, more than ever, we're all in with this thing.



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    1. Dave Petty on

      Likewise with the hopes of the case being available later. If I'd known it would be THAT cool looking, I'd have bumped my pledge! Didn't see the design until after the Kickstarter ended...

    2. Ryan Andes on

      Any idea if the iPhone case Will be available later or if it will be an exclusive? I had to cut my pledge but this looks neat

    3. Mark Clarke on

      I meant 1/4 speed*

    4. Mark Clarke on

      One thing other people going into kickstarter should learn from these guys is that you can't do a kickstarter at 3/4 speed, you have to really push for it if you want a large sum of money.

    5. Yawourt on

      It's a shame we can't know if the case will be compatible with the next iPhone.
      Otherwise, I would obviously update my pledge: the case looks terrific !

    6. Missing avatar

      Finjitzu on

      Is that really what the phone cases in this world look like? Think it would get annoying having to flip it open when ever you're making a call or video chatting.

    7. Robert Baxter on

      Finally funded, that was close. I'm looking forward to playing the game on some platform at some time in the future.

    8. Jonas Gabrielson

      Wow! I can't believe this is really going to get funded! When I pledged, it was only a fool's Hope ... :)
      I love the case design -- looks just like my TenSouth BookBook case! I was sceptical of the case earlier, but now I'm probably going to increase my pledge to Collector plus. One thing I don't like about the BookBook case is that it's missing a camera hole, so I hope we can convince you to include that!

    9. Missing avatar

      ninjaman999 on

      Sweet god, im broke atm and only have enough for the pledge, is there any way to buy that Iphone case in the future?????? O____O

    10. Marian De Kleermaeker on

      Is there a way I cam add the iphon case to my pledge as an add on? I love the case, but really wan't the game on both platforms, and don't have the cash for the $125 level.....

    11. Missing avatar

      Alexander Pereira on

      Damn you guys made it by the skin of your teeth

    12. Fares Fayad on

      @Stephen Bouren Same case here, I've bugged the heck out of my Twitter followers and Facebook friends : ) So happy to be part of this.

    13. Crosbie on

      Wow. Didn't think this would come off a week ago. Well done you guys.

    14. Eli Juicy Jones on

      OMG you made it! That was close. I don't care what anyone thought of my shameless begging on Facebook, twitter and G+, this game needs to happen.

    15. Jeroen Dekkers

      I'm so happy this project succeeded. When I joined it looked bleak, but VERY happy to see a ground-breaking game like this get funded at the last possible moment.

    16. Christoph Zürcher on

      Awesome, congratulations to everyone involved!

    17. Missing avatar

      Ryan KilmurraY on

      Well done man! Enjoy!

    18. Stephen Bouren on

      I'm proud to have been on board since the beginning. I'm sure my modest number of Twitter followers are sick of my daily pleas to help fund the game. Congrats to you guys! I have to admit that I was worried for a long time there, but the support here at the end has been huge.

    19. People In Motion on

      YOU DID IT!!! YOU RAISED THE $$$!!! WOOT!!!

    20. Richard Hakem Terrell on

      Jason Mraz has a new song about what just happened here... basically "you really did it!"

      And that's that family friendly version.

    21. Brandon High on

      Congratulations on not letting pessimism get the best of you! :-)

    22. Missing avatar

      Sam Snyder on

      I would like to congratulate Hope on successfully making the largest collect call in history. Congrats Comoflaj.

    23. Dave Fisher on

      Congrats guys! Way to take it right down to the wire :)

    24. Missing avatar

      mvi on

      Ca-ching! Congratulations guys. You worked super hard for it!

    25. Christopher Mayfield on


    26. Missing avatar

      Ivan Osenkov on

      Almost unbelievable how you've managed to be up and to Keep Hope Alive! Feeling so much relief :)

    27. Missing avatar

      Sarah Letham on

      Oh wow I can't believe it!

    28. Nancy Hutchins

      Hoo haa!!!!

    29. Atarun

      Done. Now the livestream will get really interesting, what with all the team being drunk out of their minds. ^^

    30. MIchael McConnell on

      Whew, that was a close one! Way to go!

    31. Rob Whitney on

      Oh wow, it hit the $500,000 mark!! Congrats guys, I think I wore out my refresh button watching the pledge numbers.

    32. Grogmonkey on

      Congrats. 100%! Now for another $100k...?

    33. Johnathan Tan on

      it's a miracle!! ~5k more, lets do this ppl.

    34. Missing avatar

      Tech on


    35. Sebastian Persson on

      Congratz to the devs and to all of us for being such smart and handsome individuals and backing this!

    36. Missing avatar

      Logan Ogden on

      Congrats boys [and girls]! I've been checking in on this everyday since I pledged. Super satisfied that this was funded.

    37. Suzie H on

      you guys are so close!! i just upgraded my pledge. xxoo

    38. Michael Neth on

      You guys got this.

    39. Kris Fredrick on

      It's gonna get funded before you even start the countdown. Bwahahahaha

    40. Christoph Zürcher on

      Almost there. I'm positive that we can do this!

    41. Totoro on

      I already broke my budget for the next two months with my original pledge, but now I'm thinking of breaking it even further. :X

    42. Halley Palmer on

      Do you think I'll be able to squeeze my HTC Evo into that, cause I kind of want it.

    43. victorvusa on

      Folding back the République iPhone cover over and over to answer the phone.... is the material of the iPhone case going to stand up to reasonable usage for more than a couple of months? Or is this cover more "for show"?

    44. Karl André Juul Pedersen on

      The case is AMAZING. Really considering upping my pledge for a 3rd time and going for $125 as I want both versions of the game and the iPhone case. Hmmm...!!

    45. Missing avatar

      Patrick on

      No Solid Snake on the Stream? Bummer.