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Help Hope escape from a 1984-inspired dystopia. Developed by Camouflaj (MGS4, F.E.A.R., Halo 4, Kinect) and Logan (Skyrim TV spot).
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July 2018 Update

Posted by Camouflaj (Creator)

Kickstarter Backers:

This month’s backer update is a treat for readers interested in the development side of our studio activities. Camouflaj designer Simon Messenger returns from his talk at Unite 2018, RÉPUBLIQUE VR gets a patch in response to audience feedback, and we proudly released the 50th episode of Camouflaj Radio!


Howell: Welcome back! How did the Unite talk go?

Messenger: It went great, despite the typical Camouflaj "seat of your pants" preparation! It was my first talk, so I was pretty nervous. The room was packed. Afterwards, several people came up to tell me how much they enjoyed the talk. A couple of people even said it was one of their favorite sessions.

Howell: I’m sure it’s super technical, but, if you could dumb it down for me and everyone else, what did you talk about?

Messenger: Ryan and I discussed the process of porting RÉPUBLIQUE to Gear VR and Oculus Go. Originally, we’d hoped that the whole porting process would take around six months. In reality, it took us about triple that time to meet our high standards and the game. The talk covered all the factors that extended our development time, particularly things like optimization, camera redesign, and overhauling the game’s UI.

The rest of the week I demonstrated the game at our “Made With Unity” booth and interacted with fans and fellow Unity developers.

Howell: I wasn’t expecting that you’d demo the game, too. How did people react to RÉPUBLIQUE VR, and what was the setup for demoing it?

Messenger: Everyone who played it seemed really impressed. Common compliments focused on the quality of the graphics on mobile and how well the UI worked on the in-game phone.

Also, I have to say that demoing the game on an Oculus Go was an absolute treat. The setup is easy. At one point, a group of six people all took turns playing the game, and they just handed the Go off to the next person when they were done. That’s the beauty of wireless, standalone VR...

Howell: Any other memorable anecdotes?

Messenger: The Unite phone app was a surprise hit. What was originally supposed to be a professional developer forum quickly turned into an epic meme incubator. I actually haven't deleted the app yet, as I'm still enjoying reading through the humorous posts on there. And the Unite party was really fun! I didn't stay long, but there were VR DJs, secret rooms, a guy with flamethrower arms, and a lot of cool people having fun.

Howell: We’re still waiting for the archive of your Unite talk to go live, so we’ll be sure to update newsletter readers once it’s up. Thanks for talking with us!


Oculus Go gamers made RÉPUBLIQUE VR a top seller, for which we’re proud and grateful. With so many possible configurations and user experiences on Gear VR, though, hiccups are inevitable, so we have responded to bug reports from players with a patch that resolves common issues.

If you encounter any problems with the latest release of RÉPUBLIQUE VR, please send us an email at!


Amid unanimous anticipation for The Last of Us: Part II, Camouflaj Radio Tape 50 kicks off with the team's top picks from E3 2018. Ryan praises two FROM Software titles—Sekiro and the upcoming PSVR title Déraciné—and James takes his excitement for Resident Evil 2 Remake to a new level by naming his new shoes "Redfields" and his old ones "Kennedys."

Simon returns from Berlin to talk about Unite. (The podcast goes into greater depth than the interview above, so definitely tune in if your curiosity is piqued!) He and Ryan go into the convention's technical high points, such as the long-awaited release of Nested Prefabs.

We turn our attention, as always, back to VR with a discussion of some recent releases (Moss on Vive and Budget Cuts). Peteboss then leads a follow-up of last episode's discussion of the future of VR, looking in particular at the incorporation of social elements into virtual experiences.

The episode closes with our giveaway of two Oculus Go headsets to subscribers of our newsletter! Sign up here, and encourage your friends to sign up too for the chance to receive a free Oculus Go from Camouflaj!

Find Camouflaj Radio Tape 50 through our usual channels on iTunes, RSS, and Stitcher!


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