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Help Hope escape from a 1984-inspired dystopia. Developed by Camouflaj (MGS4, F.E.A.R., Halo 4, Kinect) and Logan (Skyrim TV spot).
Help Hope escape from a 1984-inspired dystopia. Developed by Camouflaj (MGS4, F.E.A.R., Halo 4, Kinect) and Logan (Skyrim TV spot).
11,611 backers pledged $555,662 to help bring this project to life.

David Hayter and Jennifer Hale Join The Cast of République!

As someone who is a HUGE Metal Gear and Mass Effect fan, today I’m proud to reveal that David Hayter (freakin’ Solid Snake!) and Jennifer Hale (freakin’ all the women in all of videogames!) will lend their vocal talents to République.

Hayter will play the role of the head revolutionary in the world of République, and Hale will voice the role of “The Mentor” – a complex character who knows Hope better than anyone. Having these two rock star voice actors reunite in République is incredible! Plus, we've updated the $500 pledge tier today, and both David Hayter and Jennifer Hale will also be signing the République posters! For more details about this announcement, check out the video interviews Ryan and Victor Lucas did with both of them:

In other news, OPERATION: KEEP HOPE ALIVE is gaining steam. All across the globe, you the community are spreading the word like wildfire by changing up your Facebook, Twitter, forum pics, and desktops to help us reach our goal. And apparently, somehow, I agreed to start growing a mustache to get someone to triple their pledge. It’s true. I’m thinking of modeling it after Tom Selleck. He wears a mustache LIKE A BOSS.

We’re about to hit one week left of the Kickstarter countdown, so let’s keep this momentum going. We thank you all for your support! 7 days to go to…

Keep Hope Alive!

-Billy Berghammer




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    1. Gabriel on

      What was the name of the voice director on République and all the Metal Gear games? I don't understand when the say it. Chris something?

    2. Missing avatar

      My Bergström on

      I hope that even if the Kickstarter doesn't make the goal, there's sufficient proof of interest. The campain had a slow start with the lack of PC/Mac support and lack of updates, but it's gained momentum lately, especially after the Hayder/Hale announcement and if it had a little more time, it'd be sure to make the goal. I'm still holding on to hope and spreading the word.

    3. Billy Berghammer on

      Hey guys. lets not focus on the monetary break down of everything here. Lets focus on getting the word out, accomplishing the goal of the KS and #keephopealive!!!!

    4. Paul Benson on

      for this campaign the 500k is not the amount needed for dev. it is the amount needed for VC funding, they want proof of interest.

    5. Bryy Miller on

      If there is a project that says "X is the bare minimum that we need to make the game" with X being the financial goal, that's a sign to stay away from that campaign. You always have to take fees and fufiillment into consideration when setting your financial goal (which was one of the main reasons I cringed at the DFA campaign). Out of all the Kickstarters that I have seen, only 5% of them actually list what the money is for, and even less than that list a proper breakdown. I'd be fine if a campaign said "X is the bare minimum to make the game, but for that to happen, we need to make at least Y". Stretch goals and improper reward tier/cost balancing are two other huge problems. Every single goal should be outlined from day one, and you CANNOT add any new features. Cut features put back in are fine. And as much as it sucks, you can't give away physical objects for peanuts.

    6. Clare Jones on

      @Bryy Miller sorry, second paragraph was more aimed at Nathan Tabak, should have said that.

      I'm always curious how much people overestimate how much money they're going to get from Kickstarter, it would be nice if they all had some kind of statement saying "yes we recognise we immediately lose 10% to fees and more to shipping, fulfilment and taxes." But I guess those that are aware think it's self evident and those that aren't... aren't.

    7. Mats Andren on

      thats awesome news!

    8. Bryy Miller on

      I'm not saying anything about bringing them on being bad, I'm just trying to add to the conversation. The vast majority of Kickfunders don't seem to understand that a "base goal" is not really a base goal.

    9. Clare Jones on

      For reference, in Double Fine's Kickstarter, around a quarter has gone on Kickstarter fees, Amazon fees, physical incentives and shipping. They've yet to say anything about tax.

      On the other hand I kind of doubt bringing these guys on board has cost them that much. Firstly I think it was fairly obvious Camoflaj were already aiming for top tier mocap and sound here. Secondly, these guys are among the workhorses of the VO industry, they may be able to command larger fees than average, but I doubt they cost anywhere near what you'd pay for some gimmicky "celebrity" choice from film or TV. Thirdly have you watched the videos? They both seemed *very* enthusiastic about working with Kris Zimmerman Salter (yeah it could just be marketting, but it seemed pretty genuine), I'd be very surprised if they aren't charging mate's rates to some degree.

    10. Bryy Miller on

      Tax, fees, rewards.

    11. FlyingWaffle on

      @Brian Gill "$500,000 fronted by an investment group, $500,000 from kickstarter"
      I'm pretty sure the money that gets donated through kickstarter is subjected to tax.. so it's probably way less than 500K$.

    12. SVR The Boy on

      @Nathan Tabak If my understanding of the situation is correct, and I may be wrong, this game is actually a $1,000,000 project. $500,000 fronted by an investment group, $500,000 from kickstarter. If the kickstarter fails Camouflaj has to take a deal with the investment group that takes significant control of the property away from them. Please correct me if I am mistaken.

    13. Felipe Davis on

      "if you can afford these big-name voice actors even when you're this far from the goal, why do you need me or anyone else to contribute even more?"

      You seem to overestimate the salaries of voice actors. ;_;

    14. Nathan Tabak on

      Let me be blunt here: if you can afford these big-name voice actors even when you're this far from the goal, why do you need me or anyone else to contribute even more?

      I'd really like to see this project succeed, but I don't understand how both this AND the significantly altered PC/Mac port fit into the originally announced budget without being part of the original plan.

    15. Missing avatar

      ninjaman999 on

      Im attacking all the MGS facebook pages as we speak for David hayter fans and stuff to support, lets see how this goes. I believe it can be done :)))
      Why not send a request to Destructoid to get this news on their front page?????

    16. Jack Amick on

      In other news, my pledge has been raised.

    17. Jack Amick on


      This really better get funded.


    18. t00t on

      AWESOME! Why hasn't this game hit $1,000,000?

    19. Eric Ring on

      Jennifer Hale and David Hayter?! These a HUGE, HUGE voices that any Gamer would love to hear in a video game. And to imagine that it's made for Phones (primarily) is incredible. Wow great job.

    20. Kevin Behrendt on

      Oh my goddess, I can't believe it. Jennifer Hale, are you serious? I think I have to upper my pledge, even though I can't really afford it as a student but the voice of Shepard (and Bastilla and Leah and many more) is a huge "feature" to me. Of course, also David Hayter just leads to a thumb in the air. Great to have them on board.
      Oh and I hope Jennifer can play through Rèpublique in the end :D

    21. Erich L. on

      Jennifer Hale! Man I really want this to take off now. Oh woe if the collector's edition doesn't happen.

    22. Missing avatar

      Dallas Alvey on

      OMG!!! David Hayter!! This is going to be awesome!!! ╚(•⌂•)╝