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Help Hope escape from a 1984-inspired dystopia. Developed by Camouflaj (MGS4, F.E.A.R., Halo 4, Kinect) and Logan (Skyrim TV spot).
11,611 backers pledged $555,662 to help bring this project to life.

Team Meeting About République PC & Mac

Posted by Camouflaj (Creator)

Last week’s announcement that République would be also heading to PC/Mac was not a decision we took lightly. We met as a team at “Camouflaj North” (Top Pot Doughnuts) to discuss the merits and challenges of committing République to PC and Mac. Each of the team members had their own ideas, concerns, and thoughts about it and we thought it’d be really fun to share that meeting with all of you!  The video also includes even more direct feed footage from République’s proof of concept demo. Cool.

And in case you haven’t seen it, friend of the studio and République consultant CVXFreak posted an article about how he got involved with Camouflaj and how his extraordinary knowledge of Resident Evil helped the development of République. CVXFreak knows more about Resident Evil than anyone on the planet and when he says something like, “That is why République is my currently most anticipated game release in the future - I'm looking forward to it more than RE6” you have to trust absolutely EVERYTHING he says. Head on over to Biohaze to read the full article:

9 days to go to….

Keep Hope alive.

-Billy Berghammer


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    1. Billy Berghammer on

      Hey guys, we hope you liked our meeting about PC/Mac. We are listening to your feedback and suggestions!

    2. Scerttle on

      I agree with pretty much everything Kevin has said. I initially passed this Kickstarter by since I saw it was for mobile devices, and I knew my WP7 wouldn't get support. But not only that, it was hard for me to recommend this Kickstarter to anyone I know as they're sticking with their older iOS devices and/or moving onto Android or Windows Phones.

      In general I think iOS being the primary platform was probably problem with this project (from a KS point of view) from the start. At a previous job a related department was designing an app that would regularly update the user on regulations/laws/other useful info. Initially it was only going to develop it for iOS, but then after some studies it was found that roughly 60% of our user base were Android device owners. Even if it's not my platform of choice, I think Android support would make this Kickstarter much more enticing. But now I'm rambling. iOS was way too prominent.

    3. Kevin Behrendt on

      I disagree relating to the lack of interesest. iOS Users just aren't aware of this Kickstarter project. I think it would sell well but you have to know that it exist and most people doesn't seem to know it OR and that is the other big point, they're just not owning the right version. I have an iPod 3G but what to I see at the right? You need 4. It's one thing to choose from all the platforms from PC over console to handheld, movile devices, it's one thing to choose then not to make an android version but then to have it just for the latest version makes the audience very small. It's still in the millions I think but these people have to know about all this and it seems most don't. That also applies now for the PC crowd of course. They came here but they just saw "iOS" and moved on. Also, some saw the pledge tiers and they're really to complex and not very exciting. I can see that some didn't like to pay more and that the sheer mass of the lower tiers was distracting.
      But I also agree with the rest and I hope, when that fails that they're trying it again somehow.

    4. Missing avatar

      Mircea on

      It's one thing to not betray a vision, but if you don't hit even half of the funding goal with focus on an iOS version, it should be a clear sign that people just aren't interested in seeing a deep game for a hand held non-gaming device.

      I also think that the game has great potential, but I don't see that potential being realised on the iOS, not just because $500,000 is a absolutely huge amount for a iOS game, but also because it's a decent amount for a latest generation PC game title. I'm actually disappointed to find out that adding in a PC and OSX version was something you decided to do because you felt you had to instead of being a natural outgrowth. Consider, if you don't manage to meet your funding goals, why not re-apply for a lower amount, like $100,000 to make a iOS only version.

    5. Missing avatar

      ninjaman999 on

      Well Im hoping for the success they need to complete this but I fear the original focus of an IOS game have already drawn ppl away from the project and at this point, there is little chance people will flood in to support them :(((

    6. Kevin Behrendt on

      Great insight video, I would like to see more of that on Kickstarter. You're ideas on making the game different for the platforms are great and that's really what I would like to see. You should not betray your vision for the fast dollar, well I think it's even the opposite. Making the version distinct for touch and keyboard and stay with your vision of the iOS version is one aspect that makes me buy the game.

      Exploring this "facility" while Hope sleeps sounds good, even though the idea of Hope going to sleep itself sounds interesting enough. And of course I am really looking forward to interaction with her. There are games of this kind but if I could sometimes talk with the protagonist instead of just nodding with a camera brings it to a whole different levels. It is a difference between hearing a conversation or reading files or to talk directly to the desperate girl from an unknown nation. The whole mobile phone thing is perfect, as long as Hope has a phone of course, since we're able to look her in the eyes as if she would really been in front of us and we could see her reactions to the messages clear in her facial expression.

      PC with more powers is also bringing ideas to me. Let's say Hope is running through a street at light day, like in Assassin's Creed or Hitman we could have a real crowd here, maybe it's even a task to not losing here in there. In every case I hope we see more of the unknown nation, streets, hospitals, police stations, appartments, the underground or whatever transport they use their. There are so many possibilities in such a state through all the cameras and all those high-tech technology the Rèpublique seem to have (and their citizens). I mean "watched all my life" that means something. Doesn't we already feel like that? Cameras at crowded places, cameras in school floors, cameras in trains and busses, cameras in the displays of our handys, laptops, netbooks, computers, cameras in our living room (kinect). They are everywhere and we didn't even needed a totalitarian state, we ourself did that. Of course the case would be totally different with someone controlling this network, using it. We're getting a benefit of those cameras, no one watches our living room through Kinect but.. what if? Maybe they're not even knowing it in the Rèpublique? Maybe they do but normally they don't care because of the benefits? For what price would people except such a surveillance? Maybe through low taxes? I am sure there are many little sugar cubes, that could make a population except it. Cultures can be extremely different, most of the time in our history, slavery was absolutly excepted and there was only one successful uprising (Haiti). Most of the time, there wasn't even one.

      The game has huge potential, the whole idea has and watching the video you guys knowing it and are willig to make an intense stealth-survival title.

    7. Cassandra S on

      @ninjaman999: Ideally, the project will meet its funding goal. If that doesn't happen, the République team, I think, ought to put out a paypal link by which you can send them your money, or something like that.

    8. William Henry Grant Johnson on

      Oh man, a meeting dedicated to feature creep. Don't know what to think about that. But I gave you my monies, so I'm cool with it...but i'm not developing it, so what do I know.

    9. Will Pembridge (Acid) on

      Guys that video was amazing its great to see your team Brian storming new ideas for hope on pc
      Hope to see more in near future
      Thanks for making me feel apart of your team lol

    10. Missing avatar

      ninjaman999 on

      What I wana know is considering there is no way the target will be met at this point, how can I still secure the 25 pledge with you guys cause I wana help and know this is gona be brilliant :)

    11. Mike (caffn8d) on

      This video makes me want to put in my notice and go join up with a small developer! Really cool to see everyone collaborating so well together. This is what I had always hoped making games would be like.

    12. Johnathan Glass Devaney on

      Absolutely amazing. This is what I want to see more of on Kickstarter, but haven't seen up until now! Thank you so much for thinking of this and posting it.

    13. Shoganai on

      Nice video! Thanks for sharing... and is that a LIMBO T-Shirt? :)