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Help Hope escape from a 1984-inspired dystopia. Developed by Camouflaj (MGS4, F.E.A.R., Halo 4, Kinect) and Logan (Skyrim TV spot).
Help Hope escape from a 1984-inspired dystopia. Developed by Camouflaj (MGS4, F.E.A.R., Halo 4, Kinect) and Logan (Skyrim TV spot).
11,611 backers pledged $555,662 to help bring this project to life.

République Announced For PC And Mac!

You, the community have spoken and we have listened! Today Camouflaj and Logan are proud to announce that we’re now prepping a unique version of République for both the PC and Mac platforms, alongside the originally announced iOS version of the game.

This won’t be some basic, simple port. No copy-paste. The team has spent the past week drafting up a smart plan to deliver a special version of République featuring new gameplay, controls and story elements tailored to the strengths of the PC and Mac platforms.

We’ve altered some of the tiers and added some new ones to give you more pledging options based on what platform you prefer. Cool, huh?!

On behalf of everyone here at Camouflaj, we thank you for your support, feedback, and suggestions in helping…

Keep Hope Alive.

-Billy Berghammer


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    1. Missing avatar

      Steven Nelson on

      Thank you! I thought the game looked great, but without an iOS device, I wasn't willing to contribute. Now that I would actually be able to play it, I'm happy to back!
      Of course, an Android version would be more than welcome :D

    2. Marcus Burggraf

      Great, that announcement is wonderful. iOS only was no draw but with a PC version this is a must.

    3. Missing avatar

      Adam S on

      Hey, that's just what I was waiting for! Backed.

    4. Eric Ring on

      Annnddd upped my pledge by $90!

    5. Missing avatar

      WeirdRussian on

      Great news, the game already sounded intriguing, but since I don't own any iOS devices I didn't throw any money in your direction. Now that the game is also coming to PC I'm happy to support it!

    6. Kevin Behrendt on

      Hosently, I don't think costums will do anything. I mean, they sure won't write 60$ or something like that on the mail.

    7. Missing avatar

      Justin Stewart on


    8. Missing avatar

      Greg V on

      It's there – $20 iOS + DESKTOP EDITION

    9. Erwin Heiser on

      Please add an option for iOs+Mac/PC without any shippable goods, downloads only. We Europeans have to pay extra for the shipping anyway and on top of that we get hammered by customs on imported items. I can easily pay up to 27€ import tax on a 60$ order.

    10. Missing avatar

      gil on

      thank god!
      lets get this thing funded!

    11. Jonathan Krarup on

      Upped my pledge - great initiative!
      I don't applaud adding more platforms for stretch goals. This is the sort of thing that normally shouldn't be done with funding money, BUT you are in a position where it would be unlikely that you would reach the original goal at all with the original offer (and that's not from lack of media attention), so I think there's a good chance that a lot of game backers are PC/Mac based and that that's one of the reasons the project hasn't taken off that fast.
      I really hope this will get you the funding needed :)

    12. Bryy Miller on

      While I'm not the kind of asshole that will pull my pledge, it saddens me that you - 14 days out - made such a drastic turn-around. Although I hope everything goes well, I would really want to see some more initiative on your part in the future when starting projects.

    13. Chris Taran on

      I very very happily donated at last with this news. I hope the money starts flooding in!

    14. Jonathan Stein on

      I pledged as soon as I saw this on ign. My iPod is too old to play games like this, but I can't wait to play it on my Mac!

    15. Jessica, Street Sweeper of Valoria on

      I'm happy to hear this news! I was going to have to borrow my friend's ipad to play, but i wanted to support the project. Now I'll be able to play on my own system. :-) Thank you so much for this announcement. I sincerely hope that it drives your pledges up!

    16. Missing avatar

      CharlieBravo4 on

      I'm a $25 backer interested in the iOS version and the documentary for making the game. I see a new tier for the iOS + Mac version, however I don't see a tier for that plus the documentary. Will my current tier include both or is there another?

    17. Ben Kim on

      Upped my pledge from $75 to $125! Not necessarily to support the addition of the PC/Mac version but to show my continued support. The team is strong in their vision and I'm confident that all versions of this game will be an experience worth the investment. I like how despite adding the additional platforms you are not compromising on your original vision for the iOS version. Stay the course on this version! The PC/Mac version is just icing on the cake as far as I'm concerned. This could still be unprecedented for a new IP to traverse different platforms (with different input methods and feature sets). I can't wait to see the final product (now products!). Best of luck to the team and this exciting journey!

    18. Bryy Miller on

      To everyone removing their support: please grow up.

    19. Ber on

      Hey Terence, I too am sad that they had to stray from their vision of an iOS exclusive, but lets be honest here - they weren't going to make it on KS as an iOS exclusive. There just isn't enough of us who believe in iOS gaming. Looking at it that way, wouldn't you rather a PC version and an iOS version than no version at all?

    20. Terence Bowlby on

      I know I said I hoped I could be convinced to not remove my support... but I'm going to. I don't feel that this is the same project anymore, and doesn't need the same kind of support anymore. I instead hope I can be convinced to have my support return. But as an early backer of a project setting out to do something unique... I feel absolutely betrayed.

    21. Kevin Behrendt on

      Yeah I think they should tighten the whole thing a little bit, I think some people are irritated and unsure about all those different versions in the first segment.

    22. Missing avatar

      Josh Lobban on

      Hello Mr. Berghammer!

      Is there any chance of a PC/iOS + documentary series level? I upped to the $20 now that its here... And now I'm so close to the $25 documentary level. But it's only iOS again.

      I assume it'd be more. Just kinda curious.

    23. Murray Lorden on

      Oh, and I love your pictures of the old PC and Mac, brings back memories of playing King's Quest, Digger, Transylvania, Dark Castle... :)

    24. Terence Bowlby on

      I pledged $100 to support a unique, AAA play expeirence for iOS. I hope that I can be convinced to not lower or completlely remove my support. How different will the PC/Mac version be? Would I want to play through it after finishing Republique? Hopefully it will feature entirely different characters and storyline but have the universe/setting in common...

    25. Murray Lorden on

      Hopefully this helps your funding, although I think you could have made it on iOS alone. But I understand your need for action.

      Worry a bit that this will totally change the game though, as you're no longer focussing all features of the game on matching up with the features of iOS devices, which are quite different from PC and Mac.

      I worry that taking it from a unique iOS only vision, to a game for iOS, PC and Mac will drag the game back towards a middle of the line stealth game.

      But then, maybe it'll just make it all even more rad! Here's hoping.

      Good luck with the rest of the funding!

      Indie Game Developer

    26. Michael Matzat on

      i hope this will get the funds kicking.

    27. Ber on

      The vision of an mobile-exclusive AAA was a beautiful one, but I'm glad to see you recognizing the world wasn't ready for it. I'm sure a pc version will get this project happening, and I'm excited about that! Also, good to see my collectors edition will give me both the iOS and PC versions :D

    28. Kevin Behrendt on

      Goddess you're fast guys! Great to see you're reacting and I hope many people will appreciate this. I really think Republique deserves it.

    29. Matthäus Weinhardt on

      They just added the $20 pledge. I'll up mine from $15 to $20. Let's hope this project makes it!

    30. Billy Berghammer on

      You asked for it, and you got it! Now you can buy both!

    31. Missing avatar

      Igor Szuter on

      How about for a $20 pledge you get an iOS version and a Mac/PC version. I would up my pledge of $10 for it.

    32. Yousef Al-Nafjan on

      An Android version wouldn't need a whole new story elements, controls or gameplay. Insisting on iOS only for mobile even after announcing PC and Mac support seems a little weird to me.

      Anyway, I upped my pledge to $15.84. At least I get to play it now!

    33. Ilias ThE RetrospecT on

      Great news ! Proud to back : )

    34. Kevin Behrendt on

      The thing is, it's about getting this project funded and funded by the people who will play it in the end and don't want to see cash. Okay we want to see it has success but we're not interested in stocks and that's the point. Of course it would be great if PC/Mac Version would've come as a task for 750k rather then have to be implemented before the goal itself is achieved.

      I agree also for a tier with both versions at 25$ to tighten it a little bit.

    35. Tom Gebbie on

      This is very exciting, as I actually don't have an iOS device (nor do I plan on getting one), I just wanted to help support you guys because this game looks awesome!

    36. Adam McKercher on

      To be honest, this announcement is pretty disappointing. I considered this projects focus on iOS development to be one of the core virtues, that made it stand out from the many other development studios making independent titles. I hope this decision doesn't end up killing your project.

      "We discussed our belief that gamers will embrace iOS when more games are made for them."

    37. David Ackbar Reynolds on

      @Jonathan H. C'mon, man. Just be HAPPY they even added a PC+Mac edition.
      You people are never satisfied with anything!

    38. Mark Clarke on

      I feel like the guys should've made this announcement quite a few days ago in order to get more money rolling into this kickstarter.
      And I'm frustrated that the gaming community were so stubborn as to brute force these guys into doing a PC/MAC version, as doing so will stop them from focusing on making the game the way they want to make it. Stopping creativity in the process.
      Oh well, the decision has been made. Let's see where it goes...

    39. Missing avatar

      Eric on

      I would probably just make the $10 option let you have any platform of your choice, or all platforms. I think the additional sales of that one will far outweigh any lost double-sales. As someone who buys every single humble bundle, the ability to play on any platform I want is a big selling point.

    40. David Sommers on

      +1 for $20 that covers both!

    41. Missing avatar

      Evan Rowe on

      Agreed with Jonathan; it seems there ought to be a tier that offers both the iOS AND PC/Mac versions

    42. Missing avatar

      Derek Correia on

      Pulling for you guys, for sure. Please don't let the new editions compromise the vision for the iOS edition that we fell in love with. Cheers.

    43. Jonathan H. on

      Why can't we get iOS ($10) + PC/Mac ($15) together for $25? Or for $ 20, if you'd like to thank your backers for buying both? ;-)