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Help Hope escape from a 1984-inspired dystopia. Developed by Camouflaj (MGS4, F.E.A.R., Halo 4, Kinect) and Logan (Skyrim TV spot).
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June 2017 Update

Posted by Camouflaj (Creator)

Dear Kickstarter Backers: 

We’re hard at work on our current super-secret projects, so, in the meantime, we would love to share some in-depth République information with you. In this edition, we look at Mattie Sade and talk with the Camouflaj team about their memories of developing Episode 1.


Mattie Sade, the Overseer's in-house propagandist, only meets Hope in Episode 3, but she makes up in mystery what she lacks in screen-time. We sat down with République writer Brendan Murphy for a closer look at Mattie's origins and background.

Howell: What was the inspiration behind Mattie Sade?  

Murphy: For République, we wanted a journalist who represented the state—someone whose sole job was to protect the people in power. Mattie Sade is a propagandist, the opposite of a true journalist. If you scramble the letters in her name, you get “State Media.” That’s who she is.

Howell: How did Mattie come aboard Metamorphosis?  

Murphy: There are some audio logs in Episode 3 and beyond that offer glimpses into her backstory. Mattie always had a shaky relationship with the truth—she liked a good story better than the facts. The Overseer promised her an opportunity to run a news organization where facts didn’t matter, which was an offer she couldn’t refuse!

Howell: Why did the Overseer scout her, specifically, for his propaganda machine?

Murphy: Before bringing her into his employ, the Overseer read an article Mattie wrote which attacked one of his political enemies. He liked Mattie’s cutthroat style and admired how gracefully she danced around the truth.

Howell: Why did she have a change of heart regarding Hope?  

Murphy: A lot of people trapped in Metamorphosis arrived there voluntarily. When they saw what was really going on—the worst of it—they instantly regretted their decision. Mattie made a career out of spinning lies to sell newspapers, and she was corrupt beyond saving, but she couldn’t abide what was happening to Hope. Plus, an escaped Pre-Cal makes for quite a news story, depending on how you spin it.

Howell: Mattie has access to a lot of information in Metamorphosis. How much of Hope and the player’s activities did she know before Hope arrived in her office?  

Murphy: Mattie knew a Pre-Cal had escaped. She probably wasn’t monitoring Hope’s every move, as it all happened over the course of one night. Still, Mattie wasn’t surprised when Hope tiptoed into her office.

Howell: Where is Mattie at the end of République?  

Murphy: Mattie’s pretty wily. If Metamorphosis fell in the end, she probably made it out of there. If she had to face criminal justice for her complicity in all of it, I think she probably talked her way out of that jam, too. Mattie Sade always lands on her feet, even after a bottle of wine.


What do you remember most about working on Episode 1?  

Stephen (Artist): I remember the challenge that Episode 1 was from day one. At the time, we had highly passionate individuals with little experience about authoring game content, and they had even less of an understanding of how to build for mobile. République is a testament to what drive, determination, and passion for a singular goal can bring to fruition.

Kaitlin (Animator): I remember a really tight knit group of rag-tag game developers trying to do something that hadn't been done before on mobile. My favorite memory of Episode 1 was when we shipped—we were all holding our breath in the office as iTunes stores around the world updated with "App of the Week" and "Editors Choice" awards. It would be the last iTunes update before Christmas, which meant we'd be on the front page for two weeks instead of one. I'll never forget the cheers inside the office!

Paul (Designer): I joined Camouflaj when there were just eight employees. I look back fondly on our early discussions about how combat would work and what the story was. Everything felt very wide open and blue sky. It was a dramatic transformation from conception to release.

Ashley (Artist): I was an intern at the time, and I remember the first prop I was told to make: the tray on the food cart during the opening Cooper Tour. I was so blown away seeing it in game because it was the first thing I made that went into a finished product. It was the moment I realized that, after all my hard work and studying, I had finally made it into the game industry. I was living my dream.


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