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Help Hope escape from a 1984-inspired dystopia. Developed by Camouflaj (MGS4, F.E.A.R., Halo 4, Kinect) and Logan (Skyrim TV spot).
Help Hope escape from a 1984-inspired dystopia. Developed by Camouflaj (MGS4, F.E.A.R., Halo 4, Kinect) and Logan (Skyrim TV spot).
11,611 backers pledged $555,662 to help bring this project to life.

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      Martin O
      about 20 hours ago

      @Michael Hartmann:
      Yes I know, it's not pretty but sometimes it makes sense, e.g. when you want to release the physical stuff at the same time as the digital version (i.e. the physical can never be a proper final release).
      But in this case the last update on GOG was 2016-03-22, so they could have pressed it on DVD (btw. it fits perfectly on one, which is also much cheaper than a Blu-ray).

      The most optimal solution would have been to include the (fully DRM-free) GOG version on DVD / USB-stick plus a GOG code (well at least in my opinion, I know there are also people preferring Steam).

    2. Michael Hartmann
      about 23 hours ago

      @Martin: Thanks, I must have missed that update. And the reward description is ambiguous enough that this still counts as delivering what they promised because the code for the game is indeed inside the box. It's just silly to release a physical edition of the game without the game being a physical object. It's like releasing a DVD with all the bonus material but without the movie on the DVD.

    3. Missing avatar

      Martin O
      1 day ago

      @Michael Hartmann
      Update #55 lists and shows the content of the Collector’s Edition:
      - République Digital Deluxe Edition *Steam Code*
      - République Manifesto from Future Press
      - République Complete 5-Disc Soundtrack
      - République Making of Featurette Blu-ray

      -> The game is not included on a storage medium.

    4. Michael Hartmann
      2 days ago

      The Collector's Edition just arrived. It looks beautiful and obviously a lot of thought went into the design of the box. Thanks to great packaging it arrived in perfect condition. It is almost perfect. I am disappointed that the game isn't actually included in the box, though. There's a Steam code, but it's ridiculous that the box is missing a physical copy of the game. (I'm kinda hoping that you guys will tell me that I'm blind and it is included, but I don't see it anywhere in the box.)

    5. Insert Disk 2 3 days ago

      Just received the collector's edition. Very pretty.
      Whoever made that packaging deserves a medal. Thanks !

    6. Missing avatar

      Martin O
      3 days ago

      I've also received my Collector's Edition! It looks great!
      Also great packaging, nothing should happen to it except when the whole package gets lost.

    7. Jonathan Lumb 3 days ago

      Got my Collector's Edition yesterday. Very good looking book. I had to laugh when I saw the date on the Thank You note too, but kudos for seeing this project through to the end.

    8. Terence Bowlby 3 days ago

      Does it make more sense to read the book before playing or after playing or at some point during play?

    9. Christoph Zürcher 6 days ago

      Got my Collector's Edition today, which concludes one hell of a ride following the project. All the best to the team for their next ventures.

    10. Michael Lerner on October 19

      Received my journal today. I am impressed by how it was packed. There were four layers in total: bubble-wrap package, cardboard, then another bubble-wrap package, and then the USPS Priority mail box with a few pieces of packing peanuts to make sure it was snug.
      Probably one reason why my package arrived in PERFECT condition. I've received packages from other Kickstarters which have had minor blemishes to major damage en-route. Wasn't very fun getting items replaced as needed. In this case I was extremely happy to receive a "MINT" condition Kickstarter reward. Not to even mention how cool the entire set looks. Kudos!

    11. Mystakill on October 15

      I received my journal yesterday. Very high quality materials and binding. Still working my way through it, as it's jam-packed with maps, notes, ramiblings & more. There was even an extra Steam key, which I'll give to a gamer friend of mine.

    12. Missing avatar

      UttiniDaKilrJawa on October 14

      Hmmm, still waiting for my survey. Sent in a message through KS to see what is going on. Still waiting on answer there.

    13. Russell Brown on October 12

      I do have to say, you guys did an excellent job. This looks pretty very premium and attractive.

    14. Russell Brown on October 11

      Mine came in today. Look forward to checking it out. Anyone wanna buy my physical goods? I don't really have room for more collectibles in my house, especially ones I have been waiting on for 4 years.

    15. Missing avatar

      Stephen Framberger on October 8

      Just got my physical goods in the mail and am happy with the quality. Also FanGamer did a great packaging job.

    16. Missing avatar

      Cal Ng on October 6

      I'm glad we're finally getting the goods. I hope they do not come to kickstarter for their next project.

    17. Missing avatar

      NG on October 5

      FYI : I received an email from FanGamer Mailroom (Replublique survey), in my junk mail folder, just mentioning this just in case anybody may miss it and prematurely empty their junk folder.

    18. John Gulledge on October 5

      Much crap that a console version came out before the backers even received their goods.

    19. Diana on October 4

      Where is my physical copy of the game?

    20. SVR The Boy on September 29

      got a response
      Camouflaj support lead (Camouflaj)
      Sep 29, 17:42 PDT

      Hey Brian,

      We're really sorry for the long wait on your Kickstarter goods. We really appreciate all your support! Republique would not have been possible without your pledge!

      The good news is that we're preparing to start shipping your goods out in the next week or two. Please be on the lookout for a backer update early next week with everything you'll need to know.

      Camouflaj Support"

    21. Missing avatar

      Christian Geiger on September 25

      Send out the physical items!!!!!

    22. celicynd on September 24

      Oh look... The Camouflaj twitter feed is again promising an update "soon" to someone. Of course, that's the same thing Ryan Payton said back in June when I made a comment on twitter about it... then blocked me when I called him out over two months later in September when there was no update.

      This is completely unacceptable. The fact that they shipped an edition of the game to people (for a version that didn't even exist when the kickstarter began), that includes one of the main items that physical backers are supposed to get is a load of crap. Good luck getting any funding for future endeavors after this failed promises campaign.

    23. Eric Kozlowsky on September 8

      Seriously? What's going on with the physical rewards? I backed the 125 tier and I have received NOTHING!

      The estimated delivery was SEPTEMBER 2012! 2012! That was FOUR YEARS ago!!!!

    24. Missing avatar

      JediaKyrol on September 6

      best part is...the people that bought the "Contraband Edition" from NISA got everything in the Collectors Edition months ago...

    25. Mike Waters on August 31

      I got a refund for my unfulfilled collector's edition

      anybody in the UK, you have rights laid out in the Sale of Goods Act 1979. Quote these rights and be prepared to take legal action if Camouflaj don't honour your refund.

      There should be similar litigation for other countries - look it up, talk to legal representation and fight for your rights to not be ripped off.

    26. Jonathan Nguyen on August 27

      I guess it's nice that we have the "Final print" PDF of the Manifesto (thx JediaKyrol for the heads-up!), I just wish someone from Camouflaj had bothered to be the ones to announce it... let alone tell us whether or not they'll actually be fulfilling the physical rewards...

    27. Missing avatar

      JediaKyrol on August 24

      So checking my Humble library...noticed I now had République Manifesto CH 1-5 (FINAL PRINT VERSION) I guess "technically" I got what I backed for... ... ...just have to print it myself.
      ... ... ...Actually...I don't ever remember hearing if the $5,000+ backers ever actually got what they backed for.

    28. Shawn on August 24

      I am also short my CE. No replies from the support mailbox either. Reached out several times starting around March.

    29. Missing avatar

      Matthew Cox on August 12

      @Mike Waters: See my post below about contacting the WA Attorney General. They've dealt with Kickstarters before and this is exactly the sort of thing they're meant for.

    30. Mike Waters on August 12

      I will be seeking an attorney for this next week.
      If there is anybody else who would like to coordinate a legal case against Camouflaj to recover our money, please email me: fuelforairplanes[AT]gmail[DOT]com.

    31. Mike Waters on August 11

      I have just received a reply from Kickstarter who have simply said that I should seek an attorney, which is what I will be doing it Camouflaj don't respond to my formal email requesting a refund.
      I've also reached out to Eurogamer to make them aware of the situation - I would advise that everybody else who is affected by this take the same course of action - seek an attorney and make the gaming media aware of what's going on. If enough of us contact the same outlets I'm sure they'll run the story which will force Camouflaj to respond at the very least.

    32. Missing avatar

      Matthew Cox on August 11

      For all the backers still waiting for physical goods:
      If Camoflaj hasn't been responsive, has anyone tried filing an official complaint?

      Camoflaj is based out of Washington State, and the attorney general there has been very vocal about making sure crowdfunded projects fulfill their obligations. (See: )

      The Washington AG's office has a pretty straightforward online complaint form. Perhaps if enough people write in it can force Camoflaj to respond.

    33. Missing avatar

      Jamie Hill on August 11

      Reached out for to Camouflaj back on July 17th asking about physical goods, haven't heard anything back as of yet...

    34. Mike Waters on August 10

      The Careers and Contact pages on their website don't lead anywhere.
      Surprise surprise, I bet they're in receivership.

      Good riddance, but where the #### are our goods?

    35. Mike Waters on August 10

      This is so disrespectful.
      We need to find actual contact details for Camouflaj to call them and discuss this matter

    36. David Bourke on August 6

      It's now August 2016 and i've not seen news or seen any posts about when the physical CE will be sent, can you please let the community be aware of any problems with an update on the campaign.

    37. Tama Sularko on August 2

      To claim your game use the email address associated with your Kickstarter account at…

    38. Missing avatar

      UttiniDaKilrJawa on July 28

      What's the latest word on Physical CE bring shipped?

    39. Craig O Connor on July 20

      Ryan has said on his twitter that they had some production issues and there will be an update soon. Not sure why they couldn't be bothered posting that here though.

    40. Dennis Nyh on July 12

      Hi! I noticed only recently that this game is out (finally), but I have received no correspondence regarding how to claim my copy of the game. Does anyone here have a link I could follow? Thank you in advance.

    41. Russell Brown on July 1

      Does anyone still even work at this company besides the owner? It seems like they've put out a single game in 4 years and it didn't seem like their team was small. It seemed like at least a dozen people. I don't see how a company could sustain itself on a single game for that long.

    42. Derek Rathbun on June 30

      I emailed camouflage about a week ago about the physical goods being shipped out, and I've heard nothing back. Very disappointing. I've listened to every single one of their podcasts that they put out and I just expected a little bit more from them for some reason.

    43. Mike Waters on June 28

      Zeanith, I absolutely agree.
      This is disgusting. Some kind of communication needs to be made back to the backers.

    44. Missing avatar

      Zeanith on June 24

      I've backed over 20 kickstarters, and this is the only one that has really screwed me over. I couldn't play it on my ipad when episode 1 came out, I didn't even know that the game has been finished for a super long time now (and already discounted), but most importantly, there's STILL NO WORD ON OUR PHYSICAL GOODS!!! WTF is wrong with you people?! COMMUNICATE WITH THE PEOPLE THAT ALLOWED YOU TO MAKE THIS STUPID GAME. I hope you're never allowed to crowd fund a game again, because this lack of communication is disgusting.

    45. Russell Brown on June 22

      Somebody ought to update the Republique wiki to include a section on their controversial decision to continue to forego backer rewards. If their game is noteworthy enough to have a wiki, then it's noteworthy enough to mention that they took a bunch of money from people without providing the promised goods in return.

    46. Russell Brown on June 22

      Gotta be honest, I would be happy to get even *some* my money back in exchange for no physical goods. I don't care about this game at all anymore. I cared about this game in 2012. It's 2016.

    47. Mike Waters on June 7

      I've tweeted Camouflaj again to try and get a refund after this shitty treatment, but I don't hold much hope for actually getting anything back out of them.

    48. Teel McClanahan III on May 25

      Well, this has been a disappointment. Pledged in 2012, supposed to get the game a year later, in mid-2013. Been waiting FOUR years to get the full game before beginning to play. Received ZERO notification that episode 5 was available, or that the game was complete and ready to play. Tonight I got notified that the PS4 version was on sale—since when is there even a PS4 version?

      Apparently the game has been complete for MONTHS now and some of that four-year development time was spent developing the game simultaneously for platforms that had nothing to do with what we thought we were funding here.

      I didn't even back for the (apparently still not delivered) physical rewards, and somehow they still managed not to deliver what I pledged for. What a total disappointment this has been.

    49. Mike Waters on May 23

      Nope, it's pretty disgusting.
      They've gone back to ignoring my emails

    50. celicynd on May 20

      Is there any update as to when the Collector's Editions are being sent out? The march 3rd update stated:

      "Production is underway, and we’re aiming to get the packages out in early April"

      It's now May 20th, and there hasn't been an update in over two months.

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