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Republique by Camouflaj + Logan's video poster

Help Hope escape from a 1984-inspired dystopia. Developed by Camouflaj (MGS4, F.E.A.R., Halo 4, Kinect) and Logan (Skyrim TV spot). Read more

Seattle, WA Video Games
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This project was successfully funded on May 11, 2012.

Help Hope escape from a 1984-inspired dystopia. Developed by Camouflaj (MGS4, F.E.A.R., Halo 4, Kinect) and Logan (Skyrim TV spot).

Seattle, WA Video Games
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    1. Creator Matthew Smith 3 days ago

      I just sat down with Republique Remastered, cranked to maximum settings with no frame rate cap. Man, I thought this game was a looker on the iOS, and the PC beta was solid, if unexceptional in terms of looks. But wow... I really didn't expect it to look THIS good. And it still plays extremely well with a mouse and keyboard. I hadn't been able to play Ones & Zeroes until now due to my device having space issues that prevented me from downloading it, so I plan on doing a full runthrough of the first two episodes before leaping into EP3. The wait's been long, but it's been worth it if you ask me. Can't wait for my Collector's Edition next year, and for the final episodes!

    2. Creator Jose Lira on February 16

      I need a refund for my intelligencia edition. It'll be over 3 years since I pledged $50. I know it takes a long time to make a great game but this wait seems excessive. Please help me out and issue a refund.

    3. Creator Sebastian H. on February 10

      @Stephen: The Polygon article (link in the update) says: 'Payton says that eventually, Camouflaj will port the upgraded look to the mobile version.'
      So it looks like the iOS (and Android?) users will get at least some of the new visuals. Probably depending on what the hardware can deliver.

    4. Creator Wendy Misuinas on February 10

      I have been impressed with the consistent communication provided to backers.

    5. Creator Stephen "Stoibs" D on February 8

      Doubtful they'll make that for mobile Ari, as far as I understood the update (And assuming they took on-board some of our UI/Feature feedback from the Beta builds) the entire interface/UI and control schemes will be updated specifically to work on proper PC inputs as opposed to a touch device.

      You've been able to play this literally about *15 months* earlier than the rest of us PC guys who have been sitting here in annoyance and watching all these IOS updates go by while we twiddle our thumbs. One would imagine you would have been happy enough with that preferential treatment..

    6. Creator Ari Abramovsky on February 6

      When will the remastered version be available for iOS. I backed this project to play on iPad and I want to play the best version I can

    7. Creator John Gulledge on February 5

      any update on the physical goods?

    8. Creator Diana on February 5

      "First off, let’s get right to it: RÉPUBLIQUE REMASTERED will launch on PC and Mac via Steam, GOG, and Humble on February 26, featuring desktop friendly UI, silky smooth keyboard+mouse controls, and the first three episodes completely remastered as the first full representation of the soon-to-be-released Unity 5. Yes, it’s finally happening!"

      And the boxed version is 2016?!

    9. Creator Marcelo Martins De Oliveira on January 28

      Two and a half years have passed now... Unbelievable.

    10. Creator MannyLaMancha on January 27

      Just looking at the basic tiers (iOS and PC,) MORE people backed the PC version than the iOS, and yet we are now over two and a half YEARS beyond when this project was backed with no PC release to show for it. I know there's an alpha, but I'm waiting for a finished product... if it ever happens.

    11. Creator Lafazar on January 24

      Not delivering on your promises is one thing. Not communicating with your backers/customers in another. The latter should be possible no matter how small your team is.

      So no, I definitely don't laugh at people people call this a scam. I've backed enough projects on Kickstarter to know that complete radio silence by the project owners for an extended period of time (three months by now) is a VERY BAD SIGN.

      Not releasing Republique on Steam/PC just doesn't make sense to me at all, it would add a new revenue stream, which Camouflaj probably desperately need by now, considering how long the project is overdue.

      I really don't want this project to fail, but I think it's time to face the possibility that there is no more money left and the project has failed.

    12. Creator Bowman W. on January 17

      Why did you remove my comment? Because I called you out on taking our money? I guess you can't take my comment but you can take my money.

    13. Creator Jeromey Martin on January 4

      How do I go about getting a refund? I backed the PC version nearly 3 years ago and still have seen nothing, save for other platforms getting the game released without issue.

    14. Creator Martin O on January 2

      @Curtis Myers: The Android version wouldn't have been possible without your pledge and us other backers. So enjoy it :-)

    15. Creator Curtis Myers on December 31

      I feel terrible about this, but I must. Republique was the first Kickstarter I ever backed, and what got me into crowd funding. But I just received Republique on Android for free on the Amazon App Store as part of their holiday free app promo. 2 1/2 years later, no PC version exists and yet I can play it on my Android tablet and it did not cost me anything. I just would like you to finish it at some point and finally get the PC version released, that is all I seek, so I can enjoy the game that I dived into crowd funding for.

    16. Creator Diana on December 29

      I waiting for a boxed PC-version ... waiting and waiting.
      I want a refund! I think now, this game on PC is not worthy to play.
      It will be full of errors and crashes on PC. This Kickstarter is more than a mess!

    17. Creator Bogoy Hafner on December 21

      "the wait is almost over!" - oct 23rd
      Any news before the end of the year on the state of the PC Version? :)

    18. Creator FeuerFuchs on December 21

      Support does not respond for a month. They ignore emails and comments.Sometimes they respond to other people, but if you ask for support or refund you get never a response.

      I think the App is a fail, too. Almost 25.000 buyers (Android / no exact number) and from them only 3.200 recommend it to buy. On the other hand: 600 user even say that it is bad, don´t buy. I´m not sure if i want a pc version anymore, if the app is already that bad. They asked for refund too, the android user...

      Now it is 2 years ago. Perhaps the publisher is already bankrupt or the money is already somewhere else...

    19. Creator Russell Brown on December 16

      Physical rewards haven't shipped yet, have they? Just want to be sure I didn't miss anything. I haven't paid attention to a Kickstarter email for quite some time.

    20. Creator Ultranist on December 13

      I can't find it under the community hubs of games on steam
      and my humblebundle page of this game still doesn't have a key.
      WTF is going on here?!

    21. Creator Camouflaj on December 8


      Not yet, but soon! :)

    22. Creator Bora on December 8

      i havent gotten any response from you people. i would like a refund

    23. Creator FeuerFuchs on December 7

      Something goes wrong here: I asked the support for a refund for the "DIGITAL DESKTOP EDITION" because it has not yet been published. The answer was: No Refund, but you can download and play Episode 1 and 2 in Steam. I should have already access to the game via Steam.

      I now asked how i download the game via Steam, because it is not shown in my game-library. I waited a week for a answer from the support and never here anything from them.

      What a scam: I don´t get the Refund. I asked alternative for the android version for my device. I asked how to download the full version of the game. Never get a answer from the support again.

      What is wrong with you? The PC Version is finished (says the support) and i can´t download them? Alternatively, you will not give me the android version for my payed 15$...

      You should give every PC Version backer the opportunity to get the ios / android version...

    24. Creator Antreges on December 5

      Has this game released for PC Steam yet?

    25. Creator Marcelo Martins De Oliveira on November 14

      Everyone may have their opinion, but mine is that project's like Republique are the real reason for that:

    26. Creator Camouflaj on November 12

      @Jay Seldon:

      Your $15 refund is on its way. Somebody will be in touch with you shortly.

    27. Creator Camouflaj on November 12

      Hi @Elizabeth Horning:

      Yes, please email us at and fill out the below info?

      Kickstarter Name:
      Kickstarter Email:
      US or International backer:
      Do you already have a copy of République EP1?
      If International, what is the email address you’d like to be Paypal’d at:


    28. Creator Jay Seldon on November 11

      Still not heard anything about my refund :(
      Come on least acknowledge me!!

    29. Creator Elizabeth Horning on November 7

      Didn't have my phone back when the season pass deal first went on... Any way to get that now without paying another $15?

    30. Creator Camouflaj on November 5

      @Adam Latz:

      Looks like you backed the iOS version -- and thank you. Android was not an option when we launched our Kickstarter. We can hook you up with the iOS game, though. Somebody from our team will be emailing you about this soon.

    31. Creator Aileen on November 2

      It's occurred to me that you spend most of your time arguing and debating with people on here and other forums. Why don't you just get back to making the things you promised to the people that supported you. Seriously, actions speak louder than words and you seem to spend *a lot* of time on words. For the backers who don't have the game yet it doesn't matter if it's truly bigger than originally planned, because they still don't have it.

      Also your twitter feed and ios reviews make it pretty obvious the game is broken anyway. Lots of people complaining about it crashing, and deleting saves all the time, or having to pay and repay for chapters anyway even though they backed it. Sucks.

    32. Creator Adam Latz on October 31


      After visiting the Google Play Store and noticing Republique available there...i've not redeemed anything yet for this project after spending $20. What can i do to get the Android Version?

    33. Creator Camouflaj on October 28

      @Kristoff Brunet de Courssou:

      We don't intend to extend the phone case to Android.

    34. Creator Camouflaj on October 28

      @Vincent Liao:

      Hi Vincent, we'll hook you up. Hang tight!

    35. Creator Bora on October 28

      So, since i have backed, i had forgotten about you, not much to get for the pc version as of yet it seems. I have since noticed you all are also doing android devices now, and i would not mind it on my phone. I went for the DIGITAL COMBO EDITION+. How do i get a hold of the android version? also the other goodies. I am leaving the country soon and i would like some info before i leave.

    36. Creator Jay Seldon on October 24

      @Camoflaj - it may have been an estimate, but I still expected to receive my PC version with in a few months. Its now over a year later. .
      I had expected a game to be released in this, and as it hasn't, I formally wish to have a refund.
      Had I known that the pc version was to play second fiddle to every other OS, I would not have backed it from the start.
      You know what, I don't wish to argue - I would just like to request a refund and put all this behind me

    37. Creator Vincent Liao on October 23

      Hey guys, I still haven't received the iOS version and I don't know how I am supposed to get it. Can someone help me out?

    38. Creator Alison Marsh on October 23

      Will all backers that complete the survey be given access to the PC beta?

    39. Creator Camouflaj on October 22

      Hi @Aileen:

      We are working as hard as we can to live up to our promises in a timely manner and we aim to stay true to everything we've said as we finish the game, which is why things like physical goods have to be put on hold as we focus on making a game our backers can be proud to have backed. Like any project of this size, it evolves as it progresses. We assure you physical goods will ship with episode 5.

      The game IS bigger than what we originally planned. As we build this world and as we incorporate new ideas the game continues to grow. This game is not only bigger than when we started, it is just plain better. In an effort to give our much appreciated PC backers all we can, we have offered access to a PC Beta for those who wish participate. We Have never told our backers to "be quiet" we just try and let them know that the process they backed, which is game making, is still in progress and we are making good use of their pledges. The PC experience will be it's own experience not just a simple port. We think this is the best way to give the PC backers what they deserve, a great PC game.

      The game being ported to Android has never taken away from our PC progress or distracted us from episode development.

      The latest update was to address the issues of some of our users as we continuously make efforts to address any new issues that spring up. I'm not sure what you've heard about computer programming, but it is never a cut and dry process, we are only humans over here :)

    40. Creator Camouflaj on October 22

      Hi @Ben Woerner and @Jay Seldon While all of our release date were only estimations during our Kickstarter, we're sorry to hear you guys are feeling left out. We assure you we are trying our best to live up to our promises. Have you signed up for the PC beta?… This sign up was included in our backer update sent a couple months ago on Aug 5.

    41. Creator Aileen on October 22

      This seriously smells of some B$ or at least utter unpreparedness for taking this project on. I've been following this game from the beginning. This project begin in 2011, this Kickstarter campaign ended in May of 2014. It's almost 2015 now, the goods we're supposed to ship in 2013, now we're being told not until Ep5 ships, which at this rate will probably be 2016. It's pretty obvious that it's a money issue, the smart thing would've been to just make ship them as soon as the Kickstarter campaign was over. And what if Ep5 never ships, do we still get the stuff?

      Speaking of Episodes, I remember that the game was going to be a single 4/5 hour game, but only went episodic in 2013 when they realized how much bigger of a project it really was, seems like he was way off even then.

      Also, it's quite rude to tell the PC backers that the game is 'much bigger' now when it's still actually smaller than the original thing they were promised and they've still received nothing anyway. The Android thing just makes it worse, people were basically begging for one during the campaign, so it's not surprising people are upset and asking for refunds or to switch to Android. The PC backers literally saved Camoflaj. Think about what you're saying sounds like to others: "Hey stop being so upset about that game you paid to have made that other people are enjoying, including people on Android who didn't back it, because the game is actually way bigger and better than we originally promised, even though isn't not done yet and therefore actually smaller." No matter how you slice it's not ever going to be a very big game, telling people who can't play it to be quiet because of how much bigger it is sucks and makes it worse.

      The latest update on iTunes actually says that Episode 3 is available, but it's not. And why do I need to update the game if the new episode isn't there it's an in app purchase! The game is crashing for tons of people and many people are reporting that they are losing saves and having to rebuy Ep2. SHeehs

    42. Creator Jay Seldon on October 19

      I would also like a refund on my PC backing. You are now releasing extensions for iOS, but I have yet to see a pc version yet.
      I was so excited about this game - but do feel that the pc backers have been ignored.

    43. Creator Ben Woerner on October 17

      I'd like a refund for my backing. I've not received anything and your promised date is more than a year past.

    44. Creator Tony Wong on October 17

      Hi RP,

      Had a chance to play the PC Beta and I love it. Once all the episodes are done would you guys be interested in adding touch support for Windows 8 tablet/laptops? I've currently switched over to a Surface Pro 3 since the beginning of this journey.

      While the game is obviously playable on the PC with a laptop the touch on the Surface Pro 3 would be awesome.

      Keep up the hard work gang!


    45. Creator Camouflaj on October 14

      @Kristoff Brunet de Courssou: The game you saw on torrent sites are not actually our game - most likely spyware and we'd suggest that you stay away from them. We'll get back to you on the physical goods situation - which won't be shipped until the release of Ep5 BTW (but they're coming). Thanks for your enthusiasm on Android! :)

    46. Creator Camouflaj on October 14

      Hi @Seth Drebitko:

      It's unfortunate to hear that you have backers remorse. We never promised touch interface or multiple expansions for the PC version when you first committed $15 to back our project (which is a lot bigger now that it was then). Have you signed up for the PC beta?… This sign up was included in our backer update sent a couple months ago on Aug 5. If you still want a refund, we will give you one.

    47. Creator Seth Drebitko on October 9

      How can I get a refund on this? I bought this two years ago for my wives pc. The game isn't even going to take advantage of a touch interface and multiple expansions have been released for other OS's before a single solid release is out for the PC.

    48. Creator Kristoff Brunet de Courssou on October 3

      Hi guys, I've just noticed there's an Android version of République that appeared on torrent sites, claiming to be "ALL DEVICES"! Does this mean the official Android release is near? I have not yet played your game; I had an iPhone 4S when I backed this project which provided a less than ideal experience for saving Hope. I have since switched to Android, and await the day I cam both play it on my device and support you :)

      PS: I backed at the iPhone case edition - obviously I no longer want one, will you be providing other options?

    49. Creator Gabriel Meunier on September 26

      @Camouflaj I think the last update did answer my concerns, thanks!

    50. Creator Camouflaj on September 25

      @Sebastian H:

      Thanks for the feedback. We'll definitely take your request into consideration, but we can't promise anything!

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