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We have set out to make the best beer pong cups in the world. From durability to spacing, Hexcups are an improved way to play.
Introducing Hexcup™, the world's best beer pong cups.  We set out to make an unparalleled product,
and we think we have hit the mark.
Introducing Hexcup™, the world's best beer pong cups.  We set out to make an unparalleled product, and we think we have hit the mark.
3,339 backers pledged $108,360 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. William Heimsoth & Aaron Attebery Creator on

      @Scott Orr - It looks like we never received an answer to the address survey that was sent out. We will send you an email to the email address we have on file. Thanks for reaching out! We want all our backers to receive the orders they deserve.

    2. Scott Orr on

      I never received my order from my pledge.

    3. William Heimsoth & Aaron Attebery Creator on

      @edouard, sent you a PM with survey results.

      @Tim, let us know when you bust them out!

    4. edouard on

      hey William and Aaron I know this is late but I also missed the survey and did not get my order. Could you check if you sent it to me please?

    5. Tim on

      Still haven't used mine yet but they will be fun when I do!

    6. William Heimsoth & Aaron Attebery Creator on

      @Brandon Ryan Johnson, sent you a PM with your survey link.

    7. Brandon Ryan Johnson on

      This is a bit late. I don't remember getting a survey. And haven't received my order so I'm guessing that's why

    8. William Heimsoth & Aaron Attebery Creator on

      Dominic and Joel, PM's sent! Thanks for your support!

    9. Missing avatar

      Joel Horne on

      Completed the survey-haven't received anything yet

    10. Dominic Escajeda on

      Hello, I received my HexCups back in July and was told we would receive the tournament poster within that week via email. I haven't received an email with the poster yet. Has it been sent out yet?

    11. William Heimsoth & Aaron Attebery Creator on

      Josh, your USPS tracking shows return to sender due to: "Unclaimed/Max Hold Time Expired"

      I will send a message to verify your address is correct. Sorry for the delay and thanks for your support!

    12. J. Jackson on

      Ditto, I completed the survey but haven't received anything yet...

    13. Courtney Alexandria Dunn

      Hey there, I see all packages have been sent out, but I haven't received mine, and I filled out the survey! Can someone please reach out to me?

    14. William Heimsoth & Aaron Attebery Creator on

      @Brandon Carter, we have sent you your survey link via Kickstarter message.

    15. Brandon Carter on

      I never received the survey to complete. But the email linked to my Facebook is no longer in use so is there anyway I could have the survey sent to an alternate email to complete? I can't wait to get my hands on these cups.

    16. William Heimsoth & Aaron Attebery Creator on

      Hey Adam,

      Thanks for letting us know about your problem. I have sent you a message to get some more information so we can figure out what's going on with your set. I think most of the backers would agree with us that these cups are pretty hard to crack.

    17. Adam J Griffin on

      I opened up one of the packages today, took out one of the cup stacks, and a cup split right down the side while I was removing it. I'm afraid to touch the other cups. Is anybody else having this problem?

    18. Missing avatar

      Joshua Stephens on

      I also pledged back in Feb and I believe filled out the survey, have yet to receive....any status?

    19. Missing avatar

      Spencer Constant on

      Pretty sure I completed the survey with my address and still never received my package.

    20. William Heimsoth & Aaron Attebery Creator on

      Guillermo, we don't have your address. I have just sent you an email with the direct link to your personal survey. Thanks!

    21. Guillermo Garcia on

      Wondering when I'll be getting my set.

    22. William Heimsoth & Aaron Attebery Creator on

      Mikkel, the rate at which your are being taxed has to be a mistake! The item has a value of USD 15.00, so the tax rate is over 100%. Is there anyone at the post office that can help you with the mistake they have made at customs?

      The USD 19.00 which you paid to us was for freight from our warehouse to your location. It did not include any import taxes that your country may impose on you. We actually paid USPS USD 22.45 for the freight so I don't think we overcharged you...

      In the US, our game set carries HTS code: 9504.90.6000 @ 0% import tax.
      According to this online reference I found, this code translates to 9503.00.9590 in Denmark @ 4.7% import tax.

      I think you have been overcharged. Unfortunately I am not sure how we can help. I hope there is someone at your post office who is knowledgeable about fixing this type of customs error. Thank you for your support, and sorry for all of the hassle you are going through!

    23. Mikkel Postás Krogh on

      Hey William Heimsoth & Aaron Attebery

      I thought when we paid such expensive delivery fee (international) - All VAT and taxes was included.
      VAT was miscalculated on my package with $3,55 ... which leads to the customs check, ended up costing me $23,63 in a customs fee. Wich is alot more than i pledged here on kickstarter..

      What to do from here? I fell a little bummed over paying allmost $24 ekstra in fees only. Just to recieve my pledge. And i can't pick it up at the postal office until its paid.

      Best regards

      Mikkel Lysgaard

    24. William Heimsoth & Aaron Attebery Creator on

      Hey Carol, USPS transit time is running about 2-3 days after shipment. I just sent you a message about your reward. Status of all the rewards is:

      3474 survey recieved on-time, shipped!

      115 survey recieved after deadline, preparing to ship

      222 paid, but survey not yet recieved.

    25. Carol Ward on

      Hello... When will we receive our tracking information? And/or how long is it taking for people to receive the hexcups since you mailed it out Friday?

    26. Austin Esmond on

      I was able to play a few games of pong with my set a couple weekends ago. They performed wonderfully! They were a hit at the party and I got a few questions about them.

      We also made up a couple new racks which made it kinda fun and called the red ball the "Fireball" for if a team was on fire.

      One bummer is that a few of the cups were a bit shorter than the rest... :/ I got these because I'm a bit OCD when it comes to the rack and having some shorter than others kinda defeated the purpose. (When I say shorter I'm talking like an eighth of an inch so nothing game ruining)

      Thanks for the awesome product though!

    27. Carol Ward on

      Hi! When will we get emailed our tracking information?

    28. Missing avatar

      Michael Phalen on

      Received my 10 sets of cups and very much enjoyed playing and look forward to having a tournament! Ik other color cups were mentioned as a possible addition, as I often play in black light and have a black light set of pong cups I would like to suggest black light reactive hexcups and pong balls! I believe it would take things to a whole new level. Great job on putting out a game changing product!!!

    29. William Heimsoth & Aaron Attebery Creator on

      Thanks @Steven Hall! Honest review from an honest guy.

      To be honest ourselves, we just wanted to release a product that would function as anticipated and perform top notch while trying to be reasonably priced (what can we say, its the engineer in us). It's great to hear a backer who has put our cups through the ringer and is still impressed. Play on Steven, play on.

    30. Steven Hall on

      Well guys I received my party level pledge and just as stated below they crush quite well, but they uncrikle with very little effort.

      To test the ghost effect I place it on one of my large square plates so I could control the amount of water. With the normal amount of beer in there I was unable to make it ghost even with 1/4 of water under and around it.

      Because I have the party level I "risked" the water cup of one set. Well they hold up to what they claim. Top shelf of the dishwasher works well. Didn't lose color, shape, or deform in anyway.

      Good job guys. Hope amazon treats you guys well.

    31. Tim on

      Have not put them in dishwasher yet. I typically wash everything by hand anyway.

    32. Steven Hall on

      @Tim any chance you risked the water cup in the dishwasher?

    33. Tim on

      @David, the have a video on the campaign portion that shows it will not ghost. I already tried to crush a cup. it creases some but forms right back into shape.

    34. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Lord on

      Received mine today in England, great product, service and overall Kickstarter campaign, as stated earlier much smoother than any of the other campaigns I have backed, just a wish I'd backed the Gametime Reward now!

    35. Missing avatar

      Barbara Decker on

      Really excited to get ours! My tracking info still says 'Pre-Shipment Info Sent to USPS' and that was on July 1st and no progress since then. We are moving at the end of the month so I hope they make it here soon!

    36. Steven Hall on

      @David the bottom of the cup is basically like tread on tires... I haven't received mine yet but try with a little water on the table and in the cup and see if it ghosts.

    37. David Learned on

      Design is great, no doubt. But I have to ask - is $15 worth it for 22 hexagonal solo cups? I'm not sure... If they really want to step up their product, make two changes:

      - Thicker, sturdier plastic for the cups
      - A non-skid mat or coating on the bottom of the cups

      We all have had that annoying floater cup that gets some beer or water underneath it and wants to float itself around the table. If they could solve that, it would take them to the next level for this product.

    38. Bob on

      Agree about thickness. Also, my package was pretty smashed up too. Definitely will not put in the dishwasher. I will say, that Hex design really changes up some games!

    39. Glen Rudis

      @david. Ya I was expecting a thicker plastic with some more durability. They feel exactly like solo cups in comparison. I absolutely love the design though!

    40. David Learned on

      Mine came yesterday... I'm kinda with Glen - I expected the plastic to be much thicker and more durable (like most "plastic cups" you keep in the kitchen). Some of my cups came dinged up and crinkled on the sides, just like a normal solo cup. I wouldn't put them in the dishwasher, personally.

    41. Glen Rudis

      Got my package today! Can't wait to set up my first game! Has anyone actually tried running them through the dishwasher? I'm a little hesitant, they don't look that much more durable than your regular old red solo cup

    42. Jake on

      Just got my shipment and I'll say that me and my friends are beyond stoked to use them. I have to praise the creators for a very fun and high quality design.

    43. Tim on

      I left a review on Amazon as well

    44. Missing avatar

      meow on

      Amazon Prime member here; Just gave them a five stare review with "Kickstarter backer" as subject line.

    45. Missing avatar

      meow on

      Best updates on kickstarter. Best email updates. Best time estimation. Winner: Hexcup.
      Now admittedly it is easier with a plastic cup as opposed to some hi tech electronics; but still.

      I'm guess the those upset about a 2 month lag are new to this? In the world of kickstarter and indiegogo 2 months behind schedule is like have a package delivered before you ordered it.

      Congratulation to the creators!

    46. Edwin C on

      Still stuck in pre shipment... :( shouldn't be too much longer !

    47. Missing avatar

      Dennis Thompson on

      got mine 2 cant wait to try them out!

    48. Missing avatar

      Osiris on

      Received my cups !! They're awesome cant wAit to use them!

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