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The Pocket TV is a thumb-size micro-computer that connects to the HDMI port of any TV and converts it into an Android Smart TV
The Pocket TV is a thumb-size micro-computer that connects to the HDMI port of any TV and converts it into an Android Smart TV
The Pocket TV is a thumb-size micro-computer that connects to the HDMI port of any TV and converts it into an Android Smart TV
3,164 backers pledged $501,321 to help bring this project to life.

You Spoke and We Listened

Hey Kickstarters!

We're almost at half time. 20 days already gone and only 20 left before our Kickstarter project closes. It's been a crazy ride this far and we have a feeling it's going to get crazier. And we have you our backers to thank for that. We're so excited about your continued support and enthusiasm that we wanted to show you that we care too. And what better way to show how much we care than by showing you that we listen to what you have to say. So here it is, some cool stuff for you.

The One About The 1GB of RAM

You asked us if we could add more RAM. Much more. Double in fact. And we couldn't say no. Trust us, it was no walk in the park. We had to change major components and hardware design which means lots more testing and debugging needs to take place, as well as quality assurance and about a gazillion other things. Normally that would have delayed us 3 months at least but we said to ourselves that we need to do better. We pushed ourselves and our partners to work harder (25 hours a day, 8 days a week) and we're proud to officially announce that we're getting it done for you!

That means that all of our Kickstarter backers will receive a Pocket TV with 1GB of RAM instead of 512MB. And no, there will be no added cost to you or any delays to our shipping dates which are still October. We hope this is good news for all of you. Trust us when we tell you that it wasn't easy to pull it off. But that's what we want to do, for you! Because we care.

The One About Bluetooth

We've also been asked quite often what the deal is with Bluetooth. Well the deal is that we were still developing a method of getting Bluetooth to work flawlessly on the Pocket TV without delaying delivery to you. Unfortunately with the RAM upgrade in place it means all our manpower is tied up, so it would take us another 3 to 4 months of extra work to get Bluetooth embedded into the Pocket TV. And we don't think anyone wants to get their Pocket TV in January of next year. So no, Bluetooth will not be a part of this revision.

But it's not all bad news for Bluetooth. One thing we will do is make sure that the Pocket TV is compatible with any plug and play Bluetooth USB connector (you know, the ones you can buy for $8 online). That way if you really must have Bluetooth you can still add it to your USB hub and live happily!

The One About The Video

"We want to see Skype" you said. "We want Hulu and SlingPlayer". Well, you ask and we respond. We've made a new hands on video showing some of these apps running on the Pocket TV. There's some video streaming, skype, work apps and even fun apps. You want to see it? Just click here. Enjoy!

The One About The Final Design

Another thing we've been working on is the final form factor of the Pocket TV. We wanted to create something sexy, modern and that represents our corporate branding. We've made over 50 designs but we've finally found the one that works best. What does it look like? Scroll down and check it out. We'll post more pictures in the next few days on our main Kickstarter page so stay tuned but for now, tell us, what do you think? 

That's it for now. We'll try to update you once a week as the project progresses. Feel free to send us a message, leave a comment or ping us on Facebook or Twitter.

From the Infinitec Team now spread out in Spain, Dubai, USA and China:
Thank you all for your continued support.

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    1. Mac Marjan Jankov on

      Got the PocketTv yesterday.... and I am playing with it today, it works great, installing some apps now, its playing HD video like a charm...

      I just have one dumb question.....
      is there a shutdown process ???
      I located the reset button on the remote, but I can't find a way to shut down the device without turning the power off??
      any suggestions?

    2. Missing avatar

      Kevin on

      I'm curious as well if this will have ability to play Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Max. I realize that these are all apps available in Googles market but will they be supported with HDMI.

    3. Missing avatar

      Minh Nguyen on

      Before I was aware of the Pocket TV, I was wishing for a company to invent such a "Smart TV upgrade" device. This product will make a great addition to the current android phones and tablets currently in our home, loving your great work guys! ;)

    4. Hunter Shedlock on

      I don't know about anyone else, but I would and will wait for Bluetooth.

    5. Mycroft on

      Any chance that you can work with hbo to get their hbo to go and cinemax to go apps approved and running on your device? It would be awesome to have that available.

    6. Dominik Latzel on

      Just use a HDMI-male2female adapter. ;)

    7. Mohammad on

      regarding design, I would recommend having the device connected via a cable rather than a direct connection. I have suffered a lot with other devices which consumes lots of space and blocks other devices from being connected to near by ports.
      the device is pretty wide I must say which become somehow annoying for some users
      I understand that this might be a cost overhead, but it's worth doing. plus it will prevent the device from catching some of the TV's heat
      hope you find my comment valid

      good luck guys

    8. Derek Gordon on

      @Raymond The demo video above was filmed in Spain. Other videos were made in Dubai. I would say we would need to be concerned with the ~120 rather than the 240.

    9. Missing avatar

      Raymond Guest on

      please make the charger 120_240 V so it can be used in travel outside the USA. thanks, argie

    10. Missing avatar

      Gary on

      I've been looking at this for a while and even bookmarked it, but the fact that I e-mailed a question last week as a pre-backer and was responded to within a couple hours and then seeing the 1GB RAM upgrade pushed me over the fence. I then watched the most recent video of the Air Remote and saw how sexy the new black design was and I knew I made the right decision. :)

      I'm just sad that I wasn't able to get in on the Early Bird deal. ;)

    11. Gerard Holder on

      I have been looking at this product since it was on Kickstarter, but I bought the Apple version. After seeing your updates and how you listen and react to your supporters (especially the 1GB at the same price), I had to join this project! I am returning the Apple one, and going with the Pocket TV!!!!

    12. Infinitec Creator on

      Awesome! We're happy you guys like the upgrade and the new design. It wasn't easy to get to this point but we want to make you guys happy and we're glad to see all these positive comments here. Thanks you all! Please keep spreading the word and let's see if we can try to raise even more cash so we can add even more cool stuff.
      @Dominik Shadowgun is a little slow at the moment. We're still not done with our software development though so let's see how it runs by the time we start shipping.
      @Douds yes red and white are stil there. We'll post pics on the main page in a few days
      @Allan we're working on a cap for the HDMI port as well.
      @thehag yes both HDMI and wifi are built in already.
      @Alexander we're not quite there yet. Maybe when we become apple :)
      @Stephane that's great marketing, mind if we quote you on that?


      Great news for the 1GB !!! Thanks for working and implementing this !!! I must admit that I was actually thinking of upgrading my TV to a SmartTV and now that I've backed this product ... you've just saved me over 3K (I was looking at the Samsung E8000 series) .... hmmmm how many PocketTVs could I get for the 3K? .... just kidding :)

    14. Alexander Jelinek on

      Regarding the form factor ... would be cool to have something in anodized aluminum... another Kickstarter is using this & posted this link, which is very cool: (Gizmodo)

    15. Missing avatar

      Dmitry on

      Bluetooth in not so needed as wi-fi.

    16. Elizabeth Whitmire on

      Regarding the 1 GB of RAM - awesome! :D

    17. Tyson Heaton III on

      @thehaag. It has both. The plug you see on it IS HDMI.

    18. iHaag on

      would love to see wifi and hdmi built in for ultra portability

    19. Janardan Nathan on

      You guys are awesome. I'm glad that I made the choice to back this project.
      "Wake me up, when September ends".

    20. Missing avatar

      Allan Linga on

      Nice design. One thing you might want to consider is a cover to the HDMI output for better protection when unplugged. I love my Kingston USB design where the USB output can slide in and out of the case. It would be nice if pocket TV can incorporate it in the design. Overall I'm very happy with the project's progress especially with the 1GB upgrade. Can't wait to get my hands on this sleek toy. Any chance of an early release date ;)

    21. Missing avatar

      Anuj Desai on

      Amazing....all I can say! I really hope the power boost benefits you guys as much as all the kickstarters, and puts you guys over the top when it comes to launching and selling the final product! This is a much needed product as we're seeing more of a need for smart platforms to do things we enjoy doing these days (such as typing this message :) ) Awesome work guys! Keep it up! I agree with the company loyalty comment! Everyone appreciates a company that tries harder when they don't necessarily need to. More companies should listen, like you guys, to what their customers want, rather than telling them what they want and creating a product to just fit the original mold. Organic and fluid is better. Any idea can be good, insight can make it better.

    22. Braydon Connell on

      You guys are awesome, double the RAM, in the same time frame. at the same price ! This is what builds company loyalty, keep up the good work @Infinitec

    23. Missing avatar

      Douds on

      I'm in France and I have read very recently that of your project.
      I fell crazy!

      Congratulations for your reactivity and your pugnacity on the evolution of 1GB.

      Thank you for listening to the "Kikstarters" and keep us informed as frequently report on the evolution of the project.

      I like the new design.
      The colors red and white will they still available?

      Great job!
      I really hate to try it!

    24. Dominik Latzel on

      sry meant "shadowgun" ;)

    25. Missing avatar

      Rohan Sood on

      1 GB ram.. woohoo :D
      good job guys.. keep it up!

    26. Dominik Latzel on

      Hey guys! First of all I really appreciate your hard work and the fact that you're actually listening to us..
      I saw you have "shadow zone" on your pocket tv - does it run smoothly?
      I'm so looking forward to this piece awesomeness! Thank you very much!

    27. Missing avatar

      william on

      Amazing stuff. Take your time. I have no problem waiting for you guys to perfect this dream product!

    28. Missing avatar

      Justin McDermott on

      You guys are awesome! Really glad to hear about the 1GB of RAM and love the new design! I have been talking this project up to everyone.

    29. Dee Abson on

      Excellent update! The Bluetooth vs. 1GB RAM decision was the right call as it will satisfy more users' needs at the outset. Love the final design. Great balance of form and function. Looks sexy while allowing for heat dissipation. October can't come soon enough!

    30. Matthew on

      btw, whats the extra day of your 8 day week called lol

    31. Matthew on

      A company listening to its users and actually implementing suggestions into their product?!? You guys are awesome. Keep up the good work and thanks. keep up the good work.

    32. Erik de Vos on

      You rock. Great update. Thanks for listening!