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11 roles! 14 songs! Recording this show for a CD is a dream project for BDW; it's dedicated lovingly to the memory of author TOM CONE.
11 roles! 14 songs! Recording this show for a CD is a dream project for BDW; it's dedicated lovingly to the memory of author TOM CONE.
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We are very encouraged.

As of this minute we are almost 60% funded, $20,448. This is kind of mind blowing to me, considering there are 193 of you so far. I must say that if this actually works out and we meet our goal, I will have a whole new less cynical way of looking at life.

So I guess what I am supposed to do at this point is encourage you all to get the word out in the event there are others you think might chip in. It really is KIND OF fun, i mean, aren't you guys way way curious whether or not we'll make it? I believe getting over the halfway point is a huge hurdle, and so I am hoping to build momentum from this point on. So please, pass on the word, will ya! This will mean so, so, so, much to Skip and Ellen, and our late great Tom. We have all always so wanted to do this, and here we are, tantalizingly close! 

If any of you in my immediate circle think that a personal reach-out from me will help, by all means send me the details, ok?

We really only need $15K more to reach our goal, that's only 6 more folks at $2500! 

We have 5 DAYS LEFT!

We are running the show everyday and it's really an education. This will be the most intimate and grounded performance of the piece I've done, and I love it. I just brought the "magic costume" back to Sarah Timberlake's costume shop; she has done phenomenal work, for a final tweak and I think it's going to be amazing, Costume designer William Ivey Long gave me a lot of his time and wisdom, for which i'm grateful. If I can remember all this revised blocking and keep from knocking over microphones and such I think these concerts might actually be great.

The T-Shirts arrived and they are HOT. I will post photos to entice people to chip in for them on Twitter, so look for them there! 

The band sounds great, and tomorrow we are putting it all together for a final run thru before the big weekend, loading in and all that. 

That's all for now, but I will write soon. I want to thank you all for your wonderful, soul-boosting support, which has been really heartwarming. It has really gotten me through these days when I am shlepping all over town, carrying furniture and costumes and props and a giant bottle of water on the subway, wondering how I got myself into this.

But then I remember Tom and know it's actually worth it.



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