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11 roles! 14 songs! Recording this show for a CD is a dream project for BDW; it's dedicated lovingly to the memory of author TOM CONE.
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355 backers pledged $39,353 to help bring this project to life.

going into the second week!

hey backers!

we have done pretty well this week. we have a $5,000 pledge from a corporate sponsor that we are trying to figure out how to post on the Campaign Page. so that puts us at $11,000 and change goin into the second half of the campaign. 

rehearsals are getting really exciting. we are retooling the previous stagings into a concert format which emphasizes the technology; meaning the staging is all about trying to get me to the right microphone and when. we have a really nice concept that is going to be visually interesting and serve the technical demands of the recording.

i have had several fittings for a new costume designed by Broadway designer WILLIAM IVEY LONG that i love. he is always so great about collaborating with me, and he has an amazing supportive and ingenious staff. the costume is riffing on what they are calling "Depression Chic" on the runways (a concept that you mustn't think too much about because i believe it's really kinda icky, but it looks great!) and the costume also does some fun magical type things.

my energy is great but i have been traveling a lot and now is the time to focus on the performance, which is a bit of a bear. so this week will be a crucial week to try to maintain energy and be productive too.

it's an insanely crucial time for the fund raising, as well. if there's anyone you know out there who would be into funding a chunk of our goal amount, would you please send them my way? i promise a recording of a VERY cool show, made in impeccable taste and well worth everyone's contribution.

as always, i am tremendously moved and grateful for your contributions. you have all been amazing to me, and i will not forget it. thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this happen, not just for me, but for Tom Cone and everyone who loves him, as well.

spread the word! share the link! it takes a village! you are all apart of this process and this recording.

love, bdw