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Don’t flip your real game table when you are angered during a game. Flip the Outburst table instead!
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Ever get so fired up when playing a boardgame that you wanna flip the table?

Then the Outburst Game Table is for You!

The Outburst Game Table is the ultimate anger release product for those moments when a sudden flood of negative emotions reaches your brain during an intense boardgame and a short act of unreasonable aggression can help prevent you from flipping the actual game table and ruining the game as well as relationships with your friends and family. 

The Outburst Game Table is a civilized form of constrained hooliganism for the hasty and ever-polite hobby of tabletop gaming. It is particularly useful when frustrated over being the victim of hate-drafting, worker-blocking, or overly-aggressive attacks.

Features of the the Outburst Game Table

  •  Sturdy construction. The Outburst Game Table is constructed from Baltic birch and can withstand thousands of “flippings” throughout its lifetime. 
  •  Farmhouse  heritage. The Outburst Game Table has passed the test of time with its farmhouse heritage. It pairs perfectly with agriculture-based games like Agricola. 
  •  Easily transportable. For gamers on the move, the Outburst Game Table travels easily and fits in any game bag or tub. 
  •  Universal  Shape. Both shapes of the Outburst Table will work with any room. The Outburst table looks fantastic in any room ranging from a small compact game room to an expansive living room space. 
  •  Two  styles. We include two table styles: 1. Standard rectangle game table with game components on the tabletop. 2. Oval game table with decorative legs with plain tabletop. 
  •  Classic Stains. Today’s on trend shade is tomorrow’s fashion fail. The classic Jacobean and Early American penetrating stains from Minwax on the Outburst Game Table are unapologetically basic but have tremendous staying power.

Other Applications

  •  First Player Marker. Place the Outburst table in front of the first player so you never lose track of the first player. 
  •  Drink Coaster. Perch your favorite drink atop the Outburst Game Table and avoid the annoying “clink” of out of control dice crashing into your glass. 
  •  Trophy Stand. Showcase the prize that will be awarded to the winner of the next game.
  •  Avoid Gluttony. The Outburst table can help you portion control your snacking. Don’t eat chips directly from the bag. Just put enough on the Outburst table so you can satisfy your craving and avoid over-indulgence. 

 What makes these tables so amazing?

  •  Beautiful finish. The attractive stained finish looks fantastic in any room in the house. 
  •  Totally versatile. Fits anywhere: game tables, end tables, or bookshelves.   
  •  Easy to clean. Not only is this table durable and hard-wearing, it’s also easy to care for—simply wipe it down with a damp cloth and you’re good to go.
  •  Easy to assemble. Only a few pieces to attach and no gluing required. 

Game components etched into tabletop

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Product Reviews

Written Review:

What people are saying....

“Haha! Love it! Outburst tables are THE perfect tantrum-assuaging devices. I can now get my table-flipping-fix without all the chaos and destruction ;)" --Will Meadows, Tantrum House 

"This is an experience product that serves us a moment of ultimate need by providing senseless satisfaction.”  --M. Adder, Gamer

“The Outburst table has been a huge relief for me. I was in last place and my brother attacked me to get a small bonus. I lost control of the only area where I had a majority. I wanted to throw the game board in his smug face, but I reached over and flipped the Outburst table and relief flowed over my body like rain.”  --Ann Gerr, Gaming Lady

“This product has allowed me to gain emotional release and freedom in the moment. I don’t have to wait for my next therapy session. I flip the Outburst table and feel instant relief.”       --N. Rage

“I used to spend hours every day in mindful meditation to build my capacity to restrain my impulsive emotional reactions and help stay calm under pressure. I stopped doing that because I found the same relief when I flipped the Outburst table.” --Amy Gidala

"These game tables are so perfect and hilarious. When you lose a game you thought you were going to win, you just can't be upset when you get to flip a tiny table."  --Cassie Elle

"The Outburst Game Tables are surprisingly cathartic to use and launching them in a fit of gamer rage is way more fun than I expected." - Will, Board Crazy

"This product is silly. Thanks for reaching out for a review but my channel does very serious boardgame reviews and not ridiculous stuff like this. Good luck though!"  --(name withheld)

*Please know that this activity is not currently part of the campaign. Unlocking the stretch goal will absolutely remove the option from consideration ;)

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Project schedule

Proven Track record with Previous Kickstarter

My previous Kickstarter was for plastic dividers for Dominion. The  project funded successfully and was delivered before the date I targeted in the campaign. 

 Here is some of the feedback from that campaign:

Amazing turnaround for a kickstarter!” --Regina

 “Holy Moly! That was fast. I expected early November based on so many  other projects instead of the first week of October. Please keep me  informed if you plan on any more projects.”  --Niranth

 “WOW! When you say that I was getting this in October I didn't realize that it would be on the second of October.” --Joe T.

 “Thanks for a brilliant product!” --Steve H. 

Risks and challenges

The Outburst Game Table has been in development since I flipped my first table while playing Axis and Allies in high school with my (now former) friends. Since that time I've completed multiple design cycles and conducted extensive testing to be sure the product will handle all gaming conditions.

I have been working with a local company that produced all the final tables that were sent to reviewers. They will also handle the production run from the Kickstarter campaign. I intend to place the production order immediately upon the closing of the campaign to ensure the fastest delivery possible.
The project risks are negligible. I created a simple campaign to facilitate the follow-on delivery of the product.

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    Outburst Game Tables. Quantity: 2

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    2. Standard oval game table with decorative legs and Early American stain finish and plain tabletop.

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