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A rich, diverse Tactical RPG, envisioned by the master of the genre Yasumi Matsuno and you, the fans!
A rich, diverse Tactical RPG, envisioned by the master of the genre Yasumi Matsuno and you, the fans!
15,824 backers pledged $660,126 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by Little Orbit (Creator)

Hey Unsung Backers,  

Though it took a little longer than anticipated, we are happy to tell you that we have entered into a strategic agreement with a major company, who will be providing design work for the tactics game, as well as other Unsung branded games in the future. We have begun the collaboration process with them, and will start to see the fruits of those efforts over the next few months. 

We will coordinate with them and make a formal announcement in the near future, but want you to know that this is in place and will have a positive impact on the gameplay, mechanics and overall delivery timeline for the beta and full release. We had hoped to have some design and art progress to show by this month, but we are just now getting the time we need to spend with our partner on the core mechanics and the game world and need to do this before providing updates with visual content progress. Rather than making estimates as to when we think content updates will be ready, we will stick to updating on the design progress more regularly, and then update you when we have a good step forward with some content progress, whether it be concept art or screenshots of in-game progress.  

Again, look to get a formal announcement on our partner as soon as we can all coordinate on public messaging for that. Hopefully, it won’t take longer than a few months, but announced or not, it is happening and is a huge plus for Unsung Story development.  



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    1. Blackghost on

      I'm about to call my lawer .
      Wake up before I wake you up.

    2. YSoSidious on

      Fucking give us our refunds. JFC, you guys are the worst.

    3. Missing avatar

      Level 99 on

      "Look forward to us announcing putting together a rudimentary GDD in the next few decades!"
      Playdek, probably.

    4. Andrew Fors on

      So this means you lied about all the awesome designers you had lined up, huh?

    5. Luiz Oliveira on

      Just give our money back, will be easier.

    6. Missing avatar

      Mickey Lui on

      I would echo following Dave Shadowrunner's suggestion. I just sent my emails out. Probably planning on tweeting and hitting their other social media outlets if I don't get a response. If anyone wants to get a class action together. Unlike many other projects that fail by an unknown company we actually have an entity we can pursue litigation against.

    7. Missing avatar

      Steve O on

      Almost two months and yet no update.

    8. Brandon Markham on

      I just found out about this, where is my damn money?

    9. Missing avatar

      Hwangbo Won on

      Yep, good job, playdek.
      So, how can I return my F**k**g money?

    10. Missing avatar

      Level 99 on

      First, I would like to point out the irony that immediately below the post commend button on this screen, I see the following phrase:

      "Be respectful and considerate."

      Well, you know what? I'm going to be just as respectful and considerate to you, Playdek, as you have been with every single person who signed on to help fund this dream of a game that aped our love for classic TRPGs, their stories that enthralled us, the music to drive the emotion home, and the gameplay that makes us sink in thousands of hours into a single title just because its that enjoyable.

      Whomever is managing the company, and this project, is a sham artist and a disgrace to the gaming medium. All gaming mediums, actually. A disgrace to salesmen, to concept artists, to composers, to gamers, and to other hopeful crowdfunding campaigns trying to get a project they sincerely care about off the ground and into the world.

      I rarely get this negative and fired up about anything, as I do my best to look at everything from both sides in order to not lose empathy and actually be lenient since we're all basically human. We make mistakes, those with good intentions and bad. And it takes a metric fuckton of seemingly deliberate wrong and deceitful choices to get my blood boiling like this.

      The project has not been what it appeared to be since the instant the kickstarter closed. Sure, not a lot of extra money was made in terms of reaching any kind of stretch goals, but at least the project got funded and a lot of hype was built, right? That had to account for something, and you had provided a lot of neat ideas for what it was going to become, especially considering the namedrops that were made in the pitch. Collaborations, especially international ones, that are this ambitious could be seen back then (at the start of 2014, how naive we were with kickstarters at that time) as requiring some money up front before anything super substantial could be shown for that the project would actually materialize as. So many of us took a chance on this, for one reason or another. The effort would show, even if it wasn't going to be 100% what we expected it to be.

      What we've gotten since then is a string of nothing. Such little information about the actual game has been given, and what has been has shown a massive divergence from what was promised. Furthermore, nothing of actual substance has been shown in any way shape or form. The switch to including and emphasizing multiplayer, the outward admission that you're handling other priorities over what we've backed (basically admitting to mishandling our money and using it to fulfil other obligations on your part). The forums, which are a ghost town, because there's nothing to discuss at all. The fact that it has taken this long to even expect to get some concept art, or information on the story. And, of course, as mentioned by others, literally no namedropping of those people who were first touted as being a part of this project.

      The "gameplay" shown, which was also hugely different than what was pitched, could have been made by a few Unreal engine hobbyists over the course of a month. And I honestly feel like that is an insult to Unreal engine hobbyists. No hate on the people who made that happen techncially for you, but anyone managing or overseeing those things should feel absolutely ashamed if thats what they consider a quality project.

      At this point, I've accepted the fact that my substantial wallet hit for backing this game has 50% fed you bbq lunches and 50% paid off your developers for other games you had in the queue. What I will never accept is that you had any intention of making this a real thing in the first place.

      I won't even bother trying to get a refund. If the game ever comes out, I already know my backer rewards will be nothing what I was signed up to get.

      Your most recent update about an exciting collaboration is a bunch of bunk. Not naming the company, not giving an exact timeline or actual details of how the work is going to be balanced, and continuing to go months without updates even though you keep saying "the next update will be sooner!". Seriously, I would probably have more respect for you if you just came clean with your intentions and mistakes, warts and all. I have an admiration for when people own up to their fuck ups, humility can go a very long way.

      I will bet that the company you're collaborating with is some middle of the road mobile developer who got lucky with a clone of some other popular game on the app store and is looking to invest all that freemium capital into this sunken ship of a project. The mentioned multiplayer will become the only aspect of the game to get a release, it'll flop, and that'll be that. Because people didn't like what comes out, the single player with its grand scale and story won't ever happen.

      I backed Acadian Atlas because they seemed like actual people who cared. It might not have the names, or the scope, but at least it has a heart and game assets and, unlike your project, truthful progress. And from this point onward, because of what's happened with Unsung Story, I will never back another project unless I actually know the person(s) involved to some extent. As in, I know them personally, and I can call them up to see how things are going. There is no trust anymore.

      Stay classy, Playdek. I'll never recommend anything you ever create to anyone ever at this point, and even if you deliver Final Fantasy Tactics 2: Revenge of the Lucavi with the entire original staff on every platform imaginable with a 12 cd soundtrack from Sakimoto and Iwata, nothing can redeem you from how you've handled this.

    11. Jesus Martinez on

      Playdek you really need to get your shit together

    12. Dave, Shadowrunner on

      @All Unsung story backers:

      Playdek obviously doesn't read these comments, but I encourage you to:

      Please send emails to asking for a refund

      Post negative reviews on Google play store or iOS app store for their games warning people not to give Playdek any money (I know this is not exactly the intended purpose of those stores, but I do genuinely believe people deserved to be warned from giving money to these liars)

      If you have not done so, please send a complaint to your state attorney's office about this sham of a Kickstarter.

      Register for Playdek's official forums and make a post about why you aren't happy with this Kickstarter campaign.

      Complaining on Kickstarter doesn't do anything as Playdek just ignores all of our comments and messages... So we have to get their attention elsewhere.

    13. Marzio Ombra on

      Another reason to never fund games through Kickstarter ever again.

    14. RocK_M on

      Of course whats utterly amusing is they somehow have delusions of grandeur of this being a "franchise" of sorts w/ the whole "Unsung" branded gamess line..

      Geebus fsck go get a game out first before tossing out utter garbages BS lines like a "branded game line" you twits..

    15. Bradley Genaw on

      All I want is a cool SRPG with FFT elements in it. Thats what I put 80$ in for. Please...please give me something soon, because the only reason I remember I helped fund this project is from your random kickstarter emails I get every 3-4 months.

    16. Kyle MacNeil on

      Dont pretend like you give a shit. You are glad to hand this stain over. Collab more like they do 90% of the work.
      You dont even have any progress made on making the game. So its not a collab at all, its just handing the license over to another competent dev team that can actually make video games other than mobile trash.
      Have my 20 dollars. Im done.
      Congrats on finding a kickstarter loophole that saved your butts financially.
      'Collaboration' my left nut.

    17. Dave, Shadowrunner on

      @Andrew: I think it is probably more along the lines of Playdek finding another sucker to trick into giving them money for this vaporware scam.

    18. Andrew on

      So the good news is you found somebody else to make the game? Now I'm conflicted. On the one hand, this is terrible behavior and I do not approve. On the other, maybe somebody else would actually make the game.

    19. Kethrian on

      So now there's a publisher involved. Downside is that the game will likely have to change to meet their demands, upside is that now this game actually will start to get worked on, because money and deadlines. Shame to hear that you guys couldn't manage to work on your own and have the game half-way completed already, but maybe you're just the kind of people who need a boss breathing down your neck to actually get work done.

    20. Shane Firth on

      Its strange that days after I had another (unanswered) go at Playdek on twitter we get this empty, meaningless update... Did I jog someones memory at the company that this project hadn't been looked at in three months? Utterly disgraceful.

    21. Missing avatar

      t3mporal on

      I notice a lot of words like "start" and "begin".

    22. Anna on

      Meh, still nothing to show and it's been 2 years or so.

    23. Missing avatar

      Eric King on


      I'm well aware of that, and wasn't advocating doing so. I know it's pointless; in fact, I was one of the first people to report the project when we all first started doing so, and I know that it does jack squat. It is my understanding that they do "reach out to" the creator, but that's about it. They got their cut, so they're done.

      My point, however, was that the only time Playdek ever provides updates is when people start talking about reporting the project -- either to Kickstarter or legal entities -- or actually do report it. It's probably just to stave off any lawsuits. This thing has been dead for some time.

      Definitely in agreement with you on the rest.

    24. Muad'Dib on

      An announcement of an announcement?

      Does it mean you will get money and initiate refunds?

    25. Chris Adamson on

      Is this a stalling tactic or something? It's been two and a half years with utterly nothing to show for it; is there some reason for putting off the inevitable cancellation of the project?

    26. Geomancer on


      That timeline would only span 1 day. It would start with the day the project was funded, and end the next day when the money was transferred to the companies negative balance sheet.

    27. Missing avatar

      Brian Zabell on

      So basically Playdek wasn't satisfied in taking our money, and now they're selling the rights to churn out more money from a game that will never exist. They're just "strategically" making sure that the other company foots the bill from this disaster rather than themselves.

    28. Steven Fluet on

      Again, i want a map of this project from bginning to end. Concept, mission statement, securing talent, funding, and then all the post funding decisions that led to this moment: no game, no talent, no story, no mechanics, no art. I want a post funding map of where the money went, so we can see what the money was actually used for, and what that meant for the stability of its company and other products. Mapping this failure from beginning toend goes a long way towards transparency, and towards nsuring future companies can learn from your errors.

    29. Brandon on

      Two years later and nothing to show for it. You used our money on another project. Refund.

    30. zdsdead - Gimp of the WOM on

      They're thieves, they're filthy little thieves

    31. Missing avatar

      cursedseishi on

      @Eric King

      Reporting to Kickstarter is pointless, as it's been said in the comments dozens of times already. Kickstarter does NOTHING once a project has been funded. Their ToS states this, saying that any and all issues must be brought up by backers to either the project runners themselves or the proper authority. Kickstarter waives all liability for any project failing, they only deal with projects currently running or being started--and mostly only if they violate major issues such as being pornographic in nature.

      It only likely got an update here because people had started pushing and advocating for people to begin contacting legal companies. That is about the only thing to do as well, considering how broad its been.

      As for this update? The fact you can say "shouldn't take longer than a few months" in regards to announcing this miracle partner is ridiculous. Given the consistent and repeated issues of communication with this project, the last thing you should be doing is making more promises about communicating better in the future. Its at the point where you need to begin showing, not telling. No one wants to hear about a formal announcement, we are not the public we are your investors. People have sued for far less, people have sought legal advances for far less. There has been no sign of actually communicating and staying in contact to the best of your abilities. In fact, its been shown that your company has taken to other projects and games to create and release instead--which could show an almost willful ignorance towards this project specifically.

      That, is a major issue here. No one wants to hear about other Unsung games, no one wants to hear about possible exploitation of the IP in other products. Mighty No. 9 failed miserably because they tried to push the game in a dozen directions when the first game hadn't even seen release. Before you start pushing for Unsung Tales, and Unmentioned Beginnings, or Unsung Story 2, show us that the first game actually deserves anything more than the first.

    32. Missing avatar

      mike on

      If you could apologize and explain why funds from this project were spent elsewhere it would mean a lot. It wouldn't fix all the ill will you've generated but it would be a start, for me at least.

    33. Missing avatar

      Eric King on

      Yet another vapid and ultimately meaningless update, with even more promise to communicate better (not going to happen) and deliver some big news (also not going to happen). Here's my favorite line from this update, though:

      " well as other Unsung branded games in the future."

      As I stated in the comments page -- when Playdek hilariously posted this update on the Twilight Saga Kickstarter page (fitting, since that's where our money actually went) -- this seems like a really ballsy statement to make considering that there has been ZERO progress of note on the INITIAL Unsung branded game!

      I gave up asking for a refund long ago, because there isn't any money to refund. I'm sure Playdek took the money from this Kickstarter, put it toward Twilight Saga, and were hoping that profits from that title could fund this game. There's not going to be a game, at least not even remotely close to anything resembling the bill of goods we were sold.

      I find it a bit conspicuous, Playdek, that you only ever update when there's a push by backers to report the project to Kickstarter. You're seemingly doing just enough (read: absolute bare minimum) to keep up appearances of anything being accomplished, when in fact there's no money and nothing to show for the backers' contributions.

      Even IF by some chance something does get produced, I am never going to touch it. I simply will never be able to get over the absolute dumpster fire of a Kickstarter this has been. Of all the Kickstarters I have backed, this one is the ONLY one that has not delivered exactly as promised.

      Want to "communicate better" with your backers, Playdek? Try addressing some of the many, many upset people here... you know, the people who funded your project? Admit that you messed up, hone up to this cluster of a project, and do the right thing. Of course, you won't, because then you'll actually be legally liable...

    34. Missing avatar

      Nick Highfield on

      Thanks for the update, Playdek. I'm excited to hear about this collaboration and I can't wait to see how things go in the future!

    35. Xifanie on

      Guys, guys... we've been had.
      Unsung Story IS unsung. They delivered.

    36. Matthew Millsap on

      You stole my money, Playdek. You stole my money. There is absolutely zero chance you can deliver the product that was pitched in the campaign. The big names originally attached to the project are gone, you have literally NOTHING to show for the time and money spent once the campaign ended, and now you have the audacity to post infrequent, vague updates and assume that somehow your backers will just hold tight and you'll deliver.

      You won't deliver. You can't deliver.

      You. Stole. Our. Money.

    37. Missing avatar

      Patrick Jouppi on

      As humorous as these comments are, the idea that this project will actually ever deliver a finished product is even funnier.

    38. Michael Magliocca

      I have repeatedly asked for a refund as you pulled a bait and switch with Matsuno and Boelinger, then said it was going to be a multii-player game which I have zero interest in. Third you are over two years past funding and have done no demonstrable work on the game. Give me my money back.

    39. YSoSidious on

      This is unbelievable. Those who have requested a refund should get it now. Playdek and Jeremy Soule have destroyed my faith and interest in Kickstarter and because of them I have refused to back any further campaign and can't wait to close my account once my pending projects are fulfilled. At least Jeremy Soule refunded my money.

    40. Dunan on

      "We had hoped to have some design and art progress to show by this month, but we are just now getting the time we need to spend with our partner on the core mechanics and the game world and need to do this before providing updates with visual content progress."

      I don't know if I'm reading too much into this or not but it sounds like you're going to be at the mercy a publisher or something now which ultimately may change the project completely.

      Also it sounds like nothing's been worked on, clearly by lack of updates or anything to show us.

      I wish I could have given this money to a more worthy cause or to one of the more worthy devs that I've previously pledged for. The money could have been used for something more useful instead of being wasted.

    41. Dave, Shadowrunner on

      Thanks Playdek for helping to ruin Kickstarter for honest indie developers. Because of scams / utter incompetence like yours, people are more reluctant to back projects in general, which means less games getting funded here.

    42. Tor Iver Wilhelmsen

      Undelivered Story? We are not looking forward to "announcements", but happy to look forward to a release.

    43. keytar on

      *long, wet fart noise*

    44. Michael Brand

      Might as well just cut and paste this below for all future updates:

      None of the famous people, nor the concept arts, nor the gameplay mechanics we originally used to entice backers to this project is still applicable... But stick around and don't take legal action against us, and some day, sometime in the indefinite future, we might sooner or later eventually release a game that's nothing like what we originally promised. Now please wait another 2~4 months for another "Update" that is as equally as lacking in substance as this one.

    45. Arthur Santos Hogemann on

      Well ... better than nothing( low standart is a bitch ).

    46. Silas Holesovsky on

      I guess I am going to need more popcorn!�

    47. Unco Lober on


    48. Matotron on

      I quote:
      "We had hoped to have some design and art progress to show by this month, but we are just now getting the time we need to spend with our partner on the core mechanics and the game world and need to do this before providing updates with visual content progress."

      So finally after 2 1/2 years you get around to admitting that there is literally nothing you can show us for the $660,126 you 'spent', that is embarrassing and/or disgraceful.

    49. Dawn_

      I am actually glad i backed this game. Otherwise where would i read such crunchy comments ^^

    50. Missing avatar

      Jo Bjørnar Hausnes on

      I have to agree with all the negativity in the comments; these updates over the years are embarrassing. No progress to speak of, and no communication that mean something. In the classes I teach we often touch the subject of crowdfunding, and I always mention this project as the prime example of what NOT to do.