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A rich, diverse Tactical RPG, envisioned by the master of the genre Yasumi Matsuno, Playdek, and you, the fans!
A rich, diverse Tactical RPG, envisioned by the master of the genre Yasumi Matsuno and you, the fans!
A rich, diverse Tactical RPG, envisioned by the master of the genre Yasumi Matsuno and you, the fans!
15,824 backers pledged $660,126 to help bring this project to life.

Unsung Story Update


Hey Unsung Backers,  

Here is an update on our current progress towards an Unsung Story beta release. First off, we have released the product spoken of in our updates, and have been getting resources onto making a beta playable version of Unsung Story tactics. The second platform release of the other product took a little longer than expected, so getting onto content work is behind about a month. We apologize for being off a month with this update, as we had hoped to have more specifics for you in May. We have fortunately been able to start getting some agreements in place for outside design assistance on the character classes and mechanics, and we will be able to update you on those specifics later next month.  

We are also starting the process of getting additional concept art work contractors in place as well for world and level design, and look forward to sharing the new art work with you. Our beta game play and content goal still remains the same, which is two levels and two character schools, with each school having multiple class variations. We need to spend a bit more design time on the characters for the beta goal before we can provide an updated timeline estimate for the beta release, but we should have a good handle on that by August.  

As of now, we estimate to have new art, screenshots and design details to show by September, and we will have another design update for you next month.   

We know that we have one method of restoring faith in this project, and that is through delivering on a great tactics game, which we intend to do.  Thank you again for your patience and support. 


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    1. Danny Salfield Wadeson on

      'looking forward' to the next 'update'.

    2. Missing avatar

      Siendra on

      >we will have another design update for you next month.

      So... A little over ten weeks later, no update. I'm not surprised, but you guys could at least try,

    3. Missing avatar

      Alucard20110 on

      If you suspect fraud, don't hesitate to contact your state's attorney general. I did a while ago after getting denied a refund (that Playdek themselves say they don't want to hold anyone ransom!), but perhaps more people who are upset need to have their voices heard.

    4. Missing avatar

      Gnostic on

      The second platform release of the other product took a little longer than expected, so getting onto content work is behind about a month.

      So there's where our money went!

    5. Mark Dorney on

      I'm sincerely grateful to Jason Schreier for continuing to try and bring some exposure to this farce of a project, I only wish some other media outlets would follow suit. For all the press games like Mighty Number 9 got for simply underdelivering, I am surprised a failure of this magnitude doesn't seem to be getting much attention.

      Oh, and in ten minutes (going by GMT) they will now be *two* months overdue for an update.

    6. Missing avatar

      Tony on

      @Steven Actually, Gawker Prime died but several of their blogs were bought up, including Kotaku which is where the posts about Unsung Story were actually being published. So as long as there is a fellow pissed off backer writing for them it will still probably get a little bit of attention.

    7. Steven Fluet on

      Well, Gawker died, so there's really no other media group to even chronicle this swindle. I wonder what Playdek actually needed the money for, since it wasn't for a game? Was it to keep their company afloat while they were floundering? Was it just used for personal projects and entertainment? Since the game isn't going to come out, it would be nice to get a documentation of where the money went and the difference between the plan and how the funds actually traveled. Even if it was just used for executive cars and a vacation, some snaps of that would be nice.

    8. Missing avatar

      Andrea Robinson on

      On June 28, Playdek posted: "we will have another design update for you next month."

      July is over. If they consistently can't even meet tiny promises like that... Just wow.

    9. Steven Fluet on

      At present the only value Playdek has provided is generating interesting Kotaku articles about its absolute failure to provide any content whatsoever.

    10. Mark Dorney on

      I think we are long past being mad about PvP and Matsuno's absence. They would have mattered if the game was actually getting made.

    11. Peter Olsen

      Here's what I want to know:

      1: Are you going forward with this being a PvP project, and not a tactical strategy game a-la Tactics Ogre, as you originally pitched?

      2: Is Matsuno-san still actively involved and a part of the project [not as a contractor or a 'consultant']?

      If the answer to those is 'No', tell your lawyers I demand a refund.

      You took our money, developed something else, and now - 2 years after our project that was funded - you are barely putting out concept art.

      If the game is still what you said in the beginning - Tactical Strategy, with Matsuno-san - I don't care about delays. But if you spent all our money on something else, and the game is changed beyond recognition, that is no longer what I pledged for, and you do not get to keep my money.

    12. Reese Holland on

      @J.P.H Don't delay, AG is toothless to help us because Playdek isn't CI Games big and this is still along the lines of a civil dispute. Just send it and get it on record.

      I sent one letter, got a response, sent AG a second letter that they may have been defrauded by Playdek and that we need to investigate their claims... and they told me they can't help further unless it goes beyond being a civil matter.

    13. Bendik Vedeler

      Thanks for the update.
      As one of the backers of "the product spoken of in our updates" (ie. Twilight Struggle) I am wondering: Are you ever planning on releasing said product to the actual Kickstarter backers, or are you content with just taking our money and leaving us to hang in that project as well?

      To clarify for people who did not themselves back Twilight Struggle (good choice!): The app was released to the general public two weeks ago, but the majority of Kickstarter-backers have not received it, and Playdek is not answering questions on the Kickstarter page, by message on Kickstarter, or by email.

      So ... I don't know, maybe they just suck at customer-service, but, frankly, the word "scam" is starting to be pretty descriptive.

    14. Will O'Neill


    15. Michael Brand

      At this point, I have about as much faith in this project being even just 1/10 of the concept we were sold in the original Kickstarter, as I have of surviving a HALO skydive...

      ... Without a parachute.

    16. J. P. H on

      I am backer number 16,317. I would like to discuss a refund prior to me contacting my AG.

    17. 30lbsskunk on

      Release Ascension Dreamscape and Twilight Struggle, Agricola, and Lords of Waterdeep for Android. That should keep you guys afloat a little while longer maybe, to eventually see this project through

    18. Missing avatar

      Alphonse on

      Game of The Year 2023

    19. Kasper Melchior Christiansen

      Your dedication to this game is at the point where the website is a dead end...

    20. Missing avatar

      mike on

      I'd be embarrassed if I had used the funds from this kickstarter for a completely different project. Shameful really.

    21. Missing avatar

      Eric Boehle on

      I know there is a lot of hate in the comments. And while I can't totally disagree, I believe you have turned around and are giving it your best. I look forward to seeing what happens in the days to come. :)

    22. Griffinman01 on

      @Scott Brodie

      If you were him, would you want your name on this steaming pile of shit, lies, and greed? I feel ashamed at having backed this so I can only imagine having your name as the headliner would feel like. Talk about a stain on someone's career. I'd distance myself as far as I could from this if it was me.

    23. Scott Brodie on

      "We have fortunately been able to start getting some agreements in place for outside design assistance on the character classes and mechanics" Maybe I missed something, but weren't these the responsibilities Matsuno was said to be working on for this project? Does this statement mean he is no longer associated with the project?

    24. Missing avatar

      Lotxi on

      Too little too late

    25. Missing avatar

      SnarktyRTL on

      LastGunman has it absolutely correct. The very least you can do at this point is offer everyone that backed Unsung Story a free copy of all the other projects you've pissed away the 660k on.

      You won't read these comments. You won't do this. There are unfortunately no negative ramifications for your actions other than all the backers never buying a Playdek product ever again.

    26. Missing avatar

      LastGunman on

      Show you good will and give everyone of us a key for Twilight Struggle for free. Bu I don't think you'll do that.

    27. Manuel Kroeber on

      Matt Lohkamp said it very well.
      I don't care for delays. Just keep us in the loop. Even a simple "Sorry, nothing new this month, were busy. Here's a cat picture" is enough.

    28. Michaeljack on

      Yeah, yeah, i'll believe it when i see it, until then its just hot gas

    29. John Ward on

      Perhaps you should offer us download codes for the mystery project we seemingly funded... You could use the good will and we could use the assurance that you can ship a quality product.

      Given your new round of hiring, I think Karl's question regarding the continued involvement of the original FFT artist and composer is something you should fairly address.

    30. Missing avatar

      Phil on

      Just more empty promises with nothing to show for it, I'll believe it when I see some progress.

    31. Stefano Anselmi on

      Dear Playdek,
      you keep blundering on the most basic PR aspect and, while your excuses are polite enough, it's really disheartening waitng for a month with no information at all.

      It's pretty obvious the project was in a bad condition, so I'm not surprised of the work you still need to do before being able to produce a beta, but keep your backers informed even when the status report is "there is no status report".

      I'll keep waiting for your next update, hoping it won't suffer an ulterior delay.

    32. Chris J Capel on

      "We know that we have one method of restoring faith in this project, and that is through delivering on a great tactics game, which we intend to do."

      Correct, while it still won't be enough for everyone I guess. If you do this though and make Unsung Story a great tactics game then I'll be happy to tell the world.

    33. Missing avatar

      Karl Ritter on

      DO you still plan on having this be a "spiritual successor" to Final Fantasy Tactics and is the music and art by the original artist and composer of FFT as you said it would be?

    34. Aghamyr on

      I don't mind to much the delay in game devellopement, happens all the time, what's really bugging me is how shady you are your explainations, you basically tell us nothing, speaking about a "project" on a "plateform", why the hell you don't just tell what you where working on, i'm pretty sure some people would have been willing to buy that product to help you moving on to Unsung Story...
      I just don't get why so much secret.... are you ashamed of the "project" you had to finish before Unsung Story ?

    35. Luiz Oliveira on

      I'm just waiting for refund. Nothing more, nothing less.

    36. Missing avatar

      Hunter Bateman on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    37. Missing avatar

      Aaron Tang on

      Worst backing ever! LOOOOONGGG overdue. Just refund us backers with our money

    38. Julien Daunais on

      I finally got around to actually read one of the update. I had really forgotten about this game and now I'm pretty pissed I lost 20$. Here is my question: What in the name of gad have you been doing all day??? Even just making a character and some animations could take a week, 2 weeks tops. And I'd know, I make games for a living. Mind you I actually ship them. So will I ever see my 20$ back?

    39. Missing avatar

      Jesse on

      At this point, I just pop some corn and watch the sleight of hand show that they put on with each update. Granted, it's not a GOOD, show, but it's the most entertainment were ever going to get from Playdek…

    40. Missing avatar

      David H on

      I agree with Michael Magliocca comment. I have no interest in any PVP game of any sort either and it was never part of the original game concept. Not that it really matters though as it's unlikely you'll ever release anything now. It's been pretty clear for a while that you re-directed the funds elsewhere, so why keep up the facade that you'll ever deliver on the product that we all backed.

      A simple fact is that many Kickstarters fail and we all accept that possibility when we back a project. If nothing else, surely our money has at least earned a little honesty from your company. Admit you blew the funds, apologise and then we can all move on. It's not like you'll somehow look better for dragging this out than just admitting to the truth.

    41. Missing avatar

      Nick Highfield on

      Thanks for the update!

    42. Missing avatar

      Tyler L. on

      Thanks for the update. I'm glad that the project isn't abandoned, despite the hardships your company has gone through. Whatever happens to Unsung Story, I'm still cheering for Playdek.

    43. Griffinman01 on

      Why is it that, after 2.5 years of development, you're still pumping out concept art? This should be REAL art, REAL assets, REAL designs. After 2.5 years you've just admitted that you have nothing to show us that's actually part of the game. Smaller games than yours, as well as bigger, have gone from the campaign to release in the time it's taken you to working on CONCEPT ART!

      There's nothing you can do to restore faith in this pile of smashed hopes and dreams. Even if you do eventually put out a beta, I wont bother caring.

      Just give me my money back so I can spend it on a game that's worth playing and that might actually get made this decade.

    44. Tai Nguyen on

      Translation: "Thanks for the $600k you all sent us to make this game, but we decided to spend it all on making another game that none of you agreed to fund. Now that the other project is complete and earning us money, we'll go back to making half-hearted attempts at finishing this game until you all give up and forget about the money you gave us. Thanks for the free cash, suckers!"

    45. Timothy Hames on

      It's good to see an update keep up the hard work.

    46. Missing avatar

      William Turner on

      I was not elected to watch my people suffer and die while you discuss this game in a committee! If this body is not capable of action, I suggest new leadership is needed. I move for a vote of no confidence in Playdek's leadership.

    47. Phil Winkel on

      Late update, nothing to show, bunch of excuses, came off as completely indifferent and impersonal, zzz. I am not surprised at all.

      Sounds like you guys have no idea as to the scope of the project. This is just entertaining to me at this point.

      It must feel pretty shitty to take $660k from people all shady af like you did. I can only imagine what that money has gone towards so far. I feel bad for the people asking for refunds. My guess is they already pissed the money away, or their company is barely floating on that kickstarter money and they're going to ride it out until the end, whatever end it might be. If they had to put this kickstarter on pause to release another game first, the future of this kickstarter clearly depends on the success of their other titles. Aka playdek is a sinking ship. Sounds like some high stakes, good luck Playdek.

    48. MannyLaMancha on

      My comment from April 11th: "I can only speak for myself, but the lateness doesn't bother me; almost every single game I have backed has been up to several years late, so I expect it at this point. What is upsetting (and what I expect others are upset about) is that it appears two years passed and they had nothing to show for it but under one minute (not counting title cards) of underwhelming video, a literal few pieces of concept art, the appearance that not much had been done at all, and deafness to the protest of them pouring their resources (our money and their time) into an aspect of the game that was never pitched or asked for. (Yes, I realize Banner Saga released a PvP to balance their game, but they at least were upfront about it and had been making significant, visible progress beforehand.)"

      I'm looking at this most recent update, and I can't help but be horrified that we're several years into this hearing that not even the character art is done. Yikes! I'd like to request (again) that I be refunded.

    49. Lars Bendixen on

      As a fellow game designer it really sounds like you guys need to sit down and figure out the scope as well as the project management of your game and stop missing deadlines. Even more important you need to be transparent and let your backers know when a deadline cannot be met instead of keeping radio silence for a month.

      I wish you the best of luck with your project. Right now the best thing you can do is to make realistic estimations to how long each task will take. A good rule is to make estimations from worst case scenarios. If you can't make an estimation of a worst case scenario, then take the best case scenario estimation and multiply with 3.