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A rich, diverse Tactical RPG, envisioned by the master of the genre Yasumi Matsuno and you, the fans!
A rich, diverse Tactical RPG, envisioned by the master of the genre Yasumi Matsuno and you, the fans!
15,824 backers pledged $660,126 to help bring this project to life.

Development Update

Posted by Little Orbit (Creator)

Hey everyone,

Fortunately we have cleared a few more company hurdles since our last update and have plans to share at this time concerning Unsung Story development. We have new agreements with our secured creditor in place that has enabled us to map out how we will continue progress on the previous development plan we shared. Our secured creditor has been tremendously supportive through our company financial and development struggles, and is a team player in our good faith effort to remain a viable company and fulfill our development commitments and company obligations.

Per the previous update, we have an immediate product to ship that will put the company into a stronger revenue position, and that revenue will allow us to continue the Unsung Story development plan. Before we cover the rest of that, some of you have been asking as to how funding for the project has gone up to this point, as it pertains to what has been developed so far with the money spent. To date, roughly $1,500,000 has been spent on various aspects of Unsung Story development, and the following are development features that are in a working state:

Programming – Game Play Systems

Grid system for turn based architecture; Activation system for character turn order; Character attribute and stats system; Unit movement and action system; Combat actions and reactions; A.I. system and actions; Game play cameras; In-game U.I.; Character jobs and job switching system


GDD; Back story and plot; Historical timeline; Five game episodes – story, plot and scenario; Character schools, lineage and job types; Battle system; Controls (PC and tablet); Interface design

Programming – Online Architecture and Game Engine

Unity graphics engine fully integrated into the Playdek game engine; Particle system; Animation system; Billboard system; Asynchronous turn based system; In-game chat; Player profiles; Friends list; Tournament system; Notification system; Matchmaking


Empire concept art; World map; 3D levels with textures, lighting and effects; Character models, animations and art Prototypes Functional prototypes on PC and iOS have been built.

After a challenging fiscal 2015 that saw our development capacity severely reduced, we have a plan that will enable us to move forward with development, targeting the goals that we previously outlined last year of an initial Beta release with PvP, and then expanding that release with A.I. offline game play, and then subsequently the first story scenario. With a smaller team and diminished finances, we came to a point where those two things combined made creating content assets that would lead to a playable version of the game, that we could deliver to backers, challenging to the say the least. With getting that behind us, the first major goal will be to further advance the prototypes, expanding on at least two class schools, and getting them into a fully playable state that can be released to backers as a first playable. Initially, we were aiming for that to be in June of this year, and with the development delay we just incurred, we are now moving that to Fall of this year, with the additional progress steps following from there. As to the near term plans, we will have the immediate product we are focusing on for revenue released in March, with some of the team refocusing on Unsung Story then and the rest in April. From there, we will work diligently to get the playable PvP beta out for testing, followed with a backer release and then A.I. offline play. As we make this continued progress, we will update you with all that is getting done on the programming, art and design front.

We know that as a backer supported project, our struggles with completing this project have been very trying for you, and we truly wish that development of this game had gone smoother. Unfortunately, there are unexpected financial hardships that companies sometimes find themselves facing, and as difficult as they may be, we are thankful that we have been able to work through them and can keep the company viable and Unsung Story development on track.

Due to the development struggles the project has been under, some have asked as to whether we would offer refunds for those who wish to have them. As a company, we wouldn’t want to hold anyone hostage so to speak to a project that they have lost faith in. This doesn’t help anyone, company or consumer alike. Before the company can consider any issuance of refunds, we need to first get to a position of stronger financial health, where more than just the immediate development costs for Unsung Story can be supported. Through this plan, if we are able to financially get there and can work out the support with our secured creditor, then we would certainly consider offering refunds in some manner, with that still to be determined. For now, we have the finances to continue development, and so will focus on what we can do, and get to that first playable state that can be put into backers hands.

We will do our best to try and answer any follow up questions you may have, and will update you again when our product release is done in March. Thanks again for your long suffering support of this project, and we are going to do everything we can as a company to make a wonderful game that hopefully we will all enjoy for many years to come. 



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    1. Missing avatar

      chris leko on

      Twilight Struggle had some big game breaking bugs in it, so I don't think it'll be out for another few months.

    2. Larkin on

      "We will do our best to try and answer any follow up questions you may have, and will update you again when our product release is done in March."

      March is gone, so whats up ?

    3. Stoney Brooks on

      Pathetic. Simply pathetic. The bait and switch is illegal. What are you doing?

    4. MannyLaMancha on

      You didn't pitch PvP; ditch PvP.

    5. Alex Podgoredsky on

      No need PVP. Who the hell is need PVP in such games?!
      Cut it, and just give us real good game.

    6. Blackghost on

      I didn't back a PvP game and I don't want a PvP game.

    7. Missing avatar

      Hunter Bateman on

      Scrap PVP, scrap online features, speed things up.

      Put your money where your mouth is & start showing us the fruit of all your spending.

    8. Missing avatar

      Ryan Rice on

      Seriously, the more you guys talk, the more I want my money back. I'm so tired of excuses.

      And please drop PvP. No one who kickstarted this game ever wanted PvP.

    9. Missing avatar

      Maikuru Aoki on

      Don't you think it would have been a good idea to be in a better financial position before asking strangers for money, or... you know, as for realistic sum of money to fund the project, sure you might not have reached your goal, but at least we all wouldn't be in the cluster fuck which is Unsung Story.

    10. Takwin on

      PLEASE GET RID OF THE PVP. I just want a single player turn-based tactics game.

    11. Griffinman01 on

      Hey, hookers and blow don't pay for themselves. Obviously these guys spent more money on the after party than they did on the product they were supposed to be making. This project is a joke and anyone who still supports these guys is just plain delusional. They threw away 1.5 million dollars and the only thing they've shown us is a 1 minute pre-rendered video that any computer science major from a community college could have put together for free. It's ridiculous and insulting that they expect us to be happy with their 'progress' when all of our money has been thrown away on god knows what rather than the game we paid for.

      Playdek, how does it feel to collectively screw over 15000 people for $660,000?

    12. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Perry on

      Going to have to ditto jettisoning the PvP. No one really wants that as a priority.

      "challenging to the say the least."
      Challenging because somehow you managed to waste 1.5 million dollars and not have a finished working product come out? Where .66 of that came directly from the users?

    13. Andrew Fors on

      How about you skip the PvP crap that nobody wants anyway? Get to the game you promised. It's painfully obvious you don't pay any attention to backer feedback. What a trainwreck of a project.

    14. MannyLaMancha on

      I suppose(?) it's heartening to see the optimists here, but quite honestly, YEARS behind schedule and a supposed 1.5 million dollars with LITERALLY almost nothing to show for it except a very rough video, coupled with the news that the project morphed into having a PVP focus (yes, I know they said it's about balancing, but they not ONCE mentioned PVP in the pitch,) it's just... fraud, much?

    15. Missing avatar

      JLL on

      Huge fan of FFT here. Looking forward to the game, keep up the good work !

    16. Paul Shattuck on

      I'm very much looking forward to the spiritual successor to FFT that I helped fund, and certainly do not want a refund. I must admit, however, to being more than a little disappointed at the idea that PVP would be the initial focus of this game. If I wanted a PVP game, I'd support the other "free to play" garbage titles littering the mobile gaming market with their ethically dubious gacha system mechanics. I was looking forward to an in depth story I could play through and enjoy on my own, not another arena.

      I am also forced to wonder why we are waiting for your "immediate product to ship that will put the company into a stronger revenue position," when we have already raised a fully funded project with extensive stretch goals met that should have been completed before any other projects became more immediate and provided perfectly strong revenue.

      WE are your investors. We deserve more than words in a progress report. There should be forums with art updates and videos, developer interviews, anything tangible to show us that you haven't squandered our investment. We just want you to give us what we paid for.

    17. skylarhawk on

      Thank you for expressing a desire to offer a refund process, which, as per the kickstarter terms that we all agreed to, you are under no obligation to offer. I wish you the best on your current venture and hope that it does bring in additional revenue for you.

      To other backers, please consider that toxic comments help no-one in this situation. Being vulgar or rude won't magically make this project what you dreamed it would be, and it won't add any incentive to the team to offer you a refund for your contribution.

    18. Haedrath on

      Sorry to hear development isn't going as planned and about the financial problems. I'm glad you guys are still pushing forward though! Its a damn shame the gaming community is so fickle. I feel like you guys have gotten a lot of undeserved criticism. There hasn't been a great fantasy tactical rpg released in ages. I think trying to revive these type games is worth my backing alone. I wish more people thought that way. Either way good on you for giving us an update. I hope the remaining of your development goes well. Excited to try the game once its ready!

    19. Anthony Giovinazzo

      I still have faith in you guys. I'm not looking for a refund at all. Keep my money and use it to make the spiritual successor to FFT that we all want. I hope these other projects of yours bring in a lot of revenue so you can get back to work on Unsung Story in full force. I'll be waiting patiently. Just try to keep us updated more frequently from now on.

    20. Missing avatar

      David on

      I would be satiated for now, if you don't want to release the current version for people to play, with seeing some live gameplay with whatever you've got. I don't think I'm going to take my pledge away from a company already going through financial troubles since for now I believe what I pledged for hasn't been completely abandoned, but I don't think that's too much to ask for, a gameplay progress stream.

    21. Steven Fluet on

      At this point, there's no evidence that you've done any of this. You've not shared the process or development with your backers. Not even the crumbs of story, character, etc...What you have provided could have been provided for any game, and not specifically this one.

      Just own up to the failure, give us the process map of the decisions that led to the failure so other, better companies can learn from your missteps and move on to create good, playable games.

    22. Dunan on

      You can be sure I'll be waiting for that refund option.

      After so long there's nothing to show for it, it might as well not exist and who on earth even knows what you've done to use up all that money for nothing.

      You've tarnished your company name forever and will never get my money again.

    23. Missing avatar

      Hunter Bateman on

      Please stop lying.

      If you've truly spent $1,500,000 on the project.

      Fucking show us some content/images/music/video.

    24. Michael Brand

      Honestly, it makes me almost physically sick that $660k+ raised for this campaign has been squandered so badly, with only a sad excuse for a "combat preview" video to show for it.
      Especially when there were SRPG projects like "Tears of Avia", which had an ACTUAL playable prototype during their campaign (that was better in EVERY CONCEIVABLE WAY to what was shown in that "combat preview" video) on just a shoestring budget, but couldn't get funded.

    25. Chet on

      I didn't back a PvP game and I don't want a PvP game. A lot of other REAL developers have released wonderful games with a much smaller budget than the amount you have already wasted.

      I hope you're smart enough to change your name before you begin your next scam.

    26. Steve on

      Just fuck off and give us our money back you scamming pieces of penis shit.

    27. Missing avatar

      Shachihoko on

      Thank you for the relatively detailed update.

      The last update was extremely discouraging to say the least, but it's good to know that Playdek still intends to make a serious effort towards bringing Unsung Story to fruition. I can actually understand why PvP is going to be the initial focus for purposes of a beta release, since it lets you focus on making the *game* work and leaving the "opposition" to another human player, while leaving AI development and balancing until later in the process. (Hopefully not too much later though ... :)

      I wish the best of luck to everyone at Playdek; I may keep an eye open for refund details, but I've regained a measure of optimism in this project. Maybe not all of the optimism I had when I pledged, but at least some.

    28. Anna on

      Yep, I'm prolly just gonna wait til they gave refunds. I've lost faith in this product.

    29. Missing avatar

      Siendra on

      >To date, roughly $1,500,000 has been spent on various aspects of Unsung Story development

      I don't believe that on any level. This would literally have to be one of the most poorly managed projects in history for that to be true based on the results you've shown.

      You're still jerking us around Playdeck, we're not stupid.

    30. Larkin on

      Please update us about the refund progress.
      I'm 100% sure the game which 'might' finally be released is nothing I'm interested in any longer.

    31. Stefano Anselmi on

      Well, keep up the hard work.
      Can't say I'm positively impressed by your funds management skill nor your PR, but I can respect the fact that you are honestly struggling to keep your company from going under.

      Like I said before I have no problem with a PvP mode, and using it for building a challenging AI makes sense, however be mindful of the related costs, if it is not the main focus of the game it should not eat up most of the funds. You obviously screwed up badly in the funds management before.

      And keep updating every month, no matter how little progress has been made: this is the first and foremost obligation toward your backers, and yet you dropped the ball badly several times.

    32. Bryan Gerding

      See, this seems like an incredibly level-headed and focused update. You should have put this information out there months ago.

      Anyway, good luck moving forward. Hope to get this at some point but it will be mostly a surprise message when it does show up.

    33. Drew Shaw on

      Why are you still focused on PvP? Nobody asked for that.

    34. Xifanie on

      @Playdek: I suggest you open your PvP alpha/beta to the general public, otherwise I can't see how you could possibly get more than 2-3 online PvP battles out of your existing mob of backers... but even that might not be enough.

    35. Unco Lober on

      The few apologists below are the funniest. Poor little Playdek, all it did was take $650,000 and promise some silly game or other to a bunch of dumb unwashed nerds and now years later all these meanies and negative nancies are yelling and hating on it—oh my, the pity in me is overwhelming. How can you be so rude to a corporation and its rich-guy CEO Joel Goodman, who is directly "responsible for company direction, strategic development, studio culture and company financials" (, when all they did was joke about hiring Yasumi Matsuno to make the new FFT? Backers, you're all just horrible human beings who hate games on top of being stupid and that's that.

      Also, no refunds lol.

    36. Huteikigame on

      My opinion is listed below.
      Please translate into English.

      One thing I can say, I believe in you.
      and, I am praying for your new plan.


    37. Rohan Jurkowski on

      I can't believe you fuckers are holding my money for ransom. You clearly messed up and refuse to take the blame for your poor planning. What a joke.

    38. Griffinman01 on

      Really, 2 years of development and we get a 1 minute trailer that shows next to nothing that's final. Most other games have had playable alpha builds or full on betas by that time. Look at Kingdom Come Deliverance. It was started roughly at the same time and that game is FAR more ambitious. They've had alpha builds for a long time now and is far further along than this crap.

      Plus, a simple reality check is that after two years, they still have nothing aside from a pre-rendered video that anyone could have put together as a school project in computer animation rather than anything we can interact with.

    39. Zombra on

      One more reality check: for those of you claiming that Playdek has "nothing to show" for the money spent up to now, you must have forgotten the October update. Scroll back and check it out, a game is being made.

    40. Zombra on

      There's a difference between apologism and a simple reality check. :D

    41. Michael Magliocca

      If this is still going to become a multi-player game I don't want it so put me down for a refund. I wanted what you proposed in your initial video. That is what I backed.

    42. Warat Wiseswong on

      First it was HEX, then this. I guess I learned my lesson. Kickstarter is totally not something I'd waste my time or money on ever again.

    43. Mark Dorney on

      Little late to respond, but
      "For those of you demanding refunds, bear in mind that Playdek doesn't owe you a damn thing."

      ...Really? F### off. Whining is far more tolerable than shameless apologism.

    44. Michaeljack on

      Words are all very well but how about you show us some art assets, gameplay footage etc. Show us you really have done the work you claim to have done

    45. Carlos Portilla on

      Sorry, I still want my money back. I'm tired of waiting and at this moment, I don't care if the game is ever released, I don't want it.

    46. Geomancer on

      You claim you have spent $1.5M on development of this game.

      Please show me what that $1.5M got us.

      Because that video you posted sure as hell did not have $1.5M worth of work put into it. If you're claiming that it does...

      I'm glad you mentioned refunds, because I would still like one. I have no faith you'll produce the game that was promised. If someday you actually do produce the game, and it isn't some PvP focused nonsense, then I'll consider it.

    47. Nick Vance on

      I don't care about PvP. If you could make the game for less $ without PvP it seems like that would be better. If PvP is needed as a byproduct of tuning the systems that's fine but please explain that decision better.

    48. Griffinman01 on

      I'm still looking for my refund. While it's nice that you haven't cut and run on us, you still haven't given us any proof that you didn't spend our money on hookers and blow. This is getting old. Two years after the fact and you haven't shown us jack shit.

      If you couldn't make the game with $600,000 then why did you set that as your funding goal? It's not our fault you underestimated the costs to make this game. Maybe if you had more than just a concept before you jumped the gun on a Kickstarter you wouldn't be in this position. This was a concern I voiced constantly back during the campaign and, in spite of my better judgement, I pledge money. I now deeply regret that decision. It's obvious you guys didn't plan a thing out other than "hey, let's make a game like FF Tactics!" and now you're up shit creek without a paddle.

      I only care about your company insofar as your ability to get me my refund. Beyond that you've lost my trust and desire to hear anything you've got to say.