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A rich, diverse Tactical RPG, envisioned by the master of the genre Yasumi Matsuno, Playdek, and you, the fans!
A rich, diverse Tactical RPG, envisioned by the master of the genre Yasumi Matsuno and you, the fans!
A rich, diverse Tactical RPG, envisioned by the master of the genre Yasumi Matsuno and you, the fans!
15,824 backers pledged $660,126 to help bring this project to life.

Sir Vensniel L'Brasca and Development Updates


Greetings Backers,

Since our last update, we have been making game play adjustments to our Battle System and rules in order to improve the game flow, combat and balancing. We have been making multiple playables to tune the systems and script the scenario stages, and I have been lucky enough to grab some early screens of this work to share with you which shows some of the development progress of the game. The images I am sharing with you are far from finished, but it should give you an idea of what’s to come. You will also find a hefty storyline section that goes over the events in the first two scenarios of the first episode, so if you don’t want to know too much about the story skip the first section of this update! Lastly we included some more art images of Sir Vensniel L’Brasca for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Storyline Segment


[Continued from the last Story Update]

In an attempt to distract the Jheksal Troops that are amassing outside the walls of the fort-city of Latzera, Sir Vensniel L’Brasca gathers a squad of Alionne soldiers to assist him in a diversion mission. His hope is that by setting fire to the Jheksal troopships in the nearby harbor, the Jheksal troops will be baited to leave the city and rush to the harbor buying Sir Vensniel and the others trapped within the city much needed time until the main Alionne forces arrive to rescue the city from the Jheksal grasp. In the middle of executing this plan, Sir Vensniel and his troops are attacked by the Highmarshal Veracruz the Red and a band of Jheksal soldiers. A battle ensues at the harbor and when things start to look bleak for our hero, backup appears as he is joined by Giovanna Breneit, the daughter of Count Breneit of Latzera, and her troops. With the aid of Giovanna, Sir Vensniel is able to finish his mission and defeat the Highmarshal and Jheksal soldiers before leaving the harbor.

As Sir Vensniel accompanies Giovanna and her men back to the safety inside the city walls, Giovanna receives word that her husband, Lord Rheims, has fled the city to join the service of the Jheksal Army. This goes against the wishes of Count Breneit as he has already pledged fealty to the Alionne Kingdom. However it isn’t the fleeing of the city by her husband and joining the opposing army that upsets Giovanna, it is the news that the Lord has abducted their son Joshua and fled with him. Understanding the brevity of this situation and being the honorable man that he is, Sir Vensniel quickly assembles a troop of soldiers and leaves the city at once to track down Lord Rheims and return Joshua to his mother.

Sir Vensniel and his troops move with great urgency through the forest as the sun begins to set, in order to close the gap between them and Lord Rheims. The forest surrounding Latzera is a hazardous and dangerous place filled with vile monsters who show no mercy upon the unfortunates who happen to come across them. Fresh, dead units begin littering the ground giving Sir Vensniel the impression that he and his troop may not be alone in these woods. As the party continues to move quickly the silence of the forest is interrupted with the sounds of fighting, a scream, and then muted scuffles and whimpers. Arriving just a tad too late, the party watches as one of Lord Rheims attendants is mauled by a beast. In the distance Sir Vensniel sees a rundown fort and lights flickering from within, giving him the impression that Lord Rheims and Joshua may be hiding in the fort for safety from the creatures outside. Sir Vensniel makes his way through the monsters surrounding the fort and as he approaches the entrance, the sound of fighting grows louder with each step. One final gasp is heard as he enters the fort, just in time to witnesses the last moments of Lord Rheims life as he succumbs to a monster while defending his son. Sir Vensniel and his men finish off the last of the monsters and save Joshua from the same demise as his father. Our hero picks up the boy and him and his men slowly make their way back to Giovanna and the safety behind the city walls of Latzera to reunite mother and son.

Unreleased Painting of Sir Vensniel L’Brasca by Akihiko Yoshida


Development Update  

Our designers have been very busy balancing and adjusting the Battle System that we talked about previously. One of the major components we have been able to refine is the 8-Point Movement and Attack System you will see illustrated in the images below. Your characters will be able to move and attack other units in eight directions: front, back, left, right, and all the diagonals in-between. You will notice that our units are placed on a square-based grid; however this is just a placeholder for the time being while we work on a more visually appealing approach to use in the game for this 8-Point System, which is both intuitive and seamless.  

All of these images we are about to share with you have been taken from early playable demos that have been used to help us lay out the foundation for the game. These screens are not definitive of what the final product will look like, but represent the iterative steps we are taking in development.

Another game feature that has been worked on is the presentation and control of the in-game User Interface, keeping an eye towards intuitive controls that do not encumber the player, while maintaining a high graphic appeal. The goal is to provide you the player with the information and controls you need during your battles, without interfering with the flow, so that you have more time to focus on the fight at hand and can devise your strategy to overcome the challenges thrown your way.  

Also, we have done extensive work to the character, weapons and armor systems for the Units you create in the game. With this system, you will be provided with multiple combat styles to suit your style of play during combat. We will divulge more information about the character system with the next update, so if you have any specific questions feel free to post them on our forums for our team to review and think about.

Art Update

In our last update we introduced you to the “Knight of Knights”, the “Siege-Breaker”, Sir Vensniel L’Brasca, one of the main characters designed by Akihiko Yoshida. Along with creating the different units for the Alionne and Jheksal armies in the game, the main characters for each episode are also being crafted, including Sir Vensniel, working off of the character design sketches we receive from Mr.Yoshida. Below is a refresher image of the character design we showed of Sir Vensniel, and then following that are a few images from our artists of the game model as it begins being placed into the game world. Again, these images from the game are still in the early development stages and are not finished art, but we wanted to share this early peek with you so that you can watch as the game grows and develops.

Previously released image of Sir Vensniel L’Barasca:

Artist rendering of Sir Vensniel L’Brasca:

Sir Vensniel L’Brasca inside the game:

More art, screens, story, and development information will be coming soon, so hopefully these will be enough to hold you all over for now. If you have any specific questions about the game, your pledge, or just want to join in on the conversations we have going on our forums, feel free to make an account and join us. I can usually be found lurking about and it’s always nice to see more conversations being started: Playdek Forums 

Thank you all for your support; words cannot express how grateful we are to have you with us on this journey.  


Shyla, Playdek Community Manager  

Have a question about your pledge? Email us here: 

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    1. Missing avatar

      Hunter Bateman on

      Vensniel*, don't hurt me!!

    2. Missing avatar

      Hunter Bateman on

      Yeah, the concept art is utterly fantastic. I hope Vensiel's look appears much more like the concept in the end.

    3. Dave, Shadowrunner on

      I'm guessing Playdeck tried to implement the triangle/ hex grid in an early prototype and it just wasn't working. It sounded like a neat idea, but maybe it didn't play or look good in practice. So I'm OK with those changes.

      I do hope they final game will look as close to the concept art as possible. Because the concept art was really great (e.g., gritty / realistic medieval, rather than the cartoony, exagerated fantasy we see in too many RPGs).

    4. Missing avatar

      Keith Rice on

      6 directions or 8, it's really not a big deal. 6 produces better verisimilitude with "circular effects", thanks to hexes much better approximations of circles, 8 is easier to work with from a tiling perspective.

      I'd prefer 6, since I think it gives a much cleaner "front/back" facing for facing mechanics, and does produce better effects.

    5. Little Orbit Creator on

      Thank you for all of the support everyone! We are glad to see your excitement and enthusiasm about this project! And we loved reading all of your discussion on the 8-Point system. It isn’t uncommon for things to change during development, and we will provide more details on this system on a later update for everyone. There is much more to it than we showed in this update, so hopefully over time we will share more with you about this. If you have any more ideas/comments/suggestions on this, please do not hesitate to post them up.

      And yes Andrew. Nice catch! >.<

    6. Kaho on

      Please Use UNREAL ENGINE 4 for this.

      Even Project Phoenix made the switch to the Newer Engine

    7. Michael Brand

      The polygon that actually appears when you connect the cardinal directions with lines, then do the same with the four diagonals:

    8. Michael Brand

      @Hunter Bateman
      Your invisible hex is invisible because it doesn't exist. You're literally confusing (hence "confused") perspective and the grid lines shifting to match the terrain, with non-related and non-existent "points" to form the vertices of a hexagon.

    9. Missing avatar

      Hunter Bateman on

      @Luc, I'm not trying to force-fit notions... I merely proved that there's an invisible hex drawn inside of that square tile. A lot of arguments acting as if I'm trying to argue beyond that simple point, I'm not. But thanks for treating me, a stranger, so poorly.

      @Griffin, it's not so much directly insulting in your case as it is using aggressive language which would appear demeaning or making statements like, "...when there are clearly 8 directions...". If it's so generally clear, the insinuation is I'm not keen or intelligent enough to grasp it. Otherwise, you're fine. I personally agree about desiring the hex system for innovation's sake, although I also don't have anything against the squad grid.

      @Michael, thanks for backing me up however you continue to insult me ("going overboard"). I like the ethical blind spot you have in treating words like "delusional" as more 'harsh' (excessive) a statement like, "(you're) just confused...".

      Like I said up top, I never once tried to argue whether or not they've shifted from a hex-grid system to a squad-grid system... I've merely argued the fact that an invisible hex lies inside of the square-tile & given room to the idea that perhaps it's hexagonal quality is utilized in a way not yet known/revealed.

    10. Michael Brand

      @Luc René de Cotret
      Whoa now. Hunter Bateman may be going overboard in refusing to accept that there has been a shift from a hex-grid system to a square-grid system, but using words like "delusional" is a bit excessive too.

    11. Griffinman01 on

      @Hunter Bateman
      I don't see how you can see an insult in what I said. I questioned how you can see a hex when there are clearly 8 directions in both your diagram and on the image posted above, but I never got personal or insulted you.

      Basic Geometry aside, as I said, I don't have anything against using a square grid, but I was hoping to see the hex system that they were originally working on. The Square system in tRPGs is like an old trusty bike. Nothing fancy, serviceable, and it works. The hex system would have been new and innovative to the genre. Pen and Paper RPGs have used hex systems for a while and have done a good job with them, so they do work in the right format.

      If they dropped the hex system because they couldn't get it to work, then I'm fine with that. I'd like to know that that was the reason rather than going the "traditional" route for sake of making it easier to make.

    12. Luc René de Cotret on

      @Hunter Bateman ... to add to the argument that this is now a square grid where sides and diagonals are used to achieve 8 direction targetting, and NOT something that's still somehow compatible with the original concept of a hex/triangle grid, just look at how different characters are tiled in the screenshots:
      You can't achieve BOTH x AND y axis alignment on a hex grid like you can on a square grid. Characters simply could not be positionned in a L shape on a hex grid. seeing how they ARE positionned in a L shape on one of these screenshots, it's obvious they've moved to a square grid with the added liberty of using diagonals in addition to adjacent tiles. The hex grid is gone, big deal, things change, it's probably for the best too, seeing how everyone was confused by the triangular intersection system they initially envisionned. Let's just embrace the new old square grid and stop, trying to force-fit a notion of underlying hex grid that doesn't behave like a hex grid, it's nonesense and you're delusional for suggesting something so ridiculous, either it's hex, or it's square, but it's not in-between.

    13. Michael Brand

      Oops, didn't fix up that sentence before I posted:
      *... there is a good reason why turn-based strategy games that aims for realistic abstraction will keep going back to hex-grid systems.

    14. Michael Brand

      Yeah, there is a good reason why turn-based strategy games that aims for realistic abstraction on hex-grid systems.
      I'm not necessarily against (potentially) good implementations of square-grid systems, but I do share your curiosity about why they decided to switch from hex-grids (which are much more rare in Japanese SRPGs) to square-grids.

    15. Missing avatar

      Hunter Bateman on

      Cool, resort to insulting. Not worth any further words. Good day sirs.

    16. Griffinman01 on

      @Hunter Bateman
      I have no idea how in the hell you think your diagrams show anything resembling an ordered six-sided hexagon.
      Rather than trying to argue, just look at update #12. Now look at this update. You see how they're VERY different? The previous one mentioned 6-directions of facing. Look how it was using triangles in a hexagonal pattern and that the tiled ground resembles nothing like a square. When you look at this one, there is 0 resemblance to what was shown before in update 12. This is very plainly using a square-based grid with the basic cardinal directions of North, South, East, and West and diagonals in between them.

      It's an odd choice to change something like that considering it sounded like they were really working into the idea of a hex-based system. It's kind of disappointing because the hex system could have offered up a ton of new ideas. A square tiled system has been around for tRPGs since the original Tactics in 1997 and has become the basis for almost every tRPG since. A hex system could have shaken up the genre and opened up some cool mechanics we may not have gotten in a standard square-tiled system. Not saying that the square-tiles are bad, but you have to admit that seeing a new system would have been pretty cool.

    17. Michael Brand

      @Hunter Bateman
      Oh, I see. You've just confused the 4 longer lines in the corners + 4 shorter lines on the sides, and somehow connected them into a hexagon.

    18. Missing avatar

      Hunter Bateman on

      P.S. as you can see, I didn't care to put much attention to detail (the lines aren't even where I said they should be exactly lawl).

    19. Missing avatar

      Hunter Bateman on

      To reiterate, the 8 points I'm speaking of (the tiny lines moving in from the corners/sides of the square tile) form the outline of a hexagon (six, I get it, thanks) in the center if you look carefully.

      I showed how, in my crappy diagram, targeting out from the inside of the hexagon (6) could hit 8 different angles in a strange way (aiming through the diagonals/flanks/tips but not the center-points of the diagonal edges).

      Seriously, I may not be using the best terminology but I'm not wrong lol. Try to critically work it through in your own head before constantly arguing to the contrary. TRY to figure out what I'm getting at first. Look for yourself & comprehend it.

    20. Missing avatar

      Hunter Bateman on

      @Michael, again, I pointed out how there are 6 sides..... and I drew a crappy diagram showing those 6 sides (count them)..... and I inferred my knowledge of what hexagon vs. hexagonal means, I don't need you defining it for me to make a point.....

    21. Lienn on

      Alright! Came here expecting another so-so update and happened to actually be slapped with a sweet one! ^^
      Graphics are looking cool (seeing they're all at early stage of development) and i confess i like the 8-sides tile idea better than 6-sides one.
      Just wish the updates weren't as spaced as they are now. A update every 2~3 months isn't enough to keep the hype flowing. Anyway, nice update, Shyla! ^^

    22. Patryk Przepiorkowski on

      All looking good. Thanks for the long update.

    23. Sean on

      Thanks for the lengthy update. Looks like its shaping up well

    24. Michael Brand

      @Hunter Bateman
      You're literally wrong. It doesn't matter if it's a regular or irregular 6-sided shape or not. A "hexagon" or "hexagonal" shape will ALWAYS be 6-sided, that's what the "hex" in the word literally stand for, from the Greek word for "six".

    25. Missing avatar

      Hunter Bateman on

      There's more to a shape's utilization then simply basic attacking also... there's dynamically shaped aoe's (potentially spilling over into only portions of a tile), facing, line-of-sight, etc.

      @Michael, I literally explained how in my post...

      / \
      | X |
      \ /

      Front, rear, flanks, & diagonals.


      Hexagonal != perfect hexagon either, in case anyone wanted to try to argue that one.

      And for anybody who says, "how's that any different than a square," again... you don't know how the shape is going to be utilized. The diagonals/flanks/tips may act differently from one another somehow... we just don't know right now.

    26. Shiru XIII on

      Awesome news ! The story is interesting ;-) !
      I also like the amazing artworks from Yoshida-san :D.
      The screenshots look great so far.

      Keep up the good work !

    27. Griffinman01 on

      @Micheal Brand
      Yeah, it's pretty obvious that there's nothing hexagonal/trigonal about this, especially when you look at the images provided in Update #12 where they first talked about using the hex-based system.
      That's kind of a big thing to be changing since that was one of the selling points of their combat system. As they put it "Instead of a square tile system, Unsung Story will use triangular tiles, with units standing not at the center of tiles, but at the intersections. This gives units six possible directions of movement."
      Part of the reason why I thought this game was so interesting is that they were trying something new rather than the typical "chessboard" tactical game. Hex systems allow for a lot of new ideas and it would be unique in the sea of other tile-based tRPGs.

      I'm kind of bummed out if they dropped that.

    28. Michael Brand

      @Hunter Bateman
      How exactly does one match up 8-points to a hexagon? A hexagon is literally defined as a polygon with "6 edges and 6 vertices".

      ... Anyway, mathematically speaking there are only 3 shapes that can be used to form regular tiling (or regular tessellation) on a Euclidean plane: Triangle, Square, Hexagon (and in practice, triangle and hexagon grids would once again be functionally identical for level design).

      You can have octagonal grids, but they'd end up as truncated square tiling, however it's technically treated as a form of *square* tiling.

    29. Andrew Pam on

      "Understanding the brevity of the situation" - apparently it was only a situation for one brief moment. Or did you mean the *gravity* of the situation? :)

    30. Missing avatar

      Hunter Bateman on

      P.S. Bravo Shyla, amazing update, you truly delivered & we're so thankful for it/YOU!

      Can't wait for my favorite, juicy update next... gameplay!

    31. Missing avatar

      Hunter Bateman on

      Everybody... you can see the faint, invisible outline of a hexagon inside the grid of the top image... see the 8 points & how the diagonals reach nearer to the certain (are longer)?

      It's just that the character faces where two sides meet & not to the center of a single side, you get it?

      Makes sense.

      8-point can match up with hexagonal, it's just that you're not attacking through the diagonal side 'center points' (whereas you're able to on your flanks).

      May seem odd now but I guarantee Unsung knows what they're doing with it & it's highly sophisticated.

      Besides, you have to understand that there's often a suspension of disbelief with many TRPG's regarding targeting paradigms (for instance, a melee attacker isn't capable of attacking to a diagonal in FFT even though it's equidistant in real-world geometry).

      Case closed.

      Resume hype.

    32. Asa on

      I too got the impression from the original screenshots they were working on a hex-based grid made of triangles, but if the new version is a 8-point system instead of a 6-point system, then I don't mind much. Stuff changes in development.

    33. Griffinman01 on

      Yeah but an 8-point system doesn't match up with hexagonal grids. They also mention that the 8-points are "eight directions: front, back, left, right, and all the diagonals in-between" which denotes a 3x3 grid with your unit in the center.

    34. Wayne on

      Amazing stuff there. I sure like those screenshots. You guys just lifted the morale of all your backers. :)

    35. Peterious on


      "You will notice that our units are placed on a square-based grid; however this is just a placeholder for the time being while we work on a more visually appealing approach to use in the game for this 8-Point System, which is both intuitive and seamless".

    36. Griffinman01 on

      Wasn't the combat system originally using triangles in a hexagonal pattern? I wonder when it changed back to the traditional square tiles you see in tactics.

    37. Tenouchi on

      Love the screenshots. The enviroments look great and everything just makes me more and more excited for this game. Keep up the good work! :D

    38. Michaeljack on

      That picture of Sir Vensniel L’Brasca is beautiful! Loving the battle screenshots too :)

    39. Missing avatar

      Faelim on

      Wow, there are exceptional early screenshots. I apologize for my frustration in the comments on an earlier date. Please keep this up!

    40. Messala Oliveira on

      My godness! What a character designing! I simply loved it!!!
      Keep the great work! I'm anxious!!!

    41. Peterious on

      Those environments are gorgeous!

      Also that painting of Sir Vensniel is going to be my new phone wallpaper!

    42. Christian Rose on

      Consider the lack of communication forgiven, this looks great.