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A rich, diverse Tactical RPG, envisioned by the master of the genre Yasumi Matsuno, Playdek, and you, the fans!
A rich, diverse Tactical RPG, envisioned by the master of the genre Yasumi Matsuno, Playdek, and you, the fans!
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Combat, Equipment, and Rasfalia Map


Greetings Backers,

A little combat, some equipment information, and some new art for you to view. Enjoy!

Game Combat

During your travels through Rasfalia, you will encounter enemies that you must defeat in order to continue with your quest. When fighting in a battle, each unit will have a number of actions they will be able to perform during their turn. These actions include:

  • Move 
  • Attack 
  • Switch Weapons 
  • Use Skills 
  • End Turn 

Move and Attack are pretty self explanatory. However, Switch Weapons is a bit unique per character. Your characters will have the ability to equip up to two different weapons. During a battle you will be able to switch between the two. The importance of these weapons is that weapons have the chance to come with specific abilities bound to them. By equipping these weapons, your character will be granted access to these particular skills that may be outside their fixed skill-set as defined by their class. These weapons will be a very important feature to utilize and can drastically affect the way the battle will play out. The Use Skills ability will allow you to use skills available to your character, either from their class or granted from their weapon. And lastly, End Turn will end your turn. 

The battles will be swayed on the actions you take during your turns, so it will be important to study the enemy, find their weaknesses, and attack accordingly. 


Equipment found in the game will usually have one or more requirements or  a character must meet in order to equip it. The different requirement categories for equipment are: 

  • Attributes: This category will require characters to meet or exceed certain attribute levels. The greater the item, the higher this level will be. 
  • School: Equipment with a School requirement will need the character to be a part of a particular school in order to equip it. 
  • Common: Equipment that is found to be common within the game will allow all characters to use these items, regardless of the school. 
  • Soul Bond: This tag on equipment means that the item can only be equipped once, and the character that equips will be the sole owner and user of this item. 

Equipment will be attained in multiple ways, such as merchants, drops, rewards, treasures, and more so you will always need to be on the lookout for items to enhance your characters. 

Art Update 

Unsung Story takes place in the fictional region of Rasfalia. Rasfalia is a peninsula surrounded by the Jakeos sea around the same size as modern day France or Spain. This peninsula is inhabited by the people of the Alionne Kingdom and the Jheksal Empire. Unsung Story will focus on the power struggles between these two great nations of power and all of the provinces found within.

Jheksal Empire
Jheksal Empire

Development on the game is progressing nicely. As we continue down this path we will finalize a development timeline to share with everyone later this summer. Thank you for reading.  


Shyla, Playdek Community Manager 

Schools and In-Game Screen Images


Greetings Backers,

With the Battle System rules defined, our game designers have been able to turn their focus towards defining the schools that will help characterize the different playable Job Classes found within the game. Previously called “Professions” in early development, these Schools have been broken down into five categories: War, Nature, Divine, Man, and Arcane.  

  • Units within the School of War specialize in the use of martial weapons and skills. Soldiers and Lancers are examples of two Jobs found within this school.  
  • The School of Nature revolves around the use of weapons and skills that pertain to living alongside nature. Huntsmen and Beastmasters are just two Jobs found within this School.
  • The School of the Divine promotes the use of powers imparted from higher beings which manifest as Miracles or Hexes. Priests and Necromancers are two Jobs that emerge from this School.  
  • The School of Man highlights the perfection, ingenuity, and vices of man. Incidentally, Apothecaries and Assassins are two Jobs found here.  
  • The last School, the Arcane School, uses magic instead of physical means to overcome obstacles. Here you will find Jobs such as Wizards and Summoners associated to this School.

Other factors that will impact your playable units will be their Lineage (which will be discussed at a later time) and the Unit’s attributes. The starting attributes assigned to each Unit will be determined by their chosen School at the time of creation. The six attributes assigned to the Units include Vitality, Strength, Dexterity/Agility, Intelligence/Mind, Faith/Piety, and Charisma.

  • Vitality governs a Unit's Hit Points and movement.
  • Strength governs the Attack Power of a Unit and improves and Unit's Hit Points.
  • Dexterity/Agility governs a Unit's base chance to hit, perform critical strikes, and dodge attacks.
  • Intelligence/Mind governs a Unit's Mana Pool, the strength of INT based equipment and spells, as well as the number of spells, miracles and/or hexes a Unit can equip.
  • Faith/Piety governs the strength of Faith based equipment and Miracles as well as mana regen.
  • Charisma governs a Unit's ability to influence, lead, and raise the morale of men as well as beasts. While each Unit will receive starting attributes at creation, you will be able to change these attribute values through leveling.

Along with Schools and Attributes, you will have the option to collect and equip gear on your Units. This gear will often have a one or more requirement that the Unit must meet or exceed to equip and thus use it, such as a required Attribute level or assigned School. Equipable gear will include Armor, Shields, and Weapons, and certain gear found within the game have the ability to be upgraded which will improve the gear by adding an additional effect.  

And now, we will leave you with these images of the interior of one of the current playable demos we have been building in-house. As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us at or post up on our forums here:


Shyla, Playdek Community Manager

Sir Vensniel L'Brasca and Development Updates


Greetings Backers,

Since our last update, we have been making game play adjustments to our Battle System and rules in order to improve the game flow, combat and balancing. We have been making multiple playables to tune the systems and script the scenario stages, and I have been lucky enough to grab some early screens of this work to share with you which shows some of the development progress of the game. The images I am sharing with you are far from finished, but it should give you an idea of what’s to come. You will also find a hefty storyline section that goes over the events in the first two scenarios of the first episode, so if you don’t want to know too much about the story skip the first section of this update! Lastly we included some more art images of Sir Vensniel L’Brasca for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Storyline Segment


[Continued from the last Story Update]

In an attempt to distract the Jheksal Troops that are amassing outside the walls of the fort-city of Latzera, Sir Vensniel L’Brasca gathers a squad of Alionne soldiers to assist him in a diversion mission. His hope is that by setting fire to the Jheksal troopships in the nearby harbor, the Jheksal troops will be baited to leave the city and rush to the harbor buying Sir Vensniel and the others trapped within the city much needed time until the main Alionne forces arrive to rescue the city from the Jheksal grasp. In the middle of executing this plan, Sir Vensniel and his troops are attacked by the Highmarshal Veracruz the Red and a band of Jheksal soldiers. A battle ensues at the harbor and when things start to look bleak for our hero, backup appears as he is joined by Giovanna Breneit, the daughter of Count Breneit of Latzera, and her troops. With the aid of Giovanna, Sir Vensniel is able to finish his mission and defeat the Highmarshal and Jheksal soldiers before leaving the harbor.

As Sir Vensniel accompanies Giovanna and her men back to the safety inside the city walls, Giovanna receives word that her husband, Lord Rheims, has fled the city to join the service of the Jheksal Army. This goes against the wishes of Count Breneit as he has already pledged fealty to the Alionne Kingdom. However it isn’t the fleeing of the city by her husband and joining the opposing army that upsets Giovanna, it is the news that the Lord has abducted their son Joshua and fled with him. Understanding the brevity of this situation and being the honorable man that he is, Sir Vensniel quickly assembles a troop of soldiers and leaves the city at once to track down Lord Rheims and return Joshua to his mother.

Sir Vensniel and his troops move with great urgency through the forest as the sun begins to set, in order to close the gap between them and Lord Rheims. The forest surrounding Latzera is a hazardous and dangerous place filled with vile monsters who show no mercy upon the unfortunates who happen to come across them. Fresh, dead units begin littering the ground giving Sir Vensniel the impression that he and his troop may not be alone in these woods. As the party continues to move quickly the silence of the forest is interrupted with the sounds of fighting, a scream, and then muted scuffles and whimpers. Arriving just a tad too late, the party watches as one of Lord Rheims attendants is mauled by a beast. In the distance Sir Vensniel sees a rundown fort and lights flickering from within, giving him the impression that Lord Rheims and Joshua may be hiding in the fort for safety from the creatures outside. Sir Vensniel makes his way through the monsters surrounding the fort and as he approaches the entrance, the sound of fighting grows louder with each step. One final gasp is heard as he enters the fort, just in time to witnesses the last moments of Lord Rheims life as he succumbs to a monster while defending his son. Sir Vensniel and his men finish off the last of the monsters and save Joshua from the same demise as his father. Our hero picks up the boy and him and his men slowly make their way back to Giovanna and the safety behind the city walls of Latzera to reunite mother and son.

Unreleased Painting of Sir Vensniel L’Brasca by Akihiko Yoshida


Development Update  

Our designers have been very busy balancing and adjusting the Battle System that we talked about previously. One of the major components we have been able to refine is the 8-Point Movement and Attack System you will see illustrated in the images below. Your characters will be able to move and attack other units in eight directions: front, back, left, right, and all the diagonals in-between. You will notice that our units are placed on a square-based grid; however this is just a placeholder for the time being while we work on a more visually appealing approach to use in the game for this 8-Point System, which is both intuitive and seamless.  

All of these images we are about to share with you have been taken from early playable demos that have been used to help us lay out the foundation for the game. These screens are not definitive of what the final product will look like, but represent the iterative steps we are taking in development.

Another game feature that has been worked on is the presentation and control of the in-game User Interface, keeping an eye towards intuitive controls that do not encumber the player, while maintaining a high graphic appeal. The goal is to provide you the player with the information and controls you need during your battles, without interfering with the flow, so that you have more time to focus on the fight at hand and can devise your strategy to overcome the challenges thrown your way.  

Also, we have done extensive work to the character, weapons and armor systems for the Units you create in the game. With this system, you will be provided with multiple combat styles to suit your style of play during combat. We will divulge more information about the character system with the next update, so if you have any specific questions feel free to post them on our forums for our team to review and think about.

Art Update

In our last update we introduced you to the “Knight of Knights”, the “Siege-Breaker”, Sir Vensniel L’Brasca, one of the main characters designed by Akihiko Yoshida. Along with creating the different units for the Alionne and Jheksal armies in the game, the main characters for each episode are also being crafted, including Sir Vensniel, working off of the character design sketches we receive from Mr.Yoshida. Below is a refresher image of the character design we showed of Sir Vensniel, and then following that are a few images from our artists of the game model as it begins being placed into the game world. Again, these images from the game are still in the early development stages and are not finished art, but we wanted to share this early peek with you so that you can watch as the game grows and develops.

Previously released image of Sir Vensniel L’Barasca:

Artist rendering of Sir Vensniel L’Brasca:

Sir Vensniel L’Brasca inside the game:

More art, screens, story, and development information will be coming soon, so hopefully these will be enough to hold you all over for now. If you have any specific questions about the game, your pledge, or just want to join in on the conversations we have going on our forums, feel free to make an account and join us. I can usually be found lurking about and it’s always nice to see more conversations being started: Playdek Forums 

Thank you all for your support; words cannot express how grateful we are to have you with us on this journey.  


Shyla, Playdek Community Manager  

Have a question about your pledge? Email us here: 

Story, Development, and Art Updates for Unsung Story


Greetings Backers,

We have an update to share with you on the development progress of Unsung Story, a small exert from the story line (I did place spoiler tags around this portion), and an art update with some images from Akihiko Yoshida, showing one of the first main characters you will come across in the game designed. So keep reading and I hope you enjoy!  

Story Background


Sir Vensniel L’Brasca, the “Knight of Knights”, is a character players will encounter early on in Unsung Story. This brave and heroic knight of Alionne is the perfect example of a knight that history books love to retell as the years pass on as his is a story of inspiration and bravery.

When players first encounter Sir Vensniel, he is in the process of planning a diversionary attack on the Jelemond city of Latzera. Jelemond has long been a providence of the Alionne Kingdom, but over the years they have been looking to find a way to assert their independence. Sensing this desire, the Jheksal Empire has invaded Jelemond to take this providence away from the Alionne Kingdom, an act that would become the catalyst of the Seventy-Seven Years’ War.

Sir Vensniel has been tasked with creating a diversion to bring the Jheksal troops stationed in Latzera out of the city walls in order to allow Alionne forces time to advance on the city. The player will take part in this diversionary act as a member of this tactics squad led by this great Knight. Is the plan a success? Is Sir Vensniel able to leave this battle unscathed? Only the history books know at this time…


Development Update

Recently behind the scenes we have been busy integrating Unity, a game engine that allows for 3D rendering and iterative content creation and game design, with our own proprietary game engine. The integration of Unity with our own engine allows us to have a 3D graphics layer on top of our game logic, AI, general code architecture and online game systems. Episodes and their stages have been broken down into scenario components by the game designers and are being blocked out as well. Along with this preliminary scenario development, the job and class systems have been designed, and are being incorporated into the ongoing work with the Battle System.

The portions of the Battle System our designers have been focusing on are the turn-management system and the action point system. By expanding on the traditional turn based tactics model through the use of a strategic turn-based timeline which can be manipulated by the different actions available for the characters, Unsung Story brings a new game play approach to the tactical RPG genre. Players are given greater control over when and how they can use their characters during battle, which opens up an entire new level of strategy formulation. This turn-management system is dependent on the action points needed in order to perform certain tasks during the character’s turn. Players can choose to perform lesser actions during their turn to influence the activation order and chain the activations of specific units to change the turn order based on their plan.

The start of the scenario will begin with each team’s party members being positioned into an initial starting order based on the character’s allocated base action points. You will be able to see the turn order by looking at the icons placed on the turn-base timeline. Characters will advance down the timeline and once they reach the end of this line they will need to take their turn (attack, move, wait, etc). During the turn, any event that results in the spending of action points is immediately reflected by the unit’s icon position on the timeline. The player can continue moving and acting with the active unit provided they have the action points to perform the desired tasks.

Internally we have been working on this system and have created internal playable builds that I am not able to share with you just yet, however as we move further along in development we will have screens to share with you over the next few months.

Art Update

Earlier in this update we gave you some background information on one of the first characters you will come across in Unsung Story, Sir Vensniel L’Brasca. Sir Vensniel is an honorable knight in the Alionne Royal Army who believes in carrying out justice for justices’ sake, which oftentimes leaves him inflexible and stubborn. He is also the first character Akihiko Yoshida has been working on and we are very excited to have his unique art style helping to influence Unsung Story.

These next images have not been shared anywhere else, so you are the first people to view these images of Sir Vensniel, as well as a conceptualized piece of the capital of the Alionne Kingdom which shows the visual direction the game will head towards in designing the empires.

Over time we will continue to share with you more artwork from Unsung Story and Mr. Yoshida, so stay tuned!  

Survey Update  

Shortly after posting this update we will be releasing our survey through BackerKit. We realized that by having so many amazing backers we would need a system in place to make gathering your information easy for us and you, so that is where BackerKit comes in. Their system makes filling out the surveys simple and it will help ensure that all of you receive the items and add-ons you purchased. It will also allow us to gather forum names from everyone so we can start with the consultant work. Now that we are armed with our new tools, we should be able to start working with all of you soon. So when you see the email from BackerKit, feel free to open it and start filling out your survey!  


Shyla, Playdek Community Manager

Forums are up and running!


Greetings Backers,

I wanted to let you know that we have our new forums up and running for everyone to come and join! We will use these to help spark new discussions about Unsung Story as information is released. We will also be able to use these forums for a place for the Art Consultants and Design Consultants to meet and discuss their plans in the hidden section of our forums (more information on that coming soon). So feel free to click on the link and sign up for an account today! 

Playdek Forums: 

Also we have started working with BackerKit for the survey process, so you should expect to see an email from them soon to start working on your survey. We will leave the surveys open so you will be able to edit them at anytime up until we close it, so this should help out all of those who don’t know which platform they want to play on yet or who may be moving. The fun part is quickly approaching, so stay tuned everyone! 


Shyla, Playdek Community Manager