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A rich, diverse Tactical RPG, envisioned by the master of the genre Yasumi Matsuno, Playdek, and you, the fans!
A rich, diverse Tactical RPG, envisioned by the master of the genre Yasumi Matsuno, Playdek, and you, the fans!
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Combat Preview


Greetings Backers,

We have put together this short video that we would like to share with you that shows some of the combat in Unsung Story in action. We have two different stages highlighted in this video, and while watching the video you will notice a few different aspects of combat we may not have talked about or shown up until this point, so please let us help explain a few things.

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Movement in Unsung Story is currently showing in a square grid, however units are able to move in 8 directions much like the directions on a compass. When your unit is able to move, all of the different squares your unit is able to move to will be highlighted, making it easy to see where you can move in order to plan out your attack.

If a unit is within melee range of an enemy unit and has the ability to attack physically with a weapon, then this option will become available at that unit's turn. All available enemies within attack range will be highlighted for an easy view, and it is important to note that different weapons will have different ranges of attack. For example, polearm users will not have to stand as close to an enemy as a sword wielder will need to.

Certain units will have the ability to switch their weapon during combats. Different skills and abilities will be tied to specific weapons, and will only become available when equipped to a unit.

Skills will also be available to certain units based off of the school they belong to. By assigning skills to both units themselves and the weapons, Unsung Story will allow players to customize their units based on what they like to play and what they might need available in their party to balance it out.

Next month we will have a more thorough video going over the specifics in combat, so if you have any questions about the combat system or would like us to talk about anything in particular in the next update, please post in the comments section here and we will do our best to answer everyone. We will also plan another AMA where you will be able to ask your questions directly to us, so stay tuned for that. Thank you everyone!



AMA with Joel up on Reddit


Greetings Backers,

The AMA thread with Joel has been posted up on Reddit. You are more than welcome to head over to the thread now and start posting up the questions you may have in regards to Unsung Story.

Joel will be on at 2:00 pm PDT / 5:00pm EDT to start answering.

Click here to go to Reddit thread

Thank you, and we will see you over there!



AMA with Joel this Wednesday


Greetings Backers, 

We wanted to let everyone know that this Wednesday Joel will participate in an AMA over on the Unsung Story subreddit. This will be your chance to ask him the questions you may have about Unsung Story development directly. 

We will be sure to post up the link to the actual thread in a small update on Wednesday, and to prepare you should create a Reddit account if you do not already have one so you can post up your questions and comments during the event. 

Date/Time: Wednesday, September 30th, at 2:00pm PDT/5:00pm EDT 

Click here to make a Reddit account

Thank you for your patience, and we hope to see you all there. 



PvP Clarification


Hey all, Joel here, and thank you for the support and understanding following the most recent update concerning the delay to the game. Though unfortunately common in this industry, delays are still none the less difficult to convey and not the ideal development situation any developer wishes to be in. What is most important though, and this goes to all KS backers, is delivering a final game at the highest quality, that is fun and compelling to play. And that is what we intend to do.

An article was run today that I believed was going to aid in clarifying the PvP aspect of our development approach, but unfortunately it set out to do the opposite. So if I may, I'm going to re-address the facts again concerning what we are doing with the PvP mode of Unsung Story, and how the single player narrative game is unchanged by this. First, here is the quote I gave for the article: 

"The PvP focus is not a sudden switch, but more importantly to the backers, it does not impact the single player campaign mode as far as content and depth. We have been focusing on developing the game play, as you can imagine, as nothing else matters if the game is not fun to play and challenging as a tactical experience. The best way to ensure that the campaigns have balanced scenarios with good A.I. is to gather play testing data from online players in head to head matches, and then polish the game with that feedback. We have utilized this method in our board game development, and it works very well. Not all players will participate, but many will choose to play online, and therefore will provide us with data of what works and what needs modifying. This does not change the single player game in anyway, but adds to its depth and polish. All of the campaign scenarios and story that were a part of the original game idea and KS are all there, and will be released. Again, this first phase merely allows us to have a method to help tune the game." 

To ensure there is clarity on this development plan as opposed to sensationalism, the facts concerning the modes for the game are as follows: 

1. The single player narrative game as outlined in the KS is intact, in every way. The world story is complete, and narrative for five episodes, including scenarios, is also complete. This entire single player experience will be rolled out to all backers. Meaning, nothing has changed to the single player game that you backed due to a PvP mode. 

2. The game has not been turned into a PvP experience, and PvP is not required to play the single player game. Again, players may play the single player game without ever having to play the PvP mode. 

3. PvP is an additional mode of game play that complements the single player game. PvP mode will also be made available for all backers, and players will be able to skirmish against the A.I. in this mode. 

4. Releasing a PvP mode first is an iterative step in development only, and will allow us to play test the game before we release a single player mode that needs to have a balanced, competitive A.I. We did not invent this development approach, as it has been used by other developers to great affect in game balancing. As stated in my quote above, it is a tuning, balancing step for us. 

5. Players who wish to join in the online PvP balancing portion may do, and those who do not can begin playing when the single player is balanced for release. 

6. The rich narrative driven single player game will be released with a strong A.I. that provides maximum replay value, via the data tuning that we will get from the PvP mode release. 

Those are the facts, and I understand they might run counter to what is being said, but the best we can do at this point is provide the actual facts to you, the backers, and get back to the development plan we are on, making the best game possible. The game that you pledged for is being made, nothing has changed that, and we will fulfill the game and rewards that you backed for, which is a great tactics RPG with a strong narrative game. 

In our update next month, we will have some in-game video to show you as well as our UI progress. Thank you all for your support and understanding, and we're looking forward to sharing the update next month. 


Development Update


Hey everyone, Joel here from Playdek. First and foremost, I want to apologize for the latest lack of updates on Unsung Story. I’ll go into some of the reasons for that, and will also outline the planned development steps for Unsung Story. But upfront, in addition to extending my apology for keeping you all in the dark too long, I want to let you know that Unsung Story has not been cancelled, nor are there any plans to do so. I understand that when left without information to form an opinion on, it leaves an open environment for speculation, so I want to put that to rest. Unsung is and has been in development, although development has been going more slowly than we anticipated, and I will cover that as well. There is no way to avoid stating the fact that the game will be delayed until next year, and we wish it were otherwise. But please know that we are working at bringing you the best playing tactical RPG possible, and I will outline the strategy for doing so.

Up first, we have had interest from outside publishers to partner with us on Unsung Story, and over the course of the summer months had ongoing discussions with a few in particular. Being that these discussions were confidential in nature, we were unable to discuss neither this nor any of the details. Currently there is still interest from some parties, and while we will continue to explore what a partnership like that will mean for the development of the game, we can’t continue the silence due to those matters, and therefore why we are updating you now, and will continue from here on out on a regular development basis. I understand that in hind sight it might appear that we could have just shared this with you all, but without knowing how it was going to impact the development and any announcements concerning the game, we chose to wait it through that timeframe. So again, my sincere apology for keeping the curtain closed.

I want to cover some of the development issues that have impacted the game’s progress as well. Earlier in the year, Playdek went through a financial crunch that caused us to reduce some key staff. Some positions were focused on technical components to the engine being used for Unsung, and a few were content development staff who worked on all of our products. Needless to say, these were great people, and it was not only an unexpected loss, but one that we clearly had to adjust to, with product other than Unsung that was still on our schedule to deliver, let alone continue steadfast on Unsung development. Playdek is a venture backed company, so please understand that is about all I can say on that matter, but at this point we are navigating those issues and have allocated our remaining resources to our remaining products, Unsung included.

That said, this has had an impact on Unsung development, as while we have been able to continue progress on the game, as stated it has gone much slower than expected, and unfortunately we are behind our original development plan and timeline. As it has been said, these things do happen in game development, and all of us in the industry and without have seen significant delays on some major games and franchises that were previously announced. However, they of course do not have a great KS community involved in the progress of the game as we do, and it is on us for not involving you as much in our process up to this point. The theme here is we will work to rectify that, and will outline the plan going forward, one that we will keep you in the loop henceforth.

Now, I will cover some of the development highlights that have been completed up to this point, in no certain order, and by no means covering all that has been done:

  • Online backend gaming system for PvP, including matchmaking, rankings, tournament system, create game system, friends lists and chat
  • World story, scenarios and stages for the first five episodes
  • Game design, including character school system and battle system
  • Unity integration with our core engine for 3D graphics
  • Concepts for world locations
  • PvP arenas with grid system, battle system and UI integrated
  • Online PvP game play

We are currently focused on building out the attribute, stat and item tables for two character schools, and balancing them, using PvP as the method for doing so. The plan is to have all of the schools thoroughly tested and balanced in PvP, with all of the item and character tree progression included. First we will get to a solid playing tactics experience that is fun, engaging and challenging, that we will then use to script out the scenarios for Matsuno’s campaign episodes. The final game experience will consist of Matsuno’s story campaigns that you will play through against the A.I., with replay value that allows for character growth and item collection. Player’s will also be able to skirmish against the A.I. in arenas, and matchup against other players in online PvP.

After getting through our near term remaining product responsibilities outside of Unsung Story, we will add those resources to this development, and will concentrate on the estimated plan below:

Phase One June 2016: Initial PvP beta release for online testing. This will include multiple arenas and two character schools with fully functional game play.

Phase Two August - Sep 2016: Additional schools will be added, post beta feedback from the previous phase. Other online features TBD will come online.

Phase Three October 2016: Online skirmish mode against the A.I. will be added, allowing for A.I. balancing and testing that will include all of the feedback gathered from the online PvP beta game play. The Design and Art backer tiers will be involved with their respected character and scenario creation process.

Phase Four Post October 2016: While the online PvP beta testing is going on, the scenarios for the first two episodes will be blocked out and built, and the scripting will be adjusted as the A.I. is balanced from the beta feedback. When these episodes, along with character creation and item collection are polished, the first two episode campaigns will be released.

From that point on, the other episodes will be rolled out, as well as additional arena levels and items. Of course, all of this content will be given to backers for their pledge, including all levels, items and campaigns.

In closing, I again sincerely apologize for the silence throughout this development process, and we will be consistent in updating you from here on forward. Next month, we will share some in game video footage of PvP arena game play in action, and go over the process we have gone through in modifying the user interface for ease of use and flow, taking into consideration multiple platforms. We believe we still have some work to do in this area, and welcome your feedback. It’s been our loss up to this point not involving the great community of backers we have, and going forward will be more transparent, while looking to engage you on the development progress as it unfolds. Thank you for believing in this game, thank you for having faith that this genre is alive and well, and thank you for your patience and support. Until next month.