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A rich, diverse Tactical RPG, envisioned by the master of the genre Yasumi Matsuno, Playdek, and you, the fans!
A rich, diverse Tactical RPG, envisioned by the master of the genre Yasumi Matsuno and you, the fans!
A rich, diverse Tactical RPG, envisioned by the master of the genre Yasumi Matsuno and you, the fans!
15,824 backers pledged $660,126 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Paul Rhye on

      While the character models aren't quite my cup of tea, doubling the art assets to accomodate seems like a poor use of time when for the same effort we could have more characters and monsters.

    2. Dave, Shadowrunner on

      @Montgomery: Just make sure your backerkit survey is filled out:

    3. Jason Aronow on

      I loved all the videos and character designs I've seen. I guess if you're going to give in to complaints and threats you need to be clear that this is the only change or people are going to complain until they turn blue and you're out of money and made a million dumb changes

    4. Missing avatar

      Eric Cobb on

      I don't know why you would make this change to be honest. I very much doubt you're profiting from the kickstarter backers so you're not beholden to us at all. As far as we should be concerned the product we backed is dead and we should be grateful that you're working on your own thing inspired by it and planning to fulfill at least some of the promises.

      I personally liked the art and just didn't comment. It feels like you're letting a vocal minority (more winging about female proportions that will never end until they are all fat and ugly) vocalizing their opinions dictate your artistic vision and I would encourage you to not listen to that.

      Greatness does not come from the crowd. The crowd is by definition, average. If you want to dare to be great you have to take a step out of that crowd and do what you think is great and ignore their nay-saying for the majority of them will never aspire to create anything in their lives and so their advice should not be heeded.

      And that includes myself. Take what you will from this comment. Although, I'll finish with this. What do you do when you come back with new art and the same people complain again? Now you just went through a new cycle for nothing. An artist that tries to please everyone loses their own voice in the process.

    5. Montgomery Steen on

      Is there a point of contact where I can verify my information for when the game is released to make sure I receive my copy?

    6. Missing avatar

      Eric Felton on

      I don't have anything to add, I just wanted to say thank you guys for keeping us in the loop so much. This game is looking great! =)

    7. Kyle Sama on

      You guys are working hard, and it looks great, you took smoldering ashes and made something out of it. Well done, keep it up!

    8. Ben Tanamal on

      I’m also starting to be hooked again, however, I don’t like the character models too much. It reminds me too much of cheap fremium level 5 legendary characters. I guess you know what I mean?
      It looks generic. It needs some personal touches.

    9. Eldrants on

      hmm, I just dislike the art. not what I'm expecting. ah teaches me not to back a game from just a concept or heck I won't even back any game anymore until it is completed and selling as full game cuz changes like this. ah well...

    10. Emi on

      I like the art, and as much as I loved the look of FF Tactics, I absolutely want to stay away from somebody's art style if they haven't been paid for it.
      Thumbs up from me.

    11. Missing avatar

      Michael Zajicek on

      It's pretty amazing how much more progress it feels like you guys have made in this short time than Playdeck made in the years they were "working" on it.

    12. fourchinnigan on

      I want to thank Little Orbit for turning this project around the way they have. You are handling it like a champ.

    13. Missing avatar

      Ruben Iversen on

      I Dont comment much on kickstarter but i do read the updates. Felt i had to comment on this. About the artsyle, dont beat yourself too much about it. Some people will always not like the art since its subjective. The most important thing is too belive in your vision. Not sayaing you shoudnt listen too feedback, just not be excessive obssesed with it.

    14. Matthias Plattner on

      Love the Art Direction / Concept Art and the animation. Keep up the great work

    15. Timothy Hames on

      I really hope the one thing not lost in the crazy is a good story. I feel like little Orbit is killing it as of late so I always look forward to more updates about what this world beholds. Keep this updates coming and I am excited again about FFT. Time for another playthrough while I wait.

    16. Missing avatar

      Kali Spassov on

      Thank you for the frequent updates. I was pleasantly surprised to see you address the female character design in the last update. When I saw it in the original email my initial response was "Oh, so they're going for a free-to-play tits-in-every-thumbnail look. Sigh."

      I loved the designs Yoshida did and though it saddens me that you can't use them, I fully understand and respect your reasons for not using them (especially the fact that this isn't the style you are comfortable with, as a studio). However, I would like it if you at least tried to justify the sexuality in your designs. E.g, you have a succubus class? Sure, make her look like a sex object that wields spells. Regular mage? Hmmmm... Thing is, in my opinion, slapping huge breasts on everything just because it's female is lazy, trite and ends up looking cheap and uninspired.

    17. Olivier Brousseau on

      First off, I must say I am a very occasional gamer since I am the father of 3 kids.

      I did back a couple of projects over the year and this one interested me a lot at the beginning. Needless to say, I was very surprised to see how it actually evolved over time.

      There is one thing I am sure, however: with the amount of *quality* updates we have and the absolute honesty Matthew and his team have been showing us, I am very thrilled to be part of this.

      Outside of the game itself, which I feel will be great, the entire Kickstarter experience is certainly worth the time and effort you are putting into it. Keep up the hard work :)

    18. Brian Kirchhoff

      I love what you guys are doing, really appreciate the continued updates, and am extremely thankful that you guys are putting a ton of passion and energy into this project. GOOD THINGS AHEAD! Keep it up!

    19. Missing avatar

      xeon759 on

      Just read the recent post and I was shocked. I saw the art update and thought it was amazingly unique~! Tired of generic looking Tolkien knockoffs. I loved it, and it shows the amazing ability of the art team at Little Orbit in embracing their own style. I only ever read the emails so I never knew people thought poorly of the art. I just had to post though in support of your teams. I love it, please keep it up~! I'm looking forward to this game more and more every month! Take it easy, and I look forward to more updates.

    20. Missing avatar

      Doug Petrole on

      This... this is starting to feel real. I'm very pleased with what I'm seeing here, and I'm hyped to see more.

      I only wish it was on time, but that hang up is on they who came before and not you guys.

    21. Halko

      I have to mirror what has been said here about the updates. Its great to see them coming and getting actual info from people that seem to care about the project again. Not every update has been exactly what i was hoping to see like the most recent art one but its still a vast improvement.

    22. Missing avatar

      Taylor Jeude on

      @Little Orbit

      I backed this project with just a "Meh, cheap backing, let's see what they do." When the project went into a downward slope, I was a little upset, but not really. It was a small investment. Not a whole lot lost.

      Now, I'm very eager to say, "Well done!" I'm actually *way* more stoked and excited for this project than I was for the original incarnation. Everything you've been doing since you took over has been run much more elegantly. The design decisions/considerations and your ability to communicate them really resonate with me as a fellow developer. I'm happy to see the honest communication and concepts flowing across.

      I wasn't a fan of the "triangle" system, seeing it as a superfluous concept of a hex grid. After the demo shots you posted of the PoC, I could start to see the huge benefit. Even building that simple PoC, I'm sure, changed some minds. Plus, the benefit that everything is built on triangles in 3D... Well, I'm starting to see how awesome it is.

      The more you share your ideas and actually show some proof behind them -- the more I think this is going to be a super successful project.

      TLDR: Keep up the awesome work. In my opinion, you guys are making something that transcends the original concept of Unsung Story, without all of the murkiness. Thank you for giving us something to be excited about.

    23. Little Orbit Creator on

      @Alan - You are correct, and we're running with it because that's what Backers paid for and that's what Matsuno designed for.

      Displaying the triangles gives us two small benefits. 1) We can layout the map and use more "normal" geometry without using hex-shapes everywhere. 2) We can "overlap" hexes because the triangles represent half of a hex. You could do this in a regular hex system, but the hexes would be very small.

    24. Alan Waiss on

      Is it just me or is this whole "Triangular Grid" just a hex grid system? You have 6 directions of movement and six adjacent tiles. The only difference is that you're displaying it as if it were a vertex rather than being in the center of the hex.

    25. Missing avatar

      blarknot on

      Never heard of Little Orbit before them taking over this project. After watching how they've handled the transition and the updates they provide, even if this game doesn't turn out to be something I enjoy, I am now a fan of Little Orbit.

      Thank you for all the efforts you and your team has put forth reviving this project.

    26. John W. Kaelin on

      Thanks for the updates and progress reports. :)

    27. Missing avatar

      Daniel Bowen on

      It feels so good to see well done progress on a video game, it doesn't matter if it is your game or someone else's game, it is just satisfying. Satisfying such as being serious about playing video game and getting better and progressing through the narrative of the game. Satisfying like working hard at a job and doing good work and saving the money up to buy nice things.

    28. Russell L Schmidt on

      We really do appreciate the updates and I am looking forward to what's to come. Thank you LittleOrbit for reviving this project.

    29. Little Orbit Creator on

      @all - We deeply appreciate all the encouraging and kind words. Thanks!

    30. Missing avatar

      myto_alkoreath on

      I admit that when this project changed hands, I was in the camp of "Well, I wrote off this project years ago, what's the worst that could happen?". Now I am actively looking forward to your excellent updates. Progress and work is apparent, and for the first time in years I honestly feel like this game will happen. Kudos Little Orbit, I eagerly look forward to hearing more over the coming months!

    31. Luiz Oliveira on

      Little Orbit is doing a great job of keeping the backers updated on this project. I was totally unhoped for the release of this game and was very upset about it all. Somehow when Little Orbit assumed the project, everything started to works well. Kudos!

    32. Missing avatar

      Pastry Sandwich on

      This is the weirdest project on Kickstarter ever. It went from being the absolute worst form of crowdfunding, nothing but smoke and mirrors to distract while never giving out any real information. To now somehow being the case study for what a crowdfunding project should look like (I literally use the contrast in these updates in the classroom when discussing crowdfunding). Still there are no guarantees of a product, nor do there need to be. But instead the creators are doing what a crowdfunding project is supposed to do, treating the backers, as backers, not banks. Insight into the process, discussing the project and where its going and why its going there. Before we were simply dollar amounts, now are all part of the ride. THIS is what investing in an idea is supposed to look like. Sadly I still have little faith in this project ever reaching completion, but kudos to Little Orbit for running this with the upmost integrity and professionalism. It is wonderful to see some creators still understand what crowdfunding is about.

    33. Brian Kirchhoff

      Love the new update! TRIANGLE!

    34. Little Orbit Creator on

      @Chet - We are doing our best to get through pre-production as quickly as possible. Hopefully you'll find the next couple updates more interesting.

    35. Chet on

      All I see is a gathering of nice words to appease us backers.

      I may start to believe again once we have seen something substantial.

    36. kyril1217

      The model now is better than the model of Playdek

    37. Missing avatar

      Steve Stiles on

      @ Little Orbit
      Sorry for the Presumed hostility, thank you so much for your feedback. I understand fully and appreciate your prompt response. I eagerly look forward to the games release and appreciate your tireless efforts to correct any inadequacy. Thanks Very Much.

    38. Jon Jon Yun on

      Thank you for saving this project. I loved Final Fantasy Tactics and all other Strategical RPGs. I was an excited backer like everyone else but kept waiting for more details. I had hope for this game as I have purchased it along with Backer Reward DLCs for both Switch and PS4.

      Thank you so much for the updates and telling us what's going on. The character art looks amazing and the details you're giving us about the development stages where you're at really gives me a good timing and let's me know that I made the right choice backing this project!

    39. Little Orbit Creator on

      @Rex - Due to the age of this project, we have had to make several changes to the rewards and platforms for this project including adding support for XB1, PS4, and Switch. Please be aware that there is a surcharge on the Switch version due to increased costs from Nintendo for issuing digital codes. You can read the full update here:

      You can alter your platform by logging into BackerKit and answering your survey again. If you didn't get your survey, please contact, and we'll get that sorted out for you.

    40. Missing avatar

      Rex Wesley Reyes on

      Well when I 1st backed this I wanted it on my NIntendo 3DS. Times have changed since and I would rather have it on my Switch. Any plans for this platform?

    41. Little Orbit Creator on

      @Michael - We appreciate your support and kind words. Thank you.

    42. Missing avatar

      Michael Stem on

      To all members of Little Orbit and your partnered teams. Thank you. You have handled this transition in the best way possible. You continue to not only inform us of where you are in development but are providing us with interesting information behind the scenes. In the medical world we like to call this transparency. I greatly appreciate your transparency and absolutely love hearing about the logistics surrounding this games development. I'm sure it takes a significant effort to write these updates and approve them in a timely fashion. So once again thank you and God speed in your endeavors.

    43. The Zombie Bard on

      @MannyLaMancha I have followed the link you provided and likewise submitted a similar comment.

    44. Shane (CoffeeGnerd)

      I, too, just submitted feedback to Asmodee informing them I won’t purchase any apps Playdek is involved in. If even a fraction of the 15,000+ backers of this project do the same, we can keep money out of Playdek’s incompetent pockets.

    45. MannyLaMancha on

      Just heard back from Asmodee:

      "Hello David!

      Thank you for contacting us with your concerns. I have forwarded your e-mail to the appropriate people/persons involved to start an internal discussion."

    46. MannyLaMancha on

      @Mateus, you made this same comment on Project Phoenix's wall. Unlike PP, where I have no idea what's going on, I would strongly encourage you to read the last few updates for Unsung Story and much will be answered.

    47. Mateus Romanini on

      The game has a estimated delivery to July, 2015. Whats up with the delay? It´s sad that us backers make donations and don´t see the final product launch... I seriously want to play this game, but this delay is very disrespectful with us.

    48. MannyLaMancha on

      Please do follow the link from Pastry Sandwich and send Asmodee what you think about Playdek: (I encountered error messages the first four times I tried to submit, but persisted and it eventually went through.)

      Here's what I sent:

      To whom this may concern,

      I just heard via Kickstarter that Playdek has signed on to a publishing deal with Asmodee. I would like to point out that they Kickstarted over $660,000, produced nothing over several years, then sold their project to Little Orbit, who says that basically nothing was done correctly and they have to start from scratch. What happened to all of the money originally raised? Do not partner with Playdek.

    49. Little Orbit Creator on

      @Steve - We take the announcement of any release date for Unsung Story very seriously. Fans and backers have been made many broken promises, so we would rather not continue that trend. Our team has been working very hard since August when we took the project over to nail down scope, design, art, and programming requirements so we can commit to a release date. As soon as we have something solid, we will post it.

    50. Missing avatar

      Steve Stiles on

      Almost 4 years and Still no release date?????

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