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Over two hundred of the very best personal works hand selected by J.A.W. Cooper are featured in these exquisite books and prints.
Over two hundred of the very best personal works hand selected by J.A.W. Cooper are featured in these exquisite books and prints.
2,284 backers pledged $213,849 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Flesk Publications 7-time creator about 2 hours ago

      Hi Elyse-Thank you for your message! It looks like you did fill out the address survey and your books are on the way! Some international packages may take longer to arrive than others. You can let us know via private message if you do not receive your package in the next few weeks and I'll see what I can do! -Kathy

    2. Flesk Publications 7-time creator about 3 hours ago

      Hi Robert-Thank you for filling out the address survey! We shipped your rewards! -Kathy

    3. Missing avatar

      Elyse about 3 hours ago

      I can't find the shipping address survey anywhere so I don't know if I've done it or not. Is there any way you can check?
      I haven't recieved my books yet. I'm in Australia.

    4. Missing avatar

      Robert Quinn 3 days ago

      Apologies, I missed the email with the survey for my address. Submitted today. :(

    5. Flesk Publications 7-time creator 3 days ago

      Naomi and Elizabeth-Thank you for your wonderfully kind comments! We're happy to hear your books arrived and you are able to enjoy them!-Kathy

    6. Missing avatar

      S Naomi Scott 3 days ago

      I had a lovely surprise waiting for me when I got home from work this evening. Such beautiful artwork, in a very nicely packaged slipcase. Congrats to the Flesk team on such a great Kickstarter.


    7. Elizabeth Wright 3 days ago

      Got the best surprise today! I'm so excited to be holding these beautiful books in my hands! Thanks so much! ^_^

    8. Flesk Publications 7-time creator 4 days ago

      Hi All! The latest shipping update has been posted today. You can view it by clicking on the "Updates" tab. The deluxe signed prints are being packaged and will ship this week. Thanks! --John

    9. Flesk Publications 7-time creator on November 9

      Dayane, Please see our most recent shipping update by clicking on the "Update" tab on this campaign page. You can find your answer there, as well as to see key information regarding how the shipments were sent to our international friend. Thanks! --John

    10. Missing avatar

      Dayane Cabral on November 7

      Hello, I live in Brazil and unfortunately I did not receive my book, do you have an estimate of how long it takes to arrive?

      Thank you all!

    11. Flesk Publications 7-time creator on November 6

      Hi Jay and Iza-Thank you for your kind comments! We are excited that you received your books!
      Jay- The prints and pins are being separately. Please see our updates for more detailed information.

    12. Jay Kiser on November 6

      Love my books ... still waiting for pins!

    13. Missing avatar

      Iza on November 3

      Hi :) I received my book today and it's amazingly done.
      Thank You so much and to J.A.W. Cooper :D

    14. Flesk Publications 7-time creator on October 31

      Book Signing Event this Saturday in L.A.!

      We are having a J.A.W. Cooper book release party and signing event at the La Luz De Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles this Saturday from 7:00 to 10:00pm. All are welcome! Bring your books with you, or purchase at the gallery. Full details and directions can be seen here:

    15. Flesk Publications 7-time creator on October 31

      Louis Rodriguez, This project has been an absolute treat for me to be involved with. I greatly appreciate hearing how much you enjoy the design, the packaging, and Cooper's beautiful art! --John

    16. Flesk Publications 7-time creator on October 31

      Luis, Thanks so much! I'm so happy to hear how much you've enjoyed the ride and goodies. --John

    17. Flesk Publications 7-time creator on October 31

      You're most welcome, Crystal! --John

    18. Missing avatar

      Louis Rodriguez
      on October 30

      Hello Flesk Publications! I received my books last week and I have to say, they are amazing! Another great Flesk publication!! The art, the designs and the overall layout were spot on. Congrats on another amazing book from another amazing artist. Look forward to your next Kickstarter!

    19. Luis on October 28

      This campaign has been amazing! The books, the slipcase, the prints, the art, oh man, the art... INCREDIBLE! Looking forward to more projects from your publication. Have an awesome day!

    20. Flesk Publications 7-time creator on October 26

      Richard, The address survey would have been sent to your email address associated with your account, and note should also appear on your Kickstarter page when you log in. It's no problem if you can't find either. You can send us a message through Kickstarter and provide us with your shipping address. We'll get your books in the mail for you. Thanks! --John

    21. Flesk Publications 7-time creator on October 26

      Jason Lambert, Please send a Kickstarter message to us. Kathy can help you! Go ahead and open the packaging and let us know if the books are bumped as well. Enjoy the art! We'll follow up to your message and get you taken care of. Thanks! --John

    22. Missing avatar

      Richard on October 25

      I cannot seem to find this address survey, didn't even know there was one until last update is there any way that it can be sent so that I can take care of that?

    23. Missing avatar

      Jason Lambert on October 25

      I've opened the outer box but not the packaging around the books. The slipcase was bumped and I'm afraid that the books may be damaged. Is there anything I should do before opening and if they are damaged what steps should I take? It's tearing me up not to be able to look through these and see the gorgeous art. Thanks.

    24. Flesk Publications 7-time creator on October 24

      Karen Krajenbrink, While all pledges include the Fig Frog pin as a free bonus Kickstarter item, the other three pins were only available to those who pledged for the top two "everything" tires. Sorry to say those three won't be available for purchase. I agree that the goat pin is amazing! Thanks so much for picking up a copy of the book! --John

    25. Flesk Publications 7-time creator on October 24

      Anna, We greatly appreciate your comment about the books! You and all of our supporters made these possible. Thank You!--John

    26. Karen Krajenbrink on October 24

      The hardback set is GORGEOUS. I just wanted to ask if it's possible to buy any of the other pins? I thought I wrote goat in the response to my survey but really wanted to get that pin :)


    27. Anna on October 24

      I received my three book set yesterday and I am floored. These books are so beautiful, I will treasure them. Thank you so much for making such incredible art!

    28. Flesk Publications 7-time creator on October 24

      Good morning everyone! We are getting a lot of private message questions about shipping. All of the answers can most likely be found in our latest detailed Kickstarter campaign shipping updates. You can click on the "Updates" tab to read it.

      We are more than happy to answer your questions one by one, but it does help us a bunch if you can read the update first to see if your question can be answered there. That way we can focus on packing and shipping as much as we can. We're pretty anxious to get all of the remaining books in the mail this week.

      Thanks everyone! We've been enjoying seeing your posts sharing the books on Instagram and Facebook!


    29. Flesk Publications 7-time creator on October 24

      Ooops, I can't edit my previous comment, but I meant to write "You can read..."

      Thanks Crystal! --John

    30. Flesk Publications 7-time creator on October 24

      Crystal Guerrieri, All books, regardless of the tier that you pledged for, all are shipping now. The deluxe prints will be sent in a separate package. You read the latest shipping details in our Kickstarter updates. --John

    31. Flesk Publications 7-time creator on October 24

      Marci, Fantastic! Thank you! --John

    32. Crystal Guerrieri on October 24

      I had a question, if we ordered a book and a print would the book ship out with the rest of the book orders or be held and shipped out when the prints go out (in the two separate parcels).

    33. Marci Brinker on October 24

      These turned out great! Thank you so much! I got my pin more than a week ago and my book last week. Amazing work, beautifully printed, and really well packaged up to arrive safely. Congratulations on a great campaign!

    34. J.A.W. Cooper Collaborator on October 24

      Thank you so much Jackie Dill! I'm so pleased that you are happy with them! :)

    35. J.A.W. Cooper Collaborator on October 24

      Starting Survivor - Coralline Algae ⚔ - Thank you for always taking the time to say such lovely things! I'm so thrilled you liked your books! <3

    36. J.A.W. Cooper Collaborator on October 24

      Thanks so much for supporting our book project Michael Valle! You're the best! :)

    37. J.A.W. Cooper Collaborator on October 24

      Thank you so much for your support and kind words Maryann Beaver!

    38. Missing avatar

      Jackie Dill
      on October 24

      Got my books today, great job they look great

    39. Flesk Publications 7-time creator on October 23

      Takashi, I'm not sure how any books can be safe with a mailman who throws books over a fence! We put a lot of protection around, but never suspect someone would handle a package so roughly. Please send us a private message through Kickstarter with the details, and send the picture as a jpg to our email at Links in comments aren't working. Thanks! --John

    40. Flesk Publications 7-time creator on October 23

      Luis, The pins ship in a separate package. Please see our shipping updates that show the most up to date information regarding the shipments. It will arrive soon! --John

    41. Flesk Publications 7-time creator on October 23

      Starting Survivor, Great! I'm glad you like the books! --John

    42. Luis on October 23

      Received my books and prints, but no frog pin. How can I get my pin?

    43. Missing avatar

      Takashi on October 23

      our mailman tossed the package over the fence and got dent on my box and book...
      obviously not well protected for rough delivery.…

    44. Starting Survivor - Coralline Algae ⚔ on October 23

      Just got my books! I've only had a chance to look through one of them but it's beautiful. I only hope that someday there will be more Cooper art books to add to this set.

    45. Flesk Publications 7-time creator on October 23

      Kiyomi-Thank you for the wonderful comments! We are happy to hear you are enjoying your books!
      Michael- I will go ahead and send you a private message about your copy.
      Zandra-Since we are trying to focus as much on packing and shipping the books, we are not providing tracking numbers to everyone since it is very time consuming. Instead, we're doing weekly shipping updates. However, if it gets to the point where you think the book should have arrived and hasn't, let us know and we can track it down for you. Thanks again!

    46. Missing avatar

      zandra on October 23

      I still haven't received my books and I am in flordia. Will I get an email with tracking info or is something wrong?

    47. Missing avatar

      Michael Valle on October 22

      Received the box set and prints. They all look great. Unfortunately my slip case got damaged in shipping. Is it possible to get another slip case?

    48. Kiyomi
      on October 21

      Got my books and prints today! They're absolutely incredible. So happy I got the full set! They look fantastic sitting in the slipcase on my bookshelf :)

    49. Flesk Publications 7-time creator on October 20

      Kimberly-We're so happy to hear you got you books! The pins will be shipped separately so you should receive those soon! -Kathy

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