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Dominate the landscape in this chess-like battle of wits featuring shape-shifting druids and an ever-changing game board.
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iOS Up and Running

Posted by Kris Szafranski (Creator)

Hey Backers,

Wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know what's happened since the last update regarding the iOS version.

Up and Running

I was able to get the game updated and running on my iPad 3, which marks a considerable milestone from where I was a couple weeks ago. Game input and even the online games work as expected, though the artwork needs some work and performance is pokey at points. 

The general plan for the mobile release is to continue R+D on mobile-only changes in user interface, performance, as well as exploring if phones can be supported. 

Why Phones?

Phone support was NOT included in the original Kickstarter campaign. Smartphones comprise a large chunk of the mobile game market and Druids seems to fit well with how all mobile gamers play games. I've gotten many requests for phone support since the PC release. Therefore it makes the most sense to at least explore how much effort would be required to support them. Largely this work revolves around ensuring the UI can handle small screens and that the performance is acceptable on them. If phones are included, this will still only be for iPhones. Likely requiring iPhone 5 or newer.

Steam Keys

As before, if you backed for the iPad game, you have an open invitation to get a Steam Key while you wait for the mobile awesomeness to be completed. Just drop me a KS Message.

Thank you for your continued support!


iOS Update

Posted by Kris Szafranski (Creator)
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Hi Backers,

This iOS update is way overdue. I last talked to you in May, and at that time the PC release was off and running and I promised an update on the iPad version shortly.

Fast forward 3 months and here we are. You with no update and me with a problem. I'm sorry I haven't kept you up to speed. It was not my intention to be quiet for so long.

The bottom line is that I am still committed to an iOS version. It remains delayed, however.

I am only now able to put serious time into developing the port and have hit technical issues. Both iOS and Unity (the game engine A Druid's Duel uses) have been updated so much since the original campaign in April 2014 that porting it over is not as easy as anticipated. 

On top of that, the business landscape for mobile games has also changed, making me second-guess how well the game would do as it is designed. I learned some tough lessons in the PC release around features and expectations and do not want to make the same mistakes on the mobile side. Apart from steadily supporting the PC release, I have been researching how to best approach the mobile version.

Yet, those aren't your problems, they are mine. I owe you something for being supportive and patient. I'd like to offer any iOS backer a copy of the PC game.

Any backer who selected the iPad version can get a Steam key immediately. This is for Windows, Mac, or Linux of course. Please message me on Kickstarter or email me directly ( and I'll get you the key. **When the iOS version is finished, you will still get that copy as well.** 

Perhaps after playing a bit you will have some insight or suggestions for the mobile game. If so, I'm all ears.

So, What's the iOS ETA?

I don't know right now. I'd rather get a real date together and let you know instead of guess again. My goal is to keep you more up to date as I work through the hurdles and determine when I can be done. Look for another update next week.

Thank you,


Major Update Released and Steam Sale

Posted by Kris Szafranski (Creator)
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It's finally here! The major updated you've been asking for and helping shape is complete and ready for you :) This was a huge undertaking and there are a lot of things added and addressed across the entire app. You can see the entire list of changes on Steam.

Highlights include:

  • Widescreen Support:16:9 and 16:10) are now the supported formats. 
  • Campaigns can now be individually cleared and the AI difficulty setting can be changed before a session. Back-tracking in Campaigns has been removed. You now always have the option to play any board discovered at the "edges" of your progress.

Online Multiplayer Changes

Your requests have been heard! I've incorporated a number of big changes into Update 105 for improving online play. I've incorporated more help text and explanations throughout the Play Online screens to help you out.

Dash Duels provide a way to complete a 2 player game in one sitting. This is enforced by disallowing a player to leave the game once started. Leaving will forfeit the game, which is an expectation not set by normal games. Dash Duels have a 2-minute turn limit set automatically to help keep it moving.

Any online game (including Dash Duels) can now be optionally played in Tournament Mode. This mode eliminates the automatically spawned set of three Fairies found in standard mode and in the Campaign. Fairies are still spawned when an Obstacle is destroyed.

Live Chat is now available in the Main Menu and all online games if you are logged in to the game server. This chat will show you when a player restarts their turn and if they leave the game. For normal games this can be pretty helpful so you don't wait for them to move. 

A visual tour of these things is available on Facebook.

As if that wasn't enough! 

A Druid's Duel is 25% on Steam for 1 week only! Now's the time to get that copy for your friend who wants to try it out. At that price, you can't afford not to!

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement! I feel this update brings the PC release of A Druid's Duel up to where it ought to be in terms of features and polish. Look for more mobile-related details in the coming weeks as I turn my attention to the iOS port.

Thank you,


Tournament: Battle for Beltaine

Posted by Kris Szafranski (Creator)
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Celebrate the end of Winter by dominating the soggy bog-lands of Beltaine! Show other Druids you're the master by taking part in this free and open tournament! Guaranteed 6 games in a row with a chance to advance to the Finals and the 4-Player Championship Deathmatch battle.

Battle for Beltaine Registration and Information []


  • The 4 finalists will receive 100 Aura points and 20 additional Trisks on their account. This is in addition to any they earn during tournament gameplay. 
  • The Champion will also receive A Druid's Duel T-shirt!

Questions and Discussion on the Steam Announcement!

Hope to see you there!

Update 104 Released

Posted by Kris Szafranski (Creator)
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Dear Backers:

Today we released the first of several major updates for A Druid's Duel on Steam. 

Version 104 addresses a few issues with online gameplay and also includes a couple bug fixes. Updating to v1.0.4 is required to play online games. 

The DRM-free update through Humble or other store will lag behind a few days as usual.

Here's the big news from the update:

Any game down to 2 players can now be Conceded. This is the "I give up" option. If you Concede the game, you retain any Trisks or Aura you earned. Any game with 3 or 4 active players still allows the current player to Retire. This means you leave the game and forego any Trisks or Aura from it. 

This is combined with an automatic clean up process on the server that will check for inactive players and either concede their games or retire them if they take too long (over 36 hours) to move. This should greatly reduce clutter and keep games moving.

Full details here:

Where's My Copy?

If you still have not gotten your copy, please check your email. You should have my original Update on Kickstarter plus a new email directly from the Humble Store from March 17th. These provide details on how you can get your copy if you have not already done so.

If you have it but didn't like the online multiplayer experience, I urge you to give it a shot with the recent update. You should have less clutter and way fewer inactive/frozen games due to inactivity.

Tourney Time

By this weekend I will have also posted the details and sign up for the very first head to head tournament! More details to come, but I am very excited to see how good everyone has become!

Thanks for reading!