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A Druid's Duel: Whimsical Turn-based Strategy's video poster

Dominate the landscape in this chess-like battle of wits featuring shape-shifting druids and an ever-changing game board. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on April 9, 2014.

Dominate the landscape in this chess-like battle of wits featuring shape-shifting druids and an ever-changing game board.

About this project

The initial release is for Mac, Windows, Linux & iOS (iPad only) and includes gorgeous HD graphics, an engrossing original soundtrack, and hours of highly replayable single-player and multiplayer challenges for you and your friends.

Free Demo (Mac/Windows) available at

 A Druid's Duel is a game about change, merging the best elements from games like Worms, chess and Hero Academy into a comical concoction of land-grabbing strategy, adaptation, and whimsy.

's video poster

Take control of your own Circle of mischievous druids in this chess-like battle of wits. Duel your way across the vast Realm of Six Seasons, striving to dominate the land. But beware! The stakes are raised with every parcel gained or lost. 

Your druids assume powerful animal forms and the very landscape can transform in front of you, keeping you on your toes and forcing you to adapt every single turn. Featuring an engaging single-player campaign and tactical battles for up to four players, A Druid’s Duel is ever-changing and fraught with exciting challenges; much like Nature herself.

  • Alter the landscape to your advantage
  • Adapt your strategy every turn
  • Transform your Druids into powerful animals
  • Challenge your friends to fast-paced duels
  • Explore the vast Realm of Six Seasons
  • Solve the mysterious mixing of the seasons

Welcome to the Realm of Six Seasons, where the predictable cycle of nature's seasons has turned constantly since time began. But now, something is wrong.

A bright Summer's day ends in a snowy Winter's eve. The next morning brings a burst of colorful Autumn leaves followed by a surprising deluge of Springtime rains. Something (or someone) is tampering with the precious Seasons, making a complete mess of the Realm.

The Druids of the Esoteric Orders have long fostered this fertile landscape and tended to this delicate mystical balance. It is up to Warren, a young druid fresh from his Esoteric Training, to discover what is causing this disastrous mixing of Seasons.

  • “Easy to learn, hard to master” strategic gameplay.
  • Fast-paced games where every turn matters.
  • Mutable game board - Alter the landscape to suit your needs.
  • Four distinct unit types, each with powerful Animal abilities.
  • Single-player campaign with an engaging story told across 50 non-linear maps.
  • Asynchronous online play for 2 to 4 Players.
  • Local play for 1 to 4 Players (Pass n' Play and vs the AI).
  • Full League and Tournament support, including ladders and progressions.
  • Six beautiful, colorful Seasons to play through, each with their own art style and ambiance. Play skirmishes in any Season you like!
  • Wondrous ear candy galore! Professionally composed and recorded music brings the Six Seasons to life.
  • Turn Time Limits, Challenges, and other gameplay options.

A Druid's Duel has been in full-time development for over six months. In that time I've been through two iterations of public prototyping and playtesting, including several sessions at GenCon 2013. Matches now play completely on Mac, Windows, and iOS in Multiplayer hot-seat (pass n’ play) mode.


There has been great progress toward the vision, but there remains a lot more to do in order to let A Druid's Duel truly bloom. Your hard-earned dollars will go a long way toward bringing the game to life by allowing me to pay talented musicians, artists, and programmers for their tremendous efforts.

Art & Animation: The majority of the artwork in the Demo is placeholder art that needs to be completed. All of the game elements and units need animating and they need to be given that polished visual sparkle.

Awesome Audio: The sound effects are all placeholder and need to be updated to match the final artwork. The remaining music has to be composed and recorded.

Sample two completed songs by talented composer Troy Strand:

Highsommar Season Music

Aldenfalle Season Music

Single-player Campaign: Story mode is very exciting and will build on the solid gameplay already in place. The game will have witty dialog, a branching story, and unique Boss characters. Each Season has its own artwork, music and boss character to create, develop, record, or program.

Challenges: A Druid’s Duel will release with a series of increasingly difficult single player Challenges that teach new players how to play. Each Challenge will have a set objective (like capture the Relic) and a limit by which to accomplish the task, such as a Mana or Turn limit.

Online Multiplayer: Asynchronous online multiplayer games are nearing a testable state. A Druid's Duel will support a full online League and ladder progression system which need to be completed and tested.

The more backers who support us, the more stuff everybody gets! If we meet the following Backer numbers (and get funded), every single backer gets bonus rewards! Regardless of the level you back at or how much money we've raised, you'll get the bonus rewards!

  • 375 Backers: An Additional Exclusive Digital Wallpaper!
  • 500 Backers: SWAG Pack: Stickers and Buttons! (US Shipping included)
  • 750 Backers: Making-of/History of A Druid's Duel PDF Booklet!
  • 950 Backers: Printed Strategy Guide! (US Shipping included)
  • 1,250 Backers: Papercraft Druid Characters! (US Shipping include)
  • More?
The more you help spread the word, the more rewards ALL BACKERS will receive!

Should we be fortunate enough to meet the original funding goal, there are a number of extras I have in mind for you. These rewards will expand the game project in exciting ways! Some possibilities are an extended single-player storyline, support for additional platforms, or a super cool Level Editor so you can make your own boards!

I am Kris Szafranski (just stick with "Kris") and I am a veteran of the web and custom software industries. Having cut my teeth in the dawning Internet days, I went on to help build The Nerdery, the premiere custom software development shop in the Midwest. While there, I rose from developer to Project Manager to Director, eventually taking over as the VP of Software Development and managing the staff of 250 technical rockstars.

In May 2013, I left that amazing company to blaze my own trail as an Indie game developer, realizing a long-standing dream of designing and building games full time. Being a visual designer and creative at heart, game design is a natural extension of those interests and a dream come true. I founded Thoughtshelter Games, a small studio dedicated to bringing meaningful gameplay to casual game players.

The success of A Druid's Duel is highly coupled to the continuation of that dream. As such, I will do everything in my power to ensure A Druid's Duel lives up to its potential and fulfills on its promise of challenging and fun strategic gameplay.

Risks and challenges

As a veteran of the software industry, I am no stranger to deadlines and the rigors of producing results despite the myriad challenges that can arise during a project. A Druid's Duel is a project very close to my heart. So much so that I am devoting my full time and efforts to its development and release.

There is a lot of very hard work that goes into making a game such as this, Indie or not. I am utilizing several talented and awesome contractors for Music, Art, and Programming where the vision goes beyond my own skills or time. These are the true heroes of A Druid's Duel and this Kickstarter is to help get them paid for their efforts.

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    Thank you for supporting A Druid's Duel! Every dollar helps bring the Realm of Six Seasons to life! Tell your friends!

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    You will receive an exclusive beautiful desktop wallpaper (Computer and iPad sized) and if you play online, you can use the exclusive Backer-only Avatar icons.

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    GUARDIAN (Early Bird Special!)

    In addition to the Nature Lover rewards, you will receive one digital download of the full release version of the game for either Mac, Windows, Linux or iPad. Your name will also appear on the Extended Credits web page!

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    In addition to the Guardian rewards, your name will appear on the in-game Credits screen!

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    Guardian rewards plus you'll receive a digital download of the Official Sountrack in a DRM-free format (OGG, AAC, MP3)

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    Land Dancer rewards plus you will receive the beautiful high-resolution PDF Strategy Guide. Learn how to dominate your friends and foes alike!

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    Snarlclaw rewards plus you'll receive Exclusive Early Access to all available pre-release builds, including Beta access! (Mac/Win/Linux only)

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    Waywalker rewards plus exclusive access to the pre-launch online Tournament. Pit your wits against other backers in a chance to win the Grand Prize (TBD)!

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    Champion of the Realm rewards plus early access to League Play -- earn XP and climb the Ladder before others!

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    Wolf rewards plus one personalized online Avatar icon. Look like anything!* Drawn in all four Druid colors, four icons total.

    *Within reason and good taste, of course.

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    Help forge The Realm of Six Seasons! This level enhances your Wolf rewards by allowing you to help make one map for the Single Player Campaign. Give your ideas and input, help play-test it, and give it an amazing name.

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    Leave your mark on the Realm! You will help design one of four Single Player Campaign Boss characters. Have input on the look and abilities of an important character in the storyline. This level also includes your Wolf rewards as well.

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    Customize your Druids! Prefer them to have an ancient Egyptian look? No problem. How about Vikings? You bet! At this level you will able to have design input on a set of your very own Druid units to use in-game. This will include four color varieties, just like the default units. The unit animal forms and other game rules will otherwise act exactly as the originals.

    This level also includes your Wolf rewards.

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