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A miniatures combat and role playing game based on the popular webcomic at
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Where things are at...

Posted by Paul Lidberg (Creator)

Sorry for a delay in the updates...we've had a lot going on in several arenas and that has had an effect.

Content delay

We're running behind on the book due to delays with some of the material for the book (backgrounds of characters and such) as well as some of the graphics. Hoping to get those worked out soon.


As Gene mentioned in the comments area, he is almost done with Spy Gal, and then he'll send her and the zombie rabbit along to get cast...that will get that part together sooner, and I'll send out pics of the first castings...

We've also received pictures of painted versions of Dr. Rocket and Captain Spectacular....they are  attached below....I think they're awesome!

Backer Surveys

That got delayed for several reasons... and as I was about to do them a couple of weeks ago I was struck by a problem of my own... a pinched nerve in my neck that causes me pain down my arm when I use a mouse or type too much... I've been using up my pain meds and pain tolerance at work each day at work... then hoping for the best each night...slow process... will probably start some physical therapy this week on it too...and I am too sedentary to be looking forward to that...:D

I am hoping to get those done this week,,, might end up doing a couple of tiers a night or something as their system makes you effectively re-do the survey for each backer level...:/

Hope to have more this week!


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