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Playboy Bboy360 reaching 100k Cheevos and 55k MySpace friends. What happens when he meets a gamer chick with more gamerscore?

Playboy Bboy360 reaching 100k Cheevos and 55k MySpace friends. What happens when he meets a gamer chick with more gamerscore? Read More
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Will Bboy360 find love when he breaks 100k Cheevos and meets a top gamer girl?

The Cheevos movie will cover Bboy360 breaking 100k Xbox Cheevos(gamerscore) and meeting a top gamer girl in a club (Filmed in hollywood).  Will he find love, or will it just be awkard.  What happens when famous gamers like Stallion83 (Gamerscore leader) will show up. Will Bboy360 become jealous of Stallion83?  Will the gamer girl leave Bboy360 to go after Stallion83?  Will Bboy360's breakdancing impress the gamer girl enough to make up for his lower gamerscore? This is all part of the movie plot.

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If you don't know Bboy360 here are his stats:

  • 100k Xbox Cheevos(gamerscore) / 55k MySpace friends (record holder)
  • 80k YouTube views
  • Rated 9.5 on Hot or Not
  • Member of the True Achievements Hall of fame and #63 in Kinect Cheevos

More details of the plans are as follows:

The movie will start with Bboy360 breaking 100,000 Xbox Cheevos(gamerscore) and celebrating with friends.  After hearing about Bboy360's milestone, Stallion83 calls him up to hang out with him in Los Angeles.  Bboy360 and Stallion83 meet many important people and go to exclusive nightclubs where they meet a top Gamer Girl with more gamerscore than Bboy360.  What exactly happens here will be unknown.  There will for sure be a big power struggle.  There will be breakdancing, fans, autograph signings and much much more.

Expenses :

  • Fly in Stallion83 to be in the movie
  • Fly in a famous Gamer Girl
  • Rent out a night club in Hollywood
  • Laker tickets for Stallion83 and Bboy360
  • Filming and production costs
  • If fuding goes over we will get more celebraties to be in the moive and the maybe the Gamerscore popcast crew.

Some links about Bboy360:

Risks and challenges

Scheduling and coordinating the night club filming will be hard, myself and the team have experience in many of the aspects of this. Stallion83 (or other top gamer) and a gamer girl with over 300,000 gamerscore will have to be in Los Angeles during the 2 nights of filming. We would have to fly them the same week. Stallion83 is in Tennessee, so he's isn't that far away. On that night, the nightclub will have to allow us to film at the club and we will rent out a specific section. All this will be set up when we get funded and plan specific dates. We will do 2 nights to make sure we get all the group shots. Other parts of the movie can be filmed individually.

As far as the venue, being in hollywood many clubs are used to being rented out for movies and we should have a lot to pick from if anything goes wrong.

If Stallion83 or the gamer girl backs out, I can get the next person with the highest gamerscore and there are 5 gamer girls that I can contact if the one I have in mind backs out. Also, if the gamer girl and Stallion83's do conflict, I'll go with one of my backup gamer girls. There is no rush or specific date that this has to be filmed, so I think we could easily find a good day.

I don't want to promise any other celebrity guests, but I'll try to have a couple stop by for filming.

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