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The Art, Nature, and Science of our native caterpillars come to life.  Help me produce these one-of-a-kind family programs!
The Art, Nature, and Science of our native caterpillars come to life. Help me produce these one-of-a-kind family programs!
212 backers pledged $23,650 to help bring this project to life.

Last chance to support The Caterpillar Lab's 2016 outreach season

TOMORROW marks the conclusion of our official spring fundraiser.

THANK YOU to all of our friends and patrons who have contributed and declared their support for the work we do! You are all wonderful!


For many of us, it is natural to put things off, to wait until the last minute to act - but NOW IS THE LAST MINUTE. Please show your support for The Caterpillar Lab's mission and make a donation TODAY

DONATION PAGE:!support/j66mj

The funds we raise this spring will significantly impact our outreach activities this summer and fall. The closer we come to meeting our fundraising goals the more programs we will be able to run, the more schools and venues we will be able to visit, the more free open-hours days we will be able to support, and the more people we will be able to reach - and we have so many wonderful things to share!

Before the end of tomorrow we must raise an additional $1,600 dollars to fully match the $15,000 matching challenge donation we were given. Until then, donations will count for DOUBLE! But our needs do not stop there, let's end this support drive on a high note!

We are counting on your support, 


-- Samuel Jaffe

The Caterpillar Lab, Executive Director


The World Needs Its Caterpillar Labs - The Caterpillar Lab Support Drive

The Caterpillar Lab spring fundraiser concludes in just over a week.  Have you continued your support yet?  Now is the time to act.  Donate today while a matching donation challenge makes every dollar worth DOUBLE.!support/j66mj

Dear Kickstarter Supporters, Friends,  

The Caterpillar Lab is a labor of love. Since taking my first caterpillar photographs in 2008, I’ve realized the power of these unique creatures to open people's eyes to the natural wonders around them, to turn old assumptions on their heads, and to make all those "old familiar places" new and exciting again. Native caterpillars sparked my interest in nature as a child, and I realized that I could use them to ignite that same spark in others.

I have been privileged to watch The Caterpillar Lab grow from its roots as a series of photographs called "The Caterpillars of New England" to a full-time, interdisciplinary organization focused on outreach and education. The energy behind the project has only increased as I've been joined by a team of friends and incredible educators. Just a few years ago, it would have been difficult to predict that we’d now reach tens of thousands of people directly each summer, and hundreds of thousands of more online!

For years, The Caterpillar Lab has been funded through sacrifice and passion on the part of myself, my staff, and our friends and families. As we have grown and organized, things are changing. To expand our impact, we have taken on more staff, opened a public facility, and stretched our programing from a dozen programs in 2013 to over 50 public programs already scheduled for 2016. Our sacrifices alone can no longer sustain this crazy, wonderful project.

Visitors who are blown away by our exhibits often ask us how we are able to do what we do. We answer, "Only with your help!" The truth is that at this time, The Caterpillar Lab is not fully supported. Our work won't be possible long-term unless we are successful in our fundraising efforts. We are working hard to make our work sustainable into the future. We are cultivating donors from the grassroots level up -- eager for your support at the price of a cup of coffee, while also searching for a champion to give us the firm footing we need to go forward with confidence and grow. I hope you will all join us in that effort!

When you are considering donating $5, $10, $100, ask yourself: Do you want to live in a world where something like The Caterpillar Lab can exist? If the answer is YES, please join us and make a small sacrifice to ensure that it can!

With hope for a very caterpillary future, Sam Jaffe

Learn more about our Spring Support Drive by going to our webpage:!support/j66mj

Sam Jaffe

The Caterpillar Lab - Spread the Word!

Thank you for continuing your support! 

After just a single day we are about one fifth of the way to meeting the $15,000 matching challenge donation.  That means your contributions of almost $3,000 will actually bring in double that to the lab and our outreach efforts!  We still have a long way to go though so lets get a movement going!  Small donations are just as valuable to us as large - The Caterpillar Lab has always been supported by lots of people coming together to make something AWESOME happen!

Spread the word and donate today:!support/j66mj

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One way your contribution can help us fulfill our mission is by providing Caterpillar Lab program scholarships to schools in need! Read the letter below to see a recent example of the kind of request we hope to be able accommodate with your support. 

"Dear Caterpillar Lab, I am in absolute awe of the great work you have done! I teach 5th grade and know my students would greatly benefit from participating in your program. We are learning about animal adaptations (one of focus in our class is migration, particularly of butterflies). I would love to have you involved our class, but due to a lack of funding, I wanted to inquire about the possibility of a scholarship to bring this to my students. This group of 22 scientists inspires me every day and their inquisitive nature makes them a perfect match to really take advantage of what you have to offer. Please let me know if we could work something out because my class would have a blast and learn so much! I appreciate your time and look forward to hearing from you." 

The Caterpillar Lab aims to institute a scholarship program to help schools afford our programs, but this program will only be possible with your support. If you would like to specifically sponsor our scholarship program, please note your intent in the comments section of your online donation, email us, or write "school scholarship" in the memo line of your check. A donation of $300 will fund a typical half-day visit to a school in need. 

One recent donor contributed $300 to our campaign.  She asked for it to be used to sponsor a school program, ordered one of our reward t-shirts, and the whole contribution was doubled!  A lot of bang for your buck!

Best to all,

- Sam Jaffe!support/j66mj

Donate through our webpage here
Donate through our webpage here!support/j66mj

The Caterpillar Lab Support Drive and Matching Gift


Dear Kickstarter Friends,

You may or may not be aware that your support for a summer of caterpillar programs back in the spring of 2013 lead to the founding of The Caterpillar Lab non-profit corporation.  The Caterpillar Lab follows all the same goals that were outlined in my original Kickstarter campaign but the scope of the project has grown tremendously!  I hope you will take the time to learn about how the organization has developed by visiting our webpage at and Facebook page 

I am writing today because The Caterpillar Lab recently launched its spring fundraiser on our webpage here!support/j66mj.  In 2013 we set out to raise $20,000 to support a summer of programs and you all came together to help us meet that goal.  Now, with The Caterpillar Lab's increased activity, open-to-the-public facility, and full-time staff of educators we are seeking to raise more than one hundred thousand dollars in donations for the next year.  

Just recently we received a very generous gift of a $15,000 matching challenge.  Up to a $15,000 cap, every donation that comes in will be matched dollar for dollar by an anonymous donor.  If you were all to contribute the same amount you did to fund the lab in 2013, we would be able to bring in a very significant $38,000 towards our goal!!!  The Caterpillar Lab still relies heavily on the generosity of our public - we can only continue this work with your ongoing support.

Please consider coming together once again and supporting a year of caterpillars in New England.

Gratefully,  Sam Jaffe

Sam Jaffe,, 617-733-7312

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