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A theater piece that explores the surprising creative potential of people living with dementia.
155 backers pledged $9,633 to help bring this project to life.

Images from D-Generation

Posted by Sandglass Theater (Creator)

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Recording Session for the D-Generation soundtrack

Posted by Sandglass Theater (Creator)

Here's some photos from the recent recording session to record Paul Dedell's beautiful score for D-Generation. The final mixes are in and we're in the final stretch of rehearsals before opening the show at the Ko Festival in Amherst, MA on August 3rd!

Thanks everyone for making this piece possible! Hope you can make it to the opening.


Your friends at Sandglass Theater

Eric, Ines, Kirk, Kathleen

The Quartet Assembled for this beautiful recording:

Paul Dedell, Composer

Judith Serkin, Cello

William Amsel, Clarinet

Bill Solomon, Marimba

N. Rose Vrbsky, Bassoon

Photos by Coni Richards

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There's still time to make a pledge!

Posted by Sandglass Theater (Creator)

Although we've reached our goal, there's still a few days left in our Kickstarter campaign.  Our goal of $9000 will go to pay the artists involved in the project and some modest administration fees to get D-Generation out on the road.  Every dollar over our goal will go towards marketing, booking tours, paying the artists for additional rehearsals, and if we can raise enough ($1000-$2000) we will be able to purchase a much needed new projector.  

In these last days, please donate what you can and share this link with your friends and colleagues.

Gratefully yours,

Sandglass Theater

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A segment of Mary's video, created by Michel Moyse

Posted by Sandglass Theater (Creator)

This segment created by video artist, Michel Moyse, will play at the opening of the show, with Mary, one of our puppet characters, sitting on stage, staring out a window.  

Over recent years, Michel Moyse has been exploring the intersection between two-dimensional art and time. Through his use of digital video, he has developed a unique style that he calls motionpaintings.  His work combines abstract elements, narrative, music, sound effects and text to expand and break down the lines between static visual art and film. 

In his collaboration with Sandglass Theater on this project, he is creating a visual and emotional landscape that alludes to the inner world of our characters.  His use of sound and ever changing imagery blurs the boundaries between the past and the present, the real and the imagined. 

 In this work, Michel is drawing on his own experiences and reflections of his mother’s struggle with Alzheimer's Disease.   

Making the puppets for D-Generation

Posted by Sandglass Theater (Creator)

Take a peak inside the Sandglass Theater workshop to see how the puppets for D-Generation were constructed.

We're so grateful to everyone for such a remarkable response to this project.  We've hit the halfway point, but still have a ways to go.  Help us reach our goal by pledging what you can and spreading the word to your friends and colleagues!  

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