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Kim Krizan, writer of "Before Sunrise" & "Before Sunset," wrote a tongue-in-cheek book about femme fatales & needs help to print it!
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So Many Pressing Questions...

Posted by Kim Krizan (Creator)

Dear Original Sinners--

We're down to the last nine days of the Original Sins campaign! It's currently at 73% of its goal, so we have high hopes it will be fully-funded by the big scary deadline on Halloween Eve. If it is, we'll run the book down to the printer and get it into your hands very soon!

Please spread the word! We truly need your help to bring this project to completion!

Today's modern woman has so many pressing questions. Wouldn't it be a relief to have somewhere to turn, a mystical force to believe in, a sort of "Dear Abby" or "Great Pumpkin" we could look to for answers?

For example, what should the modern woman wear when she kills her husband? And what kind of car should she drive when peeling out of town? What should she say to the police when they come to her door? And what should she drink when hiding in shadowy gin joints? You know, the important issues we ladies face.

This is where The Great Femme Fatale comes in. She whispered profound truths to me as I was researching femme fatales. In a sort of inspired trance, I compiled a book of Her wisdom -- one that will finally solve our most pressing concerns.

Again, thank you all so much for your amazing support of my book! We're coming down to the wire.

Fatally Yours,


PS-- Here's another video (made by incredibly talented friends) that illustrates the sorts of questions women have been asking The Great Femme Fatale:

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