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Kim Krizan, writer of "Before Sunrise" & "Before Sunset," wrote a tongue-in-cheek book about femme fatales & needs help to print it!
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Going Too Far?

Posted by Kim Krizan (Creator)

Dear Dolls:

My friend Diane hipped me to this T.S. Eliot quote:  "Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go."  And that describes the femme fatale.  She's the girl who pursues her agenda, regardless of risks.  She'll cross the line, scorch the earth, hitchhike across the country if need be.

And speaking of hitchhiking, in the course of riding this Kickstarter campaign for my book, Original Sins: Trade Secrets of the Femme Fatale, I sometimes I feel as if I'm hitchhiking.  And you dolls have all given me a ride down the road to getting Original Sins printed!  I'm currently about half-way to my target with 19 days to go, and I have you to thank.  At the moment, though, I'm half way to Shanghai and I still need the support of dolls, dames, dangerous men, and "interesting strangers" to complete my journey.  

To further the hitchhiking metaphor, let me tell you this story:  Some time back I was with photographer Michael Modecki and we were driving west on Sunset Boulevard.  Michael saw a champagne bottle on the corner and, being the artist he is, quickly whipped the car to a stop, saying, "Let's get a picture with that bottle!"  I ran up to it and made the only appropriate gesture a girl can make in Beverly Hills, hence the photo below.

Is it going a bit too far to try hitchhiking in Beverly Hills?  Who cares.  The femme fatale has done a lot worse.

Again, thank you dolls for all of your incredible support of my book!  If you're able, please spread the word.  I have 19 days to go!



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      Richard Steinberg on

      Holy cats, what a great shot!

      "Champagne makes you feel like it’s Sunday and better days are just around the corner."
      --Marlene Dietrich