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Documentary webseries on Transformational Festivals illuminates this remarkable phenomenon filming at 12 festivals over summer 2012
198 backers pledged $11,381 to help bring this project to life.

We've Passed Midway Of Production

Posted by Jeet-Kei Leung (Creator)

We're thrilled to have passed the midway point of production for the webseries! It's been an incredible, illuminating journey covering 9 potent festivals so far, and we've captured so many magical moments and insightful interviews as the way to tell this profound collective story has unfolded.

We would again like to thank all our supporters, backers (over 200 of you;) and sponsors who have given us the resources to tell this story! 

See our latest gallery of photos from Faerieworlds (near Eugene, Oregon) the weekend before last:

We're also exceptionally happy to have added Zipporah Lomax and Ryan Mitchell to our videography team and Zac Cirivello on stills. All of these talented artists made stellar contributions to our last three shoots in Oregon and B.C. and will be capturing more for the series as we continue... Now we really can be in two places at once;-)

Having just completed filming at Bass Coast (B.C.), coming up next this month is Beloved (OR)/Shambhala (BC), Rootwire (Ohio) & Burning Man (NV)/Waterwoman (Ecuador). We start moving into editing mode in September with the plan to officially end production for the webseries with the Do Lab's Rise & Shine Festival near L.A. in October. 

Expect our first episode and the series to launch in October-November 2012!

Did you miss our Kickstarter and still want to donate to support the making of this series? Heck no, it's not too late!!!! You can donate at or if it's a substantial amount shoot us an email to arrange a transfer so we can avoid paypal's silly fees. Every contribution really does make a difference!

Coming up soon on the horizon: Updated 'Transformational Festivals Map' with listing of 75 fests, website makeover with more features and content, and our second trailer, introducing the themes we explore in each of our episodes.

So many blessings, So much love!

Jeet-Kei Leung

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Last Push + New Incentive

Posted by Jeet-Kei Leung (Creator)

Writing this while taking a break from our 3rd festival shoot, here at Inshala Festival in Alberta, Canada, to say thank you again to everyone for the incredible support <3 We're now in the final 24 hours of our fundraising campaign and wanted to offer one final incentive for boosting our project! 

Now any contributor of $100 or more (including previous pledges) or who upgrades their pledge to $100 or more will be included in the end credits of each of our 4 episodes! We want to acknowledge the grassroots contributions that have made our project possible and this is our way of doing it. We want to be really clear that every pledge and every share has been gratefully appreciated by us:) $100 seems like a decent marker for acknowledgment as individual enablers, so if you are able, you can memorialize your important support of the telling of the Transformational Festivals story by pledging in the next 21 or so hours!

Bless You All! ((<3))


48 Hours Left: We Made It & Please Keep It Coming!

Posted by Jeet-Kei Leung (Creator)

Wow Wow Wow! We are so deeply moved and grateful for all the expressions of support... We just met our goal this morning thanks to over 170 individual backers and sponsor-level contributions today from BM performance art group, Billion Jelly Bloom, and Papadosio's Rootwire Festival in Ohio. The confidence and trust that people who share the same passion for this culture have expressed in us to tell this important story right has been overwhelming and so deeply affirming... We are definitely going to come through for you all!!!

As we pass the 48 hour mark, we would love to keep it coming and have your help in the final push! As you may guess $10k (minus 12% KS & Amazon fees, so $8,800) is really just a bare-bones budget to move the three (sometimes four) of us around to over a dozen festivals plus post-production time for the four episodes. Anything over our goal really helps us to have some buffer to handle all the additional costs or contracts that will arise... So we ask you--those of our community and all who understand the profound significance of this emergent culture and support its story being told--to please keep our campaign active for another 48 hours!!!

Thank You Thank You and Thank You again! <3

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First Trailer of Series Launched :: Symbiosis Festival 2012

Posted by Jeet-Kei Leung (Creator)

Fresh off the presses... Our first trailer for the Transformational Festivals documentary series, created from footage of the Symbiosis Festival just 3 weeks ago at Pyramid Lake, Nevada! Second trailer in the works featuring Lighting in a Bottle:)

Only 9 days remaining and over $5000 left to raise to meet our funding requirement... We probably didn't help matters by spending most of the first 2 weeks of our campaign out of wifi range while filming at our first 2 festivals! We appreciate every contribution towards realizing this beautiful vision!!!

Trailer features music by Kaminanda, Random Rab & Kalya Scintilla

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Beloved Festival Sponsorship & Phutureprimitive on Soundtrack

Posted by Jeet-Kei Leung (Creator)

We are so pleased to have the Beloved Sacred Art & Music Festival step forward to support our Transformational Festivals series as an official sponsor! Approaching their 5th year in Tidewater Falls, Oregon, this exemplary transformational festival was already on our itinerary as a must-film festival... Now they've just made it even sweeter;-) 

Beloved's contribution towards our Kickstarter earns them our deep gratitude plus a whole schwack of goodness including their logo on our website as official sponsors, special thanks in the credits, a hard cover book of photos from our festivals by Syd Woodward, and much more!

We're equally thrilled to announce the addition of Phutureprimitive to our original soundtrack score. This spectacular producer joins our tremendous selection of soundtrack artists, which include Kalya Scintilla, Kaminanda, Akara & The Human Experience confirmed so far. We are eminently stoked to invite the artists who we feel best represent the crest of new electronic dance music to be the aural fuel to our cinematic visions!

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