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We reached our funding goal to bring an adventure fantasy story to the screen that's described as "Princess Bride" meets "Lord of the Rings!" Follow our journey below!
We reached our funding goal to bring an adventure fantasy story to the screen that's described as "Princess Bride" meets "Lord of the Rings!" Follow our journey below!
3,169 backers pledged $265,880 to help bring this project to life.

New Stretch Goal Rewards! - Only 4 Days left!

Posted by Andrew Peterson (Creator)

Hello Dear Backers!

We’ve crossed $190k and are quickly closing in on our next big goal of $250k to fund the creation of the town of Glipwood and extend the short film into a half-episode pilot! To celebrate, we have a number of announcements. Oh look, another bullet list to help summarize!

  • Recap of Backer Rewards
  • A 6th BONUS Wingfeather Tales short story!
  • New Florid Sword comic
  • Stretch Goal rewards!
  • 2-hour Live Countdown, Monday 7-9pm CST!
  • Share, Share, Share!

What do I get?

There has been a lot of progress since we launched this campaign on March 1st. So, what exactly are you backers getting so far? Here is what you have funded as of right now:

  • An animated short film with Janner, Kalmar, Leeli, Slarb, Nugget, Thwaps, Nia, Podo, Gnorm and Peet the Sock Man!
  • 5 Short Stories from Aerwiar in The Wingfeather Tales eBook
  • Backer Goal Reward of an exclusive Wingfeather Saga bookmark for all physical reward levels
  • Plus, whatever Reward level you pledged!

Bonus Wingfeather Tales short story #6

We’re so excited to announce another writer for a bonus Wingfeather Tales short story - Andrew! Joined by illustrator Cory Godbey, the two will take flight into the Wingfeather world, once we hit $220k. A full 200% of our minimum goal and a BIG reason to celebrate!

The Florid Sword / Shadowblade Comic

If you’ve read the full book series, you know the mysterious swashbuckler who appears in North! Or Be Eaten. His delightfully pompous monologues as he dispatches the bad guys make him a legend. A legend that will now step into his own comic! If we reach $230k, we will enlist the help of a few comic book artists to publish a digital first-edition - which all backers at DUGTOWNER and above will automatically get added to their rewards!

Stretch Goal Rewards

In addition to the two rewards above, we have some more rewards to celebrate our progress. These are for all backers at THE DURGAN and above, who are getting physical rewards.

- At $195k printable coloring pages + temporary tattoos

- At $200k an additional patch for the Bookbindery Guild + an additional mini-poster of Janner

- At $205k an additional patch for The Houndry Guild + an additional mini-poster of Leeli

- At $210k an additional mini-poster of Kalmar

- At $250k a printed version of The Wingfeather Tales!

Live Countdown - Monday from 7-9pm CST

Join Andrew, Chris and special guests on Facebook Live for a 2-hour countdown extravaganza! There will be a live Q&A on anything from the first book (trying to avoid spoilers for new fans!), live readings, songs and more! You have to ‘Like’ us on Facebook to get the notification when we go live!

Share, Share, Share

I know we are wearing this out, but we cannot overemphasize the value you guys are bringing in sharing our project. When we are sitting down with various networks later this year and pitching the full series, you get to join us by being represented in our number of backers who were there on the ground floor as we together launched something special. That means everyone who helps out by chipping in even $1 is also represented! And the same goes for our connection on social media. Make sure you have ‘Liked’ or ‘Followed’ us on every platform you enjoy. We promise not to spam you, but just keep you up to date on all our progress as we bring this series to life. Of course, we have incentives! All Backers who have a physical reward are receiving an exclusive Wingfeather Saga bookmark, plus a commentary track from Andrew, Chris and some special guests. Keep going to unlock amazing Behind-The-Scenes features!

Finally, in case you missed this on Facebook, we featured a great review from a new fan that was just introduced to the series and wrote about her reaction. Here's a quote to get you started: "This is a war story. A compelling, intriguing, sometimes quirky but deeply moral war story. This is the kind of story that helps us believe that we could stand and be counted if called upon to do so. This is a story that feeds the imagination and stretches the soul and it is a beautiful testimony to the power of family. It is a very good story to have in our moral imaginations."

Thank you for all that you have done so far. On to the finish!

- Chris and Andrew

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