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A creature-building, tile-laying, tabletop game featuring the colorful pop art creatures of Robert Burke.
408 backers pledged $16,107 to help bring this project to life.

All Games Have Shipped!

Posted by Robert Burke (Creator)

Please see the below from Game Salute!

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    1. Rob Beachler on

      No game yet. Did you make sure my address information was updated? I contacted you several times regarding that and you assured me it was fixed.

    2. Robert Burke 20-time creator

      If you can find it in your heart please consider doing a review on BGG and/or on

    3. Missing avatar

      euph on

      My Game arrived totay in Germany. Looks Good, High quality. Can not wait to Play the first round. Thanks Robert

    4. Nate edwards on

      What a beautiful, fun game and a wonderfully sturdy, beautiful box. I'm going to try and get my kids excited about the contest over the weekend.

    5. Robert Burke 20-time creator

      If you purchased the Heads on Tails Expansion you should have received 3 tiles and cards in the box. If you did not pay extra you would only have 1 extra tile and card.

    6. Missing avatar

      Michael Beckman on

      I got one part of my order earlier this week. I hope the other half of my pledge shows up in the next couple of days.
      Great looks. The hand-painted tiles are awesome.

    7. Dan Blanchard on

      I got mine over the weekend. In addition to the stuff in the box, there was a little ziplock bag with one card and one tile. That wasn't the heads on tails expansion, was it? Because if so I think I'm missing a few parts.

    8. Kurt Vonnegut Jr. on

      Were they shipped USPS or UPS?

    9. Rebecca Richardson

      I got mine today. Looks beautiful.

    10. Bouncergriim on

      [rolls 2d6 as well] boxcars :(

    11. Eric T. Leath on

      [rolls 2d6] ... SNAKE EYES!!

    12. Missing avatar

      planetm on

      Can't wait, thanks to everybody involved in getting this completed:)

    13. Joshua Taube