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THE RACKET BOYS is a completely independent feature film, heavily influenced by the creative freedom of the French New Wave.

Writer/Director: Brandon Willer
Starring: Paul Haapaniemi, Dannikke Walkker, and Brandon Willer
Produced by: Dannikke Walkker and Brandon Willer
Director of Photography: Chris LaGarce
Composer: Jon Licht
Assistant Director: Sam Haapaniemi
Production Manager: Alexandra Cool

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More than just writing and directing a film, I want to share my love for cinema. In my opinion, as the culmination of all the other arts, film has the beautiful advantage of serving as both a personal artistic expression and as an entertainment for the masses. THE RACKET BOYS will be my celebration of cinema's duality -- it's ability to entertain and inspire.
The film has been directly influenced by French New Wave filmmakers such as Jean-Luc Godard, Francois Truffaut, and Eric Rohmer. During the late 1950s artists such as these grew sick of seeing the same big budget Hollywood and French cinema, and decided to break the rules a little bit. Make a movie with no money and no budget? Gasp! Well, they did it, and they changed the filmmaking world as a result. Shifting from normative filmmaking techniques, these guys paved the way for artists in the future ranging from Martin Scorcese, to Steven Soderberg, and even guys like Lars Von Trier. THE RACKET BOYS will be an homage to their creative ingenuity and passion. I hope this film will serve as a reminder as to just how wonderful a series of images flickering at 24 frames per second can be.

To begin with, I couldn't have a more wonderful cast and crew working on this film. With Dannikke Walkker producing, the rest of the crew seemed to fall into place. As mentioned in the video and below, we have a wonderful DP and composer lined up, and shooting is scheduled for January 6 - January 21, 2011. In two vehicles, the crew and I will head up the Pacific Coast Highway stopping at the many beautiful sights along the way to capture the story as it is written on the page. They always say that life isn't about the destination, it's about the journey... Well, I think in this case, that couldn't be more accurate. The shoot will be a difficult and grueling adventure. Driving the coast, sleeping in tents, and filming a movie. It couldn't get much better.

TECHNICAL DETAILS: It will be feature length, and shot in black & white, high definition on a Canon 7D.

The three main characters will be played by Dannikke Walkker, Paul Haapaniemi, and myself. Between the three of us, we may not have any Oscar nods, but our kindergarten teachers thought we were all excellent in our rendition of THE FIRST THANKSGIVING (I played the pilgrim's first turkey).

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THE RACKET BOYS is a modern comedy about two men and a woman driving from Los Angeles to San Francisco for individual reasons, but the same goal -- finding happiness and a reason for it all.

A simple story of friends on the road, searching for meaning in an indifferent existence.

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What is the money for?
Although this film will be almost completely self funded, we could really use some help getting it off the ground. The $2,000 dollars we're asking for, could really go a long way in making this project happen. There are a few rental expenses that we need to deal with (audio gear, camera equipment, etc), but the vast majority of the money will be used to feed the crew and provide motels along the way so we don't have to sleep in a tent every night.

Here's a blog that I've started to keep you all posted on the status of the project. Feel free to visit and leave a comment or two, even if you just want to tell us we're stupid...

Our wonderful cinematographer, Chris LaGarce's reel...

Our talented composer, Jon Licht's credits...

And here are just a few more sites to keep you occupied and let you inside my head a little bit...

Brandon A Willer


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    Since the majority of the shoot will take place up the beautiful coast of California, anybody generous enough to give $25 will receive a handwritten postcard from somewhere along the way.

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