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A strategy game where players compete for food and supplies and fortify their home to prepare for one of four world-ending scenarios.
A strategy game where players compete for food and supplies and fortify their home to prepare for one of four world-ending scenarios.
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Download the Print-n-Play!

Posted by Jordan Goddard (Creator)

We are super excited to announce that the Print and Play is ready for you to download! You will find that there are three ways to download the PnP file, each is tailored to the kind of device you will be viewing it on, You will also notice that the rules and cards are both in the same file. 

We hope that you will let us know what you think and send us your questions as you read the rules and familiarize yourself with the game. We also hope that you will snap some photos of your gaming group playing Collapse, and share them with us. You can send photos to or @JordanAndMandy

Thanks Again for all your support,

Jordan & Mandy

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    1. Missing avatar

      David Bollen on

      Any update on the "Print" version getting updated? Especially the more print friendly version of the rulebook? Thanks!

    2. Raging Robot

      Just a heads up, as a new producer of a game you should be updating at least once a month!! This long dark silent period doesn't look good and makes us feel as if we are forgotten!!
      It's now April 10th and the last update was Feb 20th, just saying!

    3. Missing avatar

      Rob Matthew on

      Curious about the character Cards. we pledged for a Character card and sent in pics of the wife (Blonde, Yoga/ Prepper,) and wondering if all the character cards are going to make it into the initial release.
      Thanks. and again love the art work and detail your putting into the game.

    4. L on

      Thanks for PnP :) but this update itsn't for Backer Only?
      Non-Backers can download it?

    5. Jordan Goddard Creator on

      Howard Hau- Right now the Desktop and Print versions are the same. We are experimenting with some color management tweaks as well as a more printer friendly rulebook layout that will allow players to construct a booklet with just a couple staples.

      I will be sure to let you know as soon as it goes live, but for now the file prints very well. In fact we printed in B&W and played it last night with a few friends and it was a blast.

    6. C Hau on

      I am just curious - are the version for print and the version for desktop the same? They look the same to me, and they seem to link to the same file ...

    7. Jordan Goddard Creator on

      Ben Pharn- Don't Apologize... I appreciate the opportunity to clarify the rules... To answer your other question... Yes if a Fire in the Sky card causes a player to draw an Event card, then it should be resolved and that player should draw an additional Item card from the Item Deck


    8. Jordan Goddard Creator on

      Ben Pharn- Great question... If an Event triggers the drawing of another event, or if multiple events are drawn in succession (this sometime happens after a Panic in the Streets) then the events should be resolved immediately with only the cards, or information available at that time.

      someone buys an Item card and at the end of their turn they go to replenish the Item Deck and reveal a Panic in the Streets card... They should move all Item cards to the bottom of the Item Deck, then draw 6 new Item cards to replace them. In doing so they draw a Backpack, a Geiger Counter, and another Panic in the Streets card... They should stop before drawing the last three cards, put the the Backpack, and Geiger Counter under the Item Deck per the Panic in the Street card's instructions... Then begin replacing all 6 Item cards again...

      If in this replacement a Water Well, a Bugout 4x4 and a Fire in the Sky card is drawn... Players should resolve the Fire in the Sky card before drawing the remaining 4 Item cards and placing them in the Central Play Area.

    9. Ben Pharn

      Sorry for all this stuff. I like to run playtests in my head ^^;

    10. Ben Pharn

      Email sent.

      Rules clarification: In the case of drawing two Events back to back (drawing one Event, resolving it at the end of the turn, then drawing another Event), are we to resolve both Events (and maybe the third or fourth if the draw is that unlucky) or draw until an Item is drawn? On top of that, if "Fire in the Sky" causes a player to draw an Event, is that resolved or only draw Item cards?

    11. Jordan Goddard Creator on

      Ben Pharn- It's a little tough to get the rules in a printable and bindable format because it becomes very unreadable when displayed... That being said, I am happy to format one for you, but I probably won't make it part of the download so people don't get confused... It will be very strange looking so I will try to include some instructions.

      Can you email your request to so I can get back in touch with you when I have it formatted


    12. Jordan Goddard Creator on

      Ben Pharn- Great Question!... All card back should be the "Collapse" cards that are the last page in the PnP... The only reason we included the image cards and business cards is because we had some left over slots when formatting the PnP...


    13. Ben Pharn

      And could I get a copy of the rules in a way that I could print it out like a booklet? That would be easier to refer to than my computer.

    14. Ben Pharn

      Okay, perfect. That means I can prep for a nice printed copy now instead of later (though I won't be able to right now since I don't have my tools with me, so the ones we'll be playing with will be plain B&W).

      On that note, which backs go to which cards? Do all of the cards have the same backs ("Collapse") or do some of them use the pictures on page 30? They look like the could be backs but I'm not sure for what exactly, if they are.

    15. Jordan Goddard Creator on

      I can't wait to see your pictures! We are looking for feedback because we always want to hear your opinions... But the game is in its final form. So no changes will be made before printing.


    16. Ben Pharn

      Awesome! I'm going to a LAN party tomorrow so I'll get this printed out and have pictures for you! Since you're looking for feedback, is it safe to assume these are not yet fully finalized, or are you just looking for review feedback?