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The must have biography of the infamous Ocean Software - a groundbreaking publisher, developer and innovator.
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A Summer of Interviews

Posted by Chris Wilkins (Creator)

Well since the last update, the Revival event has come and gone - helped by the stretch goal of this very Kickstarter. Over 1,100 guests came to the event on the Saturday with a further 700 on the Sunday - take a look here for some great photos of the weekend shenanigans : 

We held an Ocean panel Q/A on the Saturday that was extremely popular. Here is a photo of the line up of Ocean guys we had at the event :

From left to right - Mark Jones, Colin Porch, Jim Bagley, Stephen Thompson, Simon Butler, Jon and Richard Palmer (the 2 on the far right are the interviewers).  In the front seat on the left looking on is Philip Trelford and in another part of the building, not part of the Q/A, is Bob Wakelin signing his art. 

On the Sunday Matthew Cannon and Paul Hughes attended - here is a pick of Paul Hughes with Colin Porch from the Sunday :

In regards to the book, Roger Kean and I visited Altrincham near Manchester in UK a couple of months back to interview Jon Woods and David Ward - the founders of Ocean. We spoke for nearly 4 hours about the history of Ocean from the very start to the Infogrames sale in 1997 - unfortunately we were not allowed to take any video or pictures but did capture all the amazing interview on dictaphone that has now been transcribed. 

Roger and I visited Gary Bracey and talked about his days at Ocean and also Paul Patterson has provided his input. Roger has intertwined these interviews into the Ocean history - the history part of the book is now up to 80 pages or so in length.

We have a list of over 70 Ocean employee names and are working through this list at this time, interviewing many over Skype, others over a curry.

Here is a snippet from a 3hr video interview with Simon Butler carried out on Skype:

Others that have been interviewed include Bill Harbison, Richard Kay, Lorraine Starr, Matt Furniss, Tony Pomfret etc. Those coming next are with Colin Porch (curry Thursday night), Stephen Thompson, Dawn Drake, Marc Djan and Chris Urquhart. There are many more Ocean interviews to do over the summer as we pull the book together and also with veterans of the gaming industry on their view of Ocean - the likes of Philip Oliver, Archer Maclean, Sandy White, Gary Penn etc have all offered their views.

We have supplied Bob Wakelin with 40 or so posters to sign, so those will be sent out in the next month or so. We are also working on the CD and memory stick pledges and I will advise when they will be sent out in the future updates.

The original plan was to get the book done by August September. With so many interviews to conduct and transcribe we are now looking for the book to be available for the Christmas period - I hope this is acceptable to every one.

Thanks again for your support - this book should be a great read as we are finding out some great anecdotes from those we have spoken to so far, and I expect there will be loads more to uncover as we move through the summer.




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