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The must have biography of the infamous Ocean Software - a groundbreaking publisher, developer and innovator.
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The OCEAN Reunion

Posted by Chris Wilkins (Creator)

STRETCH GOAL: Please accept my sincere thanks in getting the campaign to the finish line with over 7 days to go as well!

For the stretch goal, this is my proposal. I am going to arrange a large retro gaming event in Wolverhampton Race course. The venue can hold 1,000+ visitors and will take place over the weekend of the 18th and 19th May and will host arcade machines, pinball tables and retro games and consoles. Take a look at the new website for the event here : I am planning on bringing as many of the Ocean team as I can to the event for a big reunion and to do this I need to a little help in securing the hire of the venue and assisting with travel costs of some of the Ocean crew as many now do not live in the UK. The Galway and Dunn CD will be available at the event and the plan at this time is have both those guys there to sign them for you.

Therefore within the next 7 days let's aim to get the campaign to £16k. Everyone who pledges £60 or more will get a ticket for the event for free along with the PERK they have purchased. Of course if just want to make a pledge update 'donation', then that is more than welcome also. Those who have pledged more than £60 in total already will get a ticket.

It is likely a preview of the book will be given as well at the event and if you come, Bob Wakelin will sign your A2 and A3 posters for you if you have pledged for one.




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