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The must have biography of the infamous Ocean Software - a groundbreaking publisher, developer and innovator.
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Ocean Music

Posted by Chris Wilkins (Creator)

Hi all,

I am thinking of putting together either:

a) A CD full of the Ocean music we remember and love from each and every system Ocean released games onto. How about Wizball on the Commodore 64, Robocop on the Gameboy, The Never Ending Story on the ZX Spectrum and of course Ocean Loader 1-5 on the C64. Mark Jones from Ocean Software has agreed to do the CD inlay art. Would £20 be a reasonable amount to charge backers on top of their pledge to receive a copy? I will also look to get some signatures from the authors of the chosen tracks.

b) I have been looking into doing a limited run of Vinyl records - side 1 would have Ocean Loader 1 and 2 and side 2 Ocean Loader 3 and 4. The art on the record sleeve would be by Mark Jones. Does this interest anyone? I will need to clarify the costs on making the records and report back.

Let me know what you think of the above options. 

Also some projects I am supporting:

Dizzy Returns by the Oliver Twins :

Spud's Quest (A homage to Dizzy) -




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    1. Nian on

      Note that people can rip to mp3 a cd so having a ddl of the cd music is pointless, also vinyl is just too awsome and that with a ddl copy would solve any cd issues as the average person can burn their ddl to cd anyway for the car or whatever.

    2. Nian on

      A CD would be cool but a Vinyl would be awsome, maybe also let us digitally download the tracks that on the vinyl also.

      Happy to pay 50 quid for a vinyl.

    3. Mark Paterson on

      I'd be very much up for the vinyl!

    4. Darren Cousins on

      I would definitely be happy to pledge additional green folding to get the audio cd. Great idea!

    5. Terje Høiback

      I would love to have that vinyl. Music CD would be nice as well but that vinyl would be awesome to have. :)

    6. Stelios K

      The CD (with a download-only option) would be ideal. I would certainly be interested.

    7. Adrian Brown on

      I think music cd would be interesting, vinyl is also good but limit apeal i imagine

    8. Graphure on

      The vinyl would be an interesting curio, but I think you'll get more mileage out of the proposed CD.