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The next issue of the mighty Crash magazine for the ZX Spectrum - catching up on over 20 years!
The next issue of the mighty Crash magazine for the ZX Spectrum - catching up on over 20 years!
The next issue of the mighty Crash magazine for the ZX Spectrum - catching up on over 20 years!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Damian Webber on May 22

      Fusion magazine pre-ordered :-) .... and a new issue of Crash in the pipeline!! You've made my day Chris!

    2. Chris Wilkins 13-time creator
      on April 25

      @Marcos - this has been sent already. I seem to have a LOT of stuff go missing in Brazil at the moment :(

    3. Marcos on April 11

      Hi, still waiting my t-shirt with the Crash Logo +s 112 page full colour annual. Can you send me a track number?

    4. Chris Wilkins 13-time creator
      on March 25

      @Helicon - yes, you can peel that off :)

      @Paul - sent some replacements out - hopefully you got one :)

    5. Missing avatar

      Helicon on March 16

      Hi Chris, I've a stupid question, the clear plastic front screen of my Oli bug is covered in 04 PE-LD recycling symbols. Is that a layer that can be peeled off? Rather spoils the bug as it is. Thanks

    6. Paul Watson on March 11

      That's fair enough Chris. I can't remember whether I knew this from the beginning and forgot or just got thrown by later comments about sizes. Either way, it's been a great campaign and thanks for all your effort.

    7. Chris Wilkins 13-time creator
      on March 2

      T-shirts : If you look at the campaign I said that I would only be getting XL t-shirts. I actually got some L and M as well as I read quite a few of the posts where people were discussing - so I did flex a little. I have now received some more XL and L T-shirts - so those who want to replace what they have for an XL, then I will get in touch.

    8. Missing avatar

      Per Nielsen on March 2

      I received a M-sized T-shirt last monday, need XXL og XXXL. Didn't get any survey or request asking for size.
      Tried Emailing Chris from 2 seperate mail accounts (to avoid spam), but he doesn't answer any more (but puts lot of requests on Facebook for Zzap annual Kickstarter)

    9. Missing avatar

      on February 27

      I also got the t-shirt yesterday, but it is a M sized one, and I need a XL. Can I get a replacement?

    10. Paul Watson on February 19

      Hi Chris, my t-shirt has arrived, thanks.'s XL. Was there a survey for t-shirt sizes? I remember a comment relating to the shirt sizes late last year: "I will sort the rest, including asking for sizes etc probably in the New Year then." I don't remember being asked what size I wanted (which would have been L). Thanks, Paul

    11. Missing avatar

      Jon Randy on February 13

      @chris Annual showed up in Thailand today! Thanks very much

    12. Missing avatar

      Damian Webber on February 9

      Chris - I've arrived home this evening and there it was waiting for me on the kitchen table!...and I'm so pleased with all of it, wallet, watch, mousemat and cap - all looking fantastic.... thank you so much...I can't wait to get my hands on the t-shirt too! :)

    13. Chris Wilkins 13-time creator
      on February 9

      I have now received the remaining T-shirts - will pack this weekend and send out on Monday. That should be all the perks sent out then.

    14. Chris Wilkins 13-time creator
      on February 9

      @Damian - all bar the t-shirt were sent to you a few days ago. The T-shirt to follow - watch out for the post man. This is second time I have sent the items to you - let me know hopefully when you get them.

    15. Missing avatar

      Damian Webber on February 9

      Is there anyone else out there who has not received ANY of the perks they paid for? I got my Crash annual (brilliant) and Egghead game before Christmas, but none of the t-shirt, no mousemat, no watch, no wallet, no baseball cap....nothing!! Am I the only one?

    16. Fabrizio Pedrazzini
      on February 5

      Got Olibug and Watch today! Thanks!

    17. Missing avatar

      steve on January 30

      Hi chris waiting on my t shirt have they all gone out now since last update regarding them?

    18. Chris Wilkins 13-time creator
      on January 30

      @Jon - will send again

    19. Missing avatar

      Jon Randy on January 30

      Still waiting in Thailand

    20. Pascal Nobs on January 18

      It's very fantastic work ... I love it my first Crash..

    21. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Robinson on January 11

      Hi Chris, when are the Oli Bug handmade pictures getting sent out? I've not received this yet. Thanks Ben

    22. Fabrizio Pedrazzini
      on January 8

      Got three packages today: the annual and most rewards were delivered. Just missing the watch and framed Oli Bug (signed). Thanks Chris!

    23. Missing avatar

      Hillel Rosen on January 7

      Hi Chris
      Just received mine today It got delayed in the mail probably.
      Anyway its amazing great job :)
      I am so excited

    24. Missing avatar

      Paul Freeland on January 6

      Hi, just a quick note - everything received in Australia yesterday. Annual looks great. Cheers, Paul.

    25. Missing avatar

      Vasyl Tsvirkunov on January 5

      Hi Chris,
      Will all of us also get the PDFs? The campaign only listed the PDF at the lowest tier and no PDF option for other tiers.

    26. Missing avatar

      Paolo Borzini on January 4

      Thanks for the reply and I understand. I had lost hope but 5 minutes ago the postman played and the magazine with the calendar and the pins are arrived. Thank you, great job!

    27. Chris Wilkins 13-time creator
      on January 2

      Hi there to those who have not received their annual yet - I have sent them all, the last batch going out a week or so before Christmas. I guess this is a busy time of year and there is a backlog in the postal system. If your book does not arrive in the next 2-3 weeks, I WILL send you another. I do not want to send you another book now, and then 2 arrive! :)

    28. Missing avatar

      Paolo Borzini on January 2

      Any news?
      Today is 2 January and I haven't received anything yet :-(

    29. Christopher J. Wood on January 2

      UK. No annual yet :(

    30. Missing avatar

      Hillel Rosen on December 31

      @Chris Hi
      It could be that it is delayed in the mail hopefully it will arrive in the next week will let you know
      does it have tracking?

    31. Missing avatar

      Paolo Borzini on December 30

      Hi Chris, in Israel? I live in Italy :)

    32. Chris Wilkins 13-time creator
      on December 30

      @Paolo and Hillel - both have been sent. Hillel - is there customs in Israel for this to go through?

    33. Missing avatar

      Paolo Borzini on December 30

      Today is the 30th of December in two days is January 1, 2018, when the Magazine will be sent? I'm still waiting :)

    34. Missing avatar

      Hillel Rosen on December 30

      I am still waiting on the magazine :(

    35. Chris Wilkins 13-time creator
      on December 29

      50 T-shirts sent - as stated in the update. I will sort the rest out early in the New Year.

    36. Missing avatar

      steve on December 29

      Anyone else still waiting on a t shirt or just me?

    37. Missing avatar

      Hillel Rosen on December 29

      Hi @Chris, Mine has not arrived yet too

    38. Gregory Mulhollan on December 28

      Got my Annual in on Tuesday (Austin, TX, USA), badges, poster all look great. Every page is a work of art and cannot just be read, but has to be taken in slowly. I am amazed at the amount of artwork on every page. Got my 'little book' and Egghead cassette in well before the holiday, so I am good for the next ice storm with plenty to read and play. Thank you for the excellent job.

    39. Missing avatar

      Stephen B on December 27

      Mailman just made me a liar..after typing my last message he just showed up with mine!

    40. Missing avatar

      Stephen B on December 27

      @Neil O'Rourke still waiting for mine (Houston Texas)

    41. Steven Wellerling
      on December 26

      Received in uk. Fantastic. Definitely a crash smash

    42. Karl Savage on December 25

      Oh, one thing...unless I'm missing something, when one visits the URL mentioned at the end of the book, in order to view the list of backers, one is simply met with the message "To be completed..." Just from the way Roger has written the outro, it sounds as though the list should be up there already...?

    43. Iestyn Davies on December 25

      Hey Chris. Finally read my Annual this morning, and I couldn't be happier! I even had my letter printed in the forum, happy days! One tiny problem, the calendar had something sticky on the January page and as a consequence the January image has been slightly damaged due to the page above it being stuck to it when I turned the page. Do you have any spare calendars? Is there any way I could swap it for a different one if so please? Again, thanks for an amazing annual, I'm heading back to JSW now! ;-p

    44. Missing avatar

      Steve Mayne on December 25

      Opened mine this morning ... absolutely brilliant job ... and I am a teenager again.

      Savoured a few pages whilst moderating small children, absolutely wonderful.

      Thank you again!

    45. Karl Savage on December 25

      Merry Christmas Crash backers one & all!

      Despite being up since 6.15 this morning (kids eh...?) the annual is, so far, the only "gift" I've opened - but then, it's the only thing I could say I was truly excited for. And, man, was it worth the wait. The book is such a thing of beauty, I'm turning each page with the kind of care normally reserved for handling a newborn baby. A credit to all involved in it's creation, you guys have done a bang-up job and I absolutely second the calls to make this an annual event! Thankyou for winding back the clock 30+ years for us, the original Crash readership who made the magazine the legendary force it's still considered today :)

    46. Missing avatar

      Richard on December 24

      USA - received Annual, brilliant!

    47. Missing avatar

      Joao Quaresma on December 24

      Hi @Chris, Merry Christmas to you all, no news from Portugal, have not received mine. Does the package as tracking?

    48. Missing avatar

      Wade Whiteman on December 22

      @Neil not in the USA but close �. In Canada and received mine yesterday.

    49. Missing avatar

      Neil O'Rourke on December 22

      How many US based people have had this arrive? I've seen one so far.

    50. Mauricio Vives on December 21

      @Chris, thanks for the confirmation! I am trying to keep away from cover spoilers until I get mine.

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