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We're a team of young, enthusiastic pastry chefs who have an exciting vision for artistic cakes. We want to bring our delicious creations to life.
163 backers pledged $7,609 to help bring this project to life.

Our First Cake!

Thanks to all of you who have donated in our first week. We're well on our way to our goal, but we need more help!!

We've been working hard to get up and running over the last few weeks. We have been building our portfolio by doing dummy cakes, we've been working on delicious cake and frosting recipes, and we've gotten our first call for a special occasion cake!

We got a call last Monday about a Sweet 16 on Saturday. The birthday girl wanted a simple two-tiered cake with a burgundy ribbon around it, and a bow on top. She also had 100 people at her party, which means two-tiers would not be enough to feed everyone. So, we did two half-sheet cakes for slicing in the back, and to keep costs down, did the bottom tier out of real cake, and the top tier out of styrofoam (like a dummy cake).

Due to the short notice of the cake, we didn't have our kitchen up and running, and had to work out of the venue's catering kitchen. It took two days in total to make everything, assemble it, and decorate it. The first day we were in the kitchen, but completely in the way of everyone. The second day we weren't in the kitchen at all, but were put in the hallway, on a folding table....if you've ever tried to roll fondant on a porous table, a table, who's sole purpose is to suck the moisture out of the fondant and make it crack and hard to work with, then you know how hard it is.

But, this experience made us realize how much we need our own space. So that when we run out of buttercream, we can make more instead of "making it work", so that we can have extra powdered sugar around to make royal icing, so that we can roll out fondant, and have it be beautiful and smooth, so that we can work on a table that is taller than thigh-high, and so that we have our own place to be creative and make beautiful cakes.

Here is a picture of our Sweet 16 Cake:

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    1. Creator Will Sims on April 18, 2010

      Nice looking cake, We own and operate our own Cup Cake shop and Sweet Boutique and feel the your need for more space, In business for 5 short months we are already out of space and time, but I promise you Starting on a shoe string although very difficult is possible and rewarding, Good luck on your endeavor I will check back closer to your funding deadline and pitch in a bit.

    2. Creator Hildie Lyddan on March 8, 2010 is BEAUTIFUL!!! And I the fact you did it under such terrible circumstances has to feel good...keep are on to something. sending love> Hildie