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Dog Eat Dog is a fun, compelling game about colonialism and assimilation in the Pacific Islands.
Created by

Liam Burke

281 backers pledged $6,704 to help bring this project to life.

progress and press

Hey! Just finished talking to my pagesetter about starting preliminary layout work for Dog Eat Dog, and I thought I'd write another update to thank all of you for helping make it possible. Without your support this game would still be a file sitting on the external Mac hard drive I never use any more. Now, in just a couple months, if all goes well, it'll be an actual book, showing up on your doorstep with yet another thank-you note from me. (Or just a PDF in your email, depending.)

It's getting awfully busy around here; while I'm frantically trying to finish the author's notes and start on the history, I need to start making plans for the two conventions I hope to be bringing Dog Eat Dog to this year. The first is the Allied Media Conference in Detroit. When I heard that they're planning a showcase for games talking about social justice, I knew I had to be there. Here's hoping I can get the chance to show my game off to a few new people. The second, excitingly enough, is GenCon! It's going to be my first time at a big gaming convention and I'm lucky enough to be sharing a booth with Elizabeth Sampat, David Hill, and Cel*Style. If any of you are also going, I hope to see you there!

I've done a couple of interviews since the Kickstarter began, discussing the process of writing Dog Eat Dog. Here's Jonathan Lavallee at The Border House, and Hans Chung-Otterson at Giant Fire Breathing Robot, both asking the tough questions about what motivated me to write the game. As you can see, it's a very personal expression for me, so I'm really honored that so many of you have found it interesting enough to invest in, and I am excited to repay that investment with copies of your own.