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The Good Life is a new video game co-developed by SWERY and Yukio Futatsugi, along with their teams at White Owls and G-rounding.
The Good Life is a new video game co-developed by SWERY and Yukio Futatsugi, along with their teams at White Owls and G-rounding.
12,613 backers pledged ¥81,030,744 to help bring this project to life.

The Good Life Prototype Demo, Available Now! - The Good Life プロトタイプ体験版配信決定!

Posted by White Owls Inc. (Collaborator)

Because it was highly requested in the Twitter poll...
We've decided to release a public demo for The Good Life!
And guess what? You can download it now!!

Download from the link below

In order to start the game, double click "The Good Life Prototype Demo 2018 April.exe".

We did our best to prepare this ASAP in order to grant everyone's wishes.
There are a bunch of bugs present in the build, but we hope you'll enjoy this chance to visit the world of The Good Life much earlier than scheduled!!

There are only 8 days left until the campaign ends!
You're free to use the demo as you please, so go ahead and share it with all your friends and all over the internet!
Please help us find more supporters. We're counting on you!

I Love You All!!


The Good Lifeの体験版を配信することに決定しました!


ゲームを開始するには「The Good Life Prototype Demo 2018 April.exe」をダブルクリックしてください。

いくつかバグはあるけど、The Good Lifeの世界を一早く体験してください!!


I Love You All!!

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いろいろなメディアにThe Good Life が取り上げられました!

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    1. Kate Ashwin on

      As someone who actually lives in a rural English town, I just wanted to say you got the look surprisingly right! All of the signs and details are very familiar in a good way. Only small things- no "short bread" on the menu, as that is like a cookie, also the sign for the Fish Bar looks like a fish and chip shop but the inside looks like a pub. Pubs have more traditional signs like the ones you gave to the other ones in town. Loved the bit with the sneaky vicar but he'd be wearing his dog collar most likely.
      I imagine that's all just because it's a demo- really I just wanted to say great work on the look of it, it's more authentic than many people manage!

    2. Grounding Inc. Collaborator on

      @Adam Hilton

      Thanks for the support! We hope this will help increase the interest in the project!

    3. Cpt. Fantabulous on

      Got a similar bug to the other comment(Using a 360 controller) however mine is that when I start moving the camera moves to point straight up at the sky. If I stop moving I can control the camera fine but once I start it will do this and there is nothing I can do to stop it.

      Not massively surprising for such a early build.

    4. Jasmine Edwards- Quartey on

      Thanks for the demo! I attempted the demo, also playing it with the Playstation 4 controller. I encountered the same issues described in previous comments, camera pointing towards to sky and continously spinning. I did, however, manage to somewhat "control" the camera even whilst spinning and explored the town, spoke to the vicar's wife and attempted to complete the mission, but the camera was getting a bit too difficult to control when trying to take photographs with the camera and control the camera at the same time.

      From what i did manage to explore, the town area is quaint and quite simple in design. The look of the town is very accurate to a small English town in the countryside, so that was quite charming. However, I think the town might be a bit too static? I would like it if there was a little more movement of the townspeople and the environment around them to have a better feel of the everyday life.

      Regardless, taking into consideration that this is only a demo and we were pr-ewarned about possible bugs, I hope you would consider doing a patch for the demo so that we can properly play the game in the way that it is intend to be, and so that it is more of an accurate representation of the game and also take on some of the points that I shared in mind when developing the game further. Hope to see more in the future.

    5. Michael Vance Owens on

      @DJ Amore yeah that was my issue even attempting to emulate an xbox controller didn't work ^_^'

    6. DJ Amore on

      I'm getting the same issue as @Michael Vance Owens :/ Maybe it's because I'm using a PS4 controller?

    7. Michael Vance Owens on

      i always get the camera pointing at the sky and spinning, ah guess the demo wont work for me

    8. Whitney on

      Can't wait to try it out!

    9. Adam Hilton on

      Amazing, this will be so useful to get people to back the project, glad it's finally out!