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This awesome dice-rolling, rules-assisting, chart-crushing utility for the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG needs to arrive on the tabletop!
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Update from the Tower...

Posted by Jon Marr (Creator)

The Crawler's Companion took home the Silver Ennie at the 2013 Ennie Awards in the Best Software category! Thanks to one and all who voted for us and have supported the Crawler. Your support made it possible.

If you're interested in incremental updates about the status of The Crawler or the adventures, please bookmark, where the most current news and tidbits will be posted. From this point on, I will only be posting Kickstarter updates when something ships or is available for download.

I'm still finishing up the additional content for Omnibus. Progress has been slow do to health issues and an increased workload from the real world that I don't want to continually bore folks with. I had planned on releasing a color version of Perils of the Sunken City to coincide with a pre-order of the book for non-Kickstarter folks, but both were taking too much time to configure, so I've returned my focus to completing the Omnibus first. We're getting there: new features completed include:

  • The patron write-up for Malloc
  • 20+ new magic items
  • Player race write-up for the awesome Opossumen
  • New Honest Orkoff adventure tales
  • A brief history of the Sunken City
  • Tips for running the Sunken City adventures at cons and demos

I'm currently finishing up the Sunken City Bestiary, and fleshing out some of the personalities of the swamp, including more extensive write-ups of the wily river merchant Triskanian and the fearsome Watcher, as well as finalizing some additional adventure seeds. 

When the PDF is available for download, codes will be sent to Omnibus backers. Additional updates will be posted when the print versions is ready to ship (along with an email to confirm physical addresses) as well as when the next major update to the Crawler (adding the Demon, Dragon, and Sword generators) is available in the various app stores.



Sunken City Adventure Omnibus and Guide

Posted by Jon Marr (Creator)

The omnibus is coming along nicely! The page count has expanded to 96 pages from the original reward level of 64. I've completed the covers and 95% of the layout of the adventures themselves, and I'm currently working on the extra content. (Which includes a patron write-up, a concise bestiary, adventures seeds, and more!)

I'll be doing a pre-order for the public at large, and when that goes live everyone with the omnibus in their reward package (and all those who pre-order) will receive the PDF of the full-color version of Perils of the Sunken City, which currently isn't available anywhere.  When the PDF  & ebook versions of the full product are finished, and I begin the back and forth with the printer, omnibus backers and pre-order folks will get immediate access to the digital files. (Likely 4-8 weeks before they're offered to the general public, since they won't on on sale until the print version is available.) 

As I've mentioned, the length of the proof process depends on how many rounds of back and forth we go through with the printer, and I'm going to be pretty picky, which will benefit all of us. :)

Once the omnibus is off to the printer for proofing, I'll be devoting my attention to the next round of Crawler updates: I'm excited to get coding.

Here's the front and back covers of the omnibus:

  • Image 282343 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1

A Gathering of the Marked Codes

Posted by Jon Marr (Creator)

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Shambling Horrors Paper Minis

Posted by Jon Marr (Creator)

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A Gathering of the Marked is Away!

Posted by Jon Marr (Creator)

21,000 words (twice the length of Perils of the Sunken City)... 60 new images... (including nearly 100 paper miniatures), 6 fairly elaborate maps... and I'm not sure how many battle maps because I'm still finishing them to add to my website. ;)

Regardless, the mega-cruiser that is A Gathering of the Marked, the final 0-level Sunken City Starting Adventure, has rolled into port and is now available in all of its 48 pages of goodness.  

I've added a tablet-friendly mobile version to the mix that I think is quite cool and useful.  

If Gathering was part of your reward package, the code is in the mail. If it doesn't show up in the next few hours, shoot me an email and I'll get the code to you directly through Kickstarter!

I hope everyone enjoys it, and if you do, please take a moment to rate the darn thing on RPGNow. ;)

What's Next

This of course, clears the decks for the Sunken City Omnibus! I'll be working furiously on the layout over the next couple weeks: I'm not expecting any issues, since outside of the few extras, the content is already created and polished. How soon the print version is available depends solely on how many rounds of print proofs we need to endure. Hopefully we'll go 'one-and-done' it it will be available within the month, but things in print have a way of surprising you. Regardless, it's almost here.

On the bright side, while I'm waiting on the print proofs I'll go full bore on adding additional features to the Crawler's Companion! First up are the demon/dragon/sword generators, two additional dice sets, and two additional wizard slots. I've been feeling a strong need to get my hands dirty coding, and can't wait to work on things.

Everyone's support is, as always, appreciated beyond words. Thank you.