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Help Katey Red, the lady and the legend, raise some money for her first professional music video!


All backers will be able to listen to the song and read the shooting script for the video! Pretty cool, eh?

Katey Red's First Music Video!

Help Katey Red, the lady and the legend, raise some money for her first professional music video!

As local music columnist Alison Fensterstock described in the Gambit:

"In 1999, Katey Red — the transsexual rapper from the Melpomene Projects — definitively stepped — with a size-12, well-pedicured foot — onto the scene with her first release on Take Fo Records, Melpomene Block Party. A decade later, Katey's presence has not only endured, it's grown, spawning a clutch of sissy rappers who've followed her lead to create a popular and fascinating subculture within the bounce world."

While Katey has garnered both local and national recognition for her unique style of "sissy bounce" rap music (including a 2010 feature in Vanity Fair Magazine), she has yet to have her own professionally produced music video. Help her share her talents with the world!

Katey's first music video will be for her single "Where Da Melph At," which pays tribute to the Melpomene projects where she grew up.

Katey was featured on Season 1 of the HBO series Treme and is currently in production on Season 2.

About Kickstarter

We only get the money if we reach or goal. That's why it's important to tell your friends and spread the word. We really need the money to complete this project successfully and make this video the greatest music video for a Bounce artist representing the 504 that we know it can be.

About the production team:

The music video will be directed by David S. White, with cinematography by Ralph Madison. Both have extensive experience, particularly when it comes to shooting music.

David S. White is the primary videographer for Preservation Hall Jazz Band in New Orleans and recently completed shooting and directing a music video for Shamarr Allen. He is currently the Director of Photography for Bayou Maharajah, a feature-length video documentary on the life and music of New Orleans piano legend James Booker. He has also shot Dr. John, Allen Toussaint, Tim Robbins, Soul Rebels Brass Band, Del McCoury, Charles Neville, Cosimo Matassa, Harry Connick Sr, Bunny Matthews, and many others.  His most recent short film, Cell Phone Psycho, has been making the rounds at film festivals across the United States, including the New Orleans Film Festival.

Ralph Madison of Madison Productions has been one of the most sought after production personnel in the Gulf South for almost two decades. He owns all of his own equipment, which he will be bringing to this production, including a steadicam, a full HD editing suite, and the 4K Red Camera. Ralph served as Director of Photography for the Galactic music video, “Got What You Need”, as well as the Preservation Hall music videos, “I Can’t Give You Anything But Love”, and “Complicated Life”. He also served as Steadicam and camera operator on the feature film “De Ja Vu”, directed by Tony Scott.

David and Ralph have experience working together on a number of prior projects, including music videos and televisions commercials for local NBC affiliate WDSU.

The rest of the production team is made up of New Olreans residents that work professional in the film industry in some capacity. So rest assured, every penny is going back into the local economy.

Where's the money going?

At $2500, we're able to scrap by on all the items listed below... because everyone involved in this project is giving us the "friend" rate, which is the only reason we're able to keep the expenses as low as they are. And even though the video will be a little over 2 and a half minutes long, just shooting the video will take 2-3 days! Here is where your contributions will go:

- equipment rental, including camera and production equipment
- props and set design
- paying the crew
- food, and misc. expenses during the shoot
- police detail and permits
- location fees
- wardrobe, hair and makeup for Katey and her dancers
- post-production costs, including color correction
- Kickstart & Amazon fees

We will be shooting in full HD on a Canon 7D and a Red One camera, using Nikon lenses, for the best image quality possible. We will utilize a variety of professional filmmaking techniques, including steadicam, jib, dolly, car mount, and hand held.

Please consider giving. Every dollar that you give will be represented up on the screen in some way.


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    Get a personal email thank you from the Director, David S. White. PLUS, receive exclusive behind the scene digital photos from the set of "Where Da Melph At"

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    Get a personal email thank you from the Director, David S. White. PLUS, admission for one to the premiere of the music video at a favorite New Orleans watering hole (TBD). From out of town? We got you covered. You'll also get a link to a special preview version on the web before it's released to the general public on youtube.

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    All of the above PLUS a DVD copy of the music video featuring out takes and behind the scene footage that you won't see anywhere else. These out takes will NOT appear anywhere else. This will be the only way to see what really goes on during the making of Katey Red's first music video.

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    All of the above PLUS a personally signed photo of Katey and dancers either digital or printed on photo paper (your choice). Also, you'll be invited to appear as an extra in Katey Red's next music video.

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    All of the above PLUS you'll be invited to be a featured extra in the next Katey Red music video. "Featured" means that you are prominently seen, not just in the background. Also, you'll get an Associate Producer credit.

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    All of the above PLUS you'll be invited to hang out on set of the next Katey Red music video. You'll also be sent call sheets and copies of the script. Also, you'll get a Producer credit.

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    All of the above PLUS hang out with Katey, her crew and the Director for the night before, during and after one of her shows. Be invited backstage. Get introduced to everyone by Katey. Just generally have some fun. Also, you'll get an Executive Producer credit.

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