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Notebooks for your inner scientist. Celebrating the building blocks of life, the elements!
Notebooks for your inner scientist. Celebrating the building blocks of life, the elements!
Notebooks for your inner scientist. Celebrating the building blocks of life, the elements!
970 backers pledged $53,844 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Justin van Beuningen 4 days ago

      How’s that update?

    2. Greg & Laurie Krumm Creator on April 16

      @Barbara We will have an update going out this week. Latest samples are in hand, but our camera gear is currently boxed up since we moved this weekend. Stay tuned!

    3. Missing avatar

      Barbara Oswald on April 15

      It's been a month. How about an up date. Pictures of the samples and shipping material. Still going to be able to ship in June?

    4. Missing avatar

      Alan McGee on April 1

      I'm going to write down all my favorite cuss words.

    5. Greg & Laurie Krumm Creator on March 15

      @Thomas You will be able to add on Unobtanium and pay any required shipping fees as part of the backer survey. You should receive the survey in about 15 days.

    6. Missing avatar

      Thomas Valentin
      on March 15

      Hello. I couldn't figure out how I could increase my pledge for the unobtanium notebooks.can i still do that at the same time as paying shipping? Thanks and well done.

    7. Missing avatar

      James Burke on March 14

      Congratulations on meeting the goal. Yet another reason to be eager for the start of summer in June. Thanks for your hard work. Jim

    8. Missing avatar

      Kristen Johnson on March 14

      Thank you so much! I hope it works out, but I can always hand index and number like I do now. Thanks for creating this awesome product, too.

    9. Greg & Laurie Krumm Creator on March 14

      @Kristen We, unfortunately, cannot officially unlock the index and page numbers as part of the live campaign since we just haven't met the print minimums per Element needed to print them that way. That being said, we are definitely going to see what we can do to get those print minimums lowered with our printer since we're going to be putting in such a sizable order.

      Hopefully, we have some good news about this to share over the next couple weeks.

    10. Missing avatar

      Kristen Johnson on March 14

      Wow! Great final push going! Is there any chance you could "sweeten the pot" by "unlocking" the index and page numbers? That would make these notebooks perfect, and might just push things to the next level. I'm looking forward to my four notebook set. :)

    11. Greg & Laurie Krumm Creator on March 14

      @Javier, that is correct

    12. Missing avatar

      Francisco Javier Santos Arévalo on March 14

      I got to this quite late, and I'm new to Kickstarter. I backed for the four notebooks, which is $65+$15 shipping=$80 to Spain. Then I increased the total to $90 to include the Unobtanium. As far as I understood from previous comments, to get two more notebooks I have to wait until the end of the campaign and then I will have the chance to add two more. I would be grateful to have any confirmation.

    13. Missing avatar

      M G on March 13

      Stickers will be awesome. Just increased my pledge to include Unobtainium. Congratulations on unlocking 4.

    14. Missing avatar

      Melanie Boetel on March 11

      Increased my pledge for Unobtanium, congrats on unlocking all 4 colors. I really wish we could get the page numbers and index/table of contents though! Those features really make a notebook versatile and useful. Either way, looking forward to this project.

    15. Greg & Laurie Krumm Creator on March 10

      @Paul Sorry that we most likely won't be able to print those for you as part of the Kickstarter. Depending on how things go over the next few months, we're going to try our best to do another set of print runs with Lined and Blank this summer. Thanks for sticking with us on the Dot Grid too!

    16. Paul Quick
      on March 10

      I can handle dots. :)

    17. Paul Quick
      on March 10

      We only have to double, plus a few thousand more to get to the stretch goal I want lol. Lines!!!

    18. Missing avatar

      Christine on March 10

      Personally, I’m super into stickers, but really like the idea of the poster as well. But stickers would be MY first choice from the achievement stuff.

    19. Greg & Laurie Krumm Creator on March 10

      @Jeffrey We just updated the achievement counts. There are currently 18 elements discovered.
      Depending on how high the final shipping costs end up being, we're considering still getting some smaller prints of the periodic table done or printing the Elemental stickers. Was there something specific you were hoping for out of the Achievements?

    20. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Sbonik on March 10

      Where are we on achievements

    21. Missing avatar

      Shane Cauthen on March 10

      Went ahead and added to my pledge as Nitrogen is now available, woot!

    22. Missing avatar

      Rhieanna Young
      on March 9

      There increased my pledge 40k now ;)

    23. Missing avatar

      HelgeB on March 9

      @Anja: The blue pen in the top picture is a TWSBI Eco-T blue (limited edition).

    24. Missing avatar

      Anja Förster on March 9

      I've been curious for a while and figured I might as well ask: what's the pen in the pictures called? Love it!

      I really hope we'll make the 40k mark for Nitrogen! Really looking forward to the notebooks :)

    25. Missing avatar

      Andrew Pitonyak on March 8

      These look really cool. Looking forward to my four books and I added on three packs of the Unobtanium. Wooooo hoooooo! These look awesome!

    26. Greg & Laurie Krumm Creator on March 7

      @Chanelle After the campaign is finished, you will have the option to include additional notebooks as Add-Ons to your pledge. They will be available at the same price as your pledge level, so if you back 4 notebooks you can add extras for $16.25 each.

    27. Missing avatar

      Chanelle Zap on March 7

      Upped my pledge to include the unobtanium books! Hoping I might be able to up it to the 8 book level later (alas, tuition comes first :( ). Any chance there can be a tier of donation for 6 books? I'm planning to give two of the books as gifts, however, I have an inkling that two will be more popular with the recipients than others, and would love to still have one of each for my own household!

    28. Greg & Laurie Krumm Creator on March 6

      @Shane As long as the campaign finishes over $40k, we’re going to go ahead and print Nitrogen for those who want it. Nevertheless, the closer we get to $45k, the better :)

    29. Missing avatar

      Shane Cauthen on March 6

      Really hoping Nitrogen makes it! That green is really speaking to me.

    30. Missing avatar

      Rod Cortez on March 3

      I would definitely pay the extra for the add-on of Unobtainium!

    31. Cindy Compton
      on March 3

      Yay, Oxygen! Did Unobtanium make Oxygen obtainable quicker? 😁 Yes, I added on a couple packs. Excited!

    32. Greg & Laurie Krumm Creator on March 3

      @Paul Thanks for sticking with us anyways! Hopefully we can get another round of printing lined up this summer with some lined notebooks for you.

    33. Paul Quick
      on March 3

      Wish we would hit 90K. I prefer lines. Ah well. I’ll still be here for dots lol.

    34. Greg & Laurie Krumm Creator on March 2

      @Christine And there it is :) Next stop Nitrogen

    35. Missing avatar

      Christine on March 2

      Is anyone else super stoked to see that oxygen is almost unlocked?!

    36. Huaning Wang on March 1

      I'm glad we're for sure getting the pocket notebooks, but I hope we do complete some of the other challenges too! I'd love some of those stickers.

    37. Brian Wilson on March 1

      Everyone's all excited about Unobtanium, but all I want is that sweet, sexy Oxygen blue. :D

    38. Missing avatar

      Matthew Su on March 1

      I would buy Unobtanium

    39. Missing avatar

      Heath Wolfeld on March 1

      I'd purchase the Unobtanium as an add-on.

    40. Missing avatar

      Hayley Williamson on March 1

      I would get the add-on Unobtainium!

    41. Missing avatar

      Daniel Rivera on March 1

      I'm in for the add ons

    42. Missing avatar

      Matt Bridges on March 1

      I'm in for the 3-pack of Unobtanium notebooks.

    43. Parsa Shamloo on March 1

      I'd be willing to pay $10 for a 3-pack of the pocket notebooks.

    44. Missing avatar

      BrofessorBacon on March 1

      Please make Unobtanium ontainable this campaign.

    45. Huaning Wang on March 1

      Seconding the hopes for the chance to obtain unobtainium, whether it's through another campaign later on, or through this one, maybe as another reward option. :)

    46. Cindy Compton
      on February 28

      I was very excited about the Unobtanium notebooks. I have done a few of the experiments with my 5yr old and 11yr old cousins, who were beyond thrilled with slime, bouncy balls, mini-explosions, and elephant toothpaste. More to come and I’ll send pics. But I think you made that perk “unobtainable” (see what I did there?) by making it a little too difficult for us mere mortals who have real world responsibilities. Please consider either lessening the requirements or make it an add-on perk. Thanks!

    47. Missing avatar

      Molly Currie Watts on February 27

      Hello from another Portlander! I have a question about your printer for a project I'm doing. I know that's random, but wonder if I can email you directly? :) Thank you so much !

    48. Greg & Laurie Krumm Creator on February 26

      @Alexander The Unobtanium notebooks would be 48 pages, 3.5x5.5 inches. Unfortunately, participation in the achievements has been very limited so I don't think we'll be able to release them as part of the Kickstarter. Hopefully, we can revisit a pocket notebook variant later this year.

    49. Missing avatar

      BrofessorBacon on February 26

      What are the specs of the Unobtanium little notebooks? How many pages, size, etc.

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